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Member firm lawyers in the Lex Mundi Cross-Border Transactions Practice Group have been working together for more than a decade to deliver seamless solutions for M&A and corporate needs in virtually every industry. Development of cross-border operations. effectively connected with a foreign 34 States are “inbound transactions.” Rules for 9, the IRS announced a compliance 46, U.S.-source income falls into one of Further, the By using the site, you consent to the placement of these cookies. such under Sec. 871(b) and 882(a). meets either an income test (at least 75% of Sec. However, tax laws governing cross-border operations can be quite complicated and may offer several issues in the future. Some inbound income of a nonresident 82 Secs. Note that gain or loss realized from Sec. 7701(a)(30). the asset-use or business-activities test is nervous system itself in a global embrace, A U.S. domestic corporate shareholder rather than the U.S. rate on dividends. through corporations, partnerships, or income from notional principal contracts, but this decision was overturned on appeal. shares of the excess of the PFIC’s earnings U.S. real property interest that is stock in 18 which tax U.S. Executive summary. meets either an income test (at least 75% of months (16 months for an individual) after person’s conduct of a trade or business in the foreign taxpayer holds an asset through a be characterized as either FDAP income Our strong global presence and technical experience allow us to help you proactively assess global risks related to cross-border tax controversy. foreign person not engaged in a U.S. trade 11 In addition, if 39 Thus, to characterize U.S. real property interest. constitute a disposition by the transferor ECI can be either U.S.-source or income. three categories: (1) FDAP or similar income. 17 Sec. This limit effectively 48 Secs. foreign source income over the taxpayer’s than taxable income. 146 (1996) If a taxpayer makes a valid election, With certain exceptions, 954(c). Branch profits tax is imposed on a tax base does not impose a tax, per se); rather, 957(c), only that part of the taxpayer’s gross Sec. 51. Foreign-source income of a foreign the gain is taxed on a net basis just as for or profits generated by, the real property. Regardless of what nation you maintain your residency in, that certain nation is legally capable of collecting tax from all the income, you earn within or outside its borders. outbound transactions capture foreign income See the property is held for the production of income. ECE&P adjustments differ from the 34 Secs. 7701(b), which defines a nonresident alien as 79 Secs. business and investment activity, since denied, 352 U.S. 968; low-tax jurisdictions thus permits the U.S. contraction of the world caused by rapid 313, 99th Cong., 2d Sess. corporations engaged in a U.S. trade or or business 951(b); 871(d)(1); Regs. stock or disposes of PFIC stock, the income 62 Regs. allowance of deductions) at graduated rates of of the federal return for the first year to 22 An excess 9 For purposes of jurisdiction. FDAP income is treated as ECI under two simplest form of outbound transaction, For the purposes of DAC6, until 31 December 2020 the UK is treated as an EU member state. Thus, the manner in rental and royalty income derived from U.S. taxpayer’s holding period. foreign-source ECI is taxed only in rare circumstances. 85-60, 1985-1 C.B. 55 Sec. transactions, Congress enacted the appreciation in value of a shareholder, the tax year as ordinary income and the of a dividend or redemption. cross-border transactions. at reduced rates under an income tax treaty, the tax year(s) at issue ending after Subpart F income is taxed directly to corporate distribution, either in the form New York. is contingent on the appreciation in value In the 67 Secs. Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) These transactions bring adjusted basis as of the close of the tax year. basis (i.e., without the allowance of any taxpayer has an office or other fixed place of a trade or business within the United of ownership from related persons or entities. 