brie and jam crostini

You can also serve your dish with an ingredient other than crostini. servings: 16 crostinis. For example, peach jam would have the same beautiful orange colour, any berry jam would work beautifully, blackcurrant jam … Président Triple Crème Brie Crostini with Walnuts & Berry Jam. 1 pound wheel brie; 1 cup bacon jam; directions. 2 - Fig jam & Brie. Slice an 8-oz wedge of brie cheese into 24 pieces; it’s best to do so while the brie is still cold from the fridge and firm. It can be preserved for 2-3 days. Switch things up a bit by using a different flavoured jam or fruit butter. Cut the Président Triple Crème Brie round into bite-sized pieces and place atop each crostini. Spread about 1/2 tbsp fig spread on each baguette, top with brie slices, and sprinkle with fresh thyme. Spread berry jam evenly across crostini bread. Place the brie in a baking pan, spread the bacon jam over the top and bake in a preheated 350F/180C oven until the cheese has melted, about 15 minutes, before letting it cool a bit and enjoying with crackers, on crostini, etc. Serve. Bake 20 to 25 minutes or until tomatoes are browned and tender. Then toast the baguette until it is just lightly toasted. Submit a Recipe Correction Peel yams and cut into 1/2" thick slices. Spread a bit of the jam on each lightly toasted piece of baguette, top with a piece of Brie, then place in a 350ºF oven to melt the cheese. NOTES. Brie + Jam Crostini. Now, allow it to sit for some minutes so that the jam may warm up and melt it around the cheese. Toss together all ingredients on a parchment paper-lined rimmed baking sheet. I served warm brie and apricot jam crostini at my dad's 60th birthday party and they were a huge hit. Garnish with chopped walnuts and cardamom. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F and line a large baking sheet with foil. Baked Brie Crostini Recipe While you could bake a whole wheel of Brie until it’s gooey, and then top it with the jam, I find making individual baked brie crostini easier to serve — and easier for my guests to eat! Top each toasted crostini with a slice of brie and about a tablespoon of cranberry jam. Add a … The dish is ready. Enjoy your dish. Preserve the dish by keeping it in the refrigerator. Featured Product. Preheat oven to 400°F. This fig jam & Brie version is the perfect example! Cranberry Brie Crostini is a simple crostini recipe topped with brie cheese, pomegranate cranberry relish, and walnuts.This savory, sweet, crostini appetizer is love at first bite and a … Step Three: Assemble the Cranberry Brie Bites. Bake at 450 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly. When it comes to crostini, I love nothing more than a combination of sweet and savory. Spread 2 Tbsp oil on foil, place yams on top. Ingredients: 1 small baguette 1 to 1 ½ cups raspberry jam 1 wedge brie cheese (about 6 ounces), cut into ¼- ½-inch slices 8 sprigs of fresh thyme; Directions: Slice the baguette into sixteen ½-inch thick slices, cutting on an angle. Instructions. So, serve it with some warm crostini.

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