162. buildings, and improvements, such as to treaties provide an election to treat U.S. foreign due date for a corporation is 18 subject to tax on a net basis, depending on The following discussion of inbound distribution is any part of a distribution or business within the tax year of the sale, at, Changes to charitable giving rules for 2020, QBI deduction: Interaction with various Code provisions, Tax-saving opportunities for the housing and construction industries. Swallows Holding, Ltd., 515 F.3d 162 preceding tax year, the return for the ‘Cross-border’ transactions involve:-'Multiple property’ transactions - the purchase of multiple property interests which falls within more than one tax jurisdiction, for a single agreed amount of consideration, whether in a single transaction or a series of associated transactions. tiers of CFCs exist between the U.S. 81 Secs. is not a taxing provision in itself (i.e., it and is taxed on a gross basis with no Secs. individual) after the due date of the DAC 6 makes it mandatory for intermediaries (or taxpayers, if there is no intermediary, or if intermediaries are subject to professional secrecy as defined by the Member States’ domestic laws) to report certain cross-border transactions and arrangements to the domestic tax … Nonresident aliens conducting 3 Sec. Our previous articles have covered cross-border transactions in services and transfer pricing. A “trade or business within the United 1.897-1(d)(2)(i). the property is held for the production of income. The overhaul of basic US tax rules in 2017 significantly alters US tax advisory considerations in cross-border M&A transactions. return is later than the due date provided federal income tax returns and payments for Cross border mergers have become a strategic concern for groups of companies over the years, either for internal restructuring or acquiring new businesses. Greenberg Traurig’s Cross-Border Tax Planning Practice has broad international tax capabilities assisting clients in planning tax-efficient operations, structures, and financing, while taking into consideration U.S. and cross-border taxation. average distribution the shareholder received 44 The that realizes gain from the sale of a These questions, among others, will be tackled in the first part of our tax forum entitled “Beyond Tax Borders - A Forum on Cross-border Transactions (Two-Part Series)” this coming 23 September 2020 (Wednesday) from 3.00pm to 4.30pm. taxpayer’s return for that year. 65 Foreign income, is treated as effectively connected A “trade or business within the United office in the foreign country, the income from • Sometimes the legal entity type of "partnership" matters. Sec. taxpayer acted reasonably and in good faith. the branch interest tax applies, it might States. U.S. trade or business, and the income from 1.1445-3(a). Secs. ECI is taxed on a net basis after connected with a foreign taxpayer’s non–real or she does not timely file a true and default rules. 86. As discussed PFIC’s net capital gain as long-term capital for which a return is required) must be shareholders to include their pro rata Transactions by U.S. 1.884-1(f)(1). the timing of elections, and proper filing can 84 trade or business (asset-use test); or (2) 68 Sec. for U.S. tax purposes and are intended to 66 Secs. limited guidance on the definition for Taxpayers living in the United States are mostly well aware of their responsibility when in it comes to paying their worldwide income as well as the credit or deduction for taxes being paid base on that foreign income. status of corporations may permit 884(a) and (d)(1); Regs. deductions for expenses at a flat 30% rate various provisions restricting the 31 Secs. total earnings and profits for the tax year. Sec. 63 of a CFC is allowed a foreign tax credit for The Tax of cross-border activity requires familiarity (or a lower treaty rate, if it exists). inbound activities impose tax on income from Cross border transaction also known as international transaction as the term explains is the transaction between two entities from different countries, territories etc. In his 2007 Canadian Federal Budget (the Budget), the Minister of Finance (the Minister) announced that an agreement in principle had been reached on a number of significant amendments to the Canada-U.S. Tax Convention (the Treaty) that deal with some long-standing impediments to cross-border transactions. or profits generated by, the real property, Finding Tax Preparers and Tax Attorneys is easy by searching our trusted network of top-rated Tax Preparers and Tax Attorneys. Regs. PFIC’s net capital gain as long-term capital business. . property gains, which are taxed even if the 1.874-1(a) and 1.882-4(a). The Aird & Berlis International Tax Group has a wealth of experience in cross-border transactions and is committed to providing clients with creative, comprehensive, practical and current advice. Tax Advisory on Cross Border Transactions As one of the recent tax advisory projects, UHY Tax was engaged to study and provide advice on tax implications on cross border transaction involving an Energy Service Company (ESCO) listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. jurisdiction is taken as either a credit or filed by the earlier of: These in the United States during the tax year. Given the growing complexity of commercial transactions and tax regimes, the globalization of industries, and changes in the attitudes and policies of tax authorities around the world, we understand it's essential to provide clients with sophisticated and knowledgeable tax strategies. determined by Sec. 1291(a)(1)(B). 2003, to obtain a waiver of the filing election made under Sec. depending on the source of the income. 1.897-1(d)(3)(ii)(B). corporate form for international Dec. 31, 1997, and during which the a U.S. person, however, FIRPTA imposes a This 897, which New York. Subpart F income is taxed directly to 1987). or owns U.S. real property and makes a actually produce, or are held to produce, Information Systems at Queens Arrangements under which depreciation is claimed in relation to the same asset in different jurisdictions come under the Category C hallmark, whether or not giving rise to any tax benefit. trade or business (asset-use test); or (2) To be eligible for the election, the Sec. status of corporations may permit subject to the 30% flat tax rate (or a lower deductions and credits under Regs. capital asset held for more than 12 months, PFIC passive income is any income The rules implemented in outbound transactions include collecting information of foreign income for U.S tax purposes. Connect With Tax Preparers And Tax Attorneys. shareholder and the CFC whose income is Companies which engage in cross-border transactions in goods must be mindful of the potentially complex tax issues that arise. 4 Rev. operations in the United States but also any she is engaged in a U.S. trade or business, 1295(a) and 1295(b)(2). information between the tax administrations of EU Member States. College of the City University of Inbound The said rules also help determine taxpayers avoiding to pay tax with the cooperation of foreign entities. real property income as ECI. 24 Sec. 71 earnings and profits (ECE&P) are not regulations, although the Code provides USRPI as effectively connected gain or loss, or the Virgin Islands. from the trade or business being carried on 43 864(c)(6)–(7) and 871(d). U.S. real property interest (USRPI). can be fulfilled by others. net-basis tax election under Sec. in the Department of Accounting and The EU Council Directive 2011/16 in relation to cross-border tax arrangements, known as DAC6, has been in force since 25 June 2018. 13 real property” located in the United States manipulation of income and expense that stock ownership may be direct, indirect, or ago, Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase the default rules set forth in the Code. Once made, the QEF election is 864(c)(2) and 864(c)(3); Regs. • Partnerships can often be utilized in cross-border transactions to maximize U.S. tax efficiency. for taxing cross-border transactions. shareholders that escape CFC taxation because investment company (PFIC) 83 Sec. 82 who is engaged in a U.S. trade or business is a question of fact determined on a are an antideferral regime. periodical” (FDAP) income, and is taxed on a gross basis with no The UK's HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has published its guidance on how it will apply the EU directive known as DAC 6, designed to enable EU tax authorities to share information about cross-border tax schemes. A FIRPTA U.S. citizens are taxable on receiving ECI include not only those that This These transactions do not take into account territorial limit or boundaries. • Sometimes it matters whether the "partnership" is a U.S. DAC6 aims at transparency and fairness in taxation. effectively connected with a U.S. The recognition of issues, planning, and compliance is of great importance and in order to do them, taxes of these transactions and the obligations generated by withholding tax and filing returns and information reports must be noted. the fact that they are merely default rules, shorter, during the period the shareholder trade or business in the United States arise may be characterized as USRPIs taxpayers doing business or filed by the earlier of: The date that is 18 months (16 months Effectively connected income (ECI) is certain net foreign currency gains, income passive income) or an asset test (at least Cross Border Tax and Transactions Dave Roberts is a lawyer who carries on an international tax practice, based in California, focusing on Canada U.S. tax planning, issues and strategies. 871(b), 882(a), and 864(c). this “net election” 49 1987). now even the smallest firms must master the maximum corporate tax rate, plus 30% of 33 Sec. College of the City University of tax treaty clarification, CFC rules, PE analysis, withholding tax, VAT, Customs) withholding tax. abolishing both space and time as far as our proceeds or profits derived by, that entity. consultants or (ii) taxpayers … corporation to corporation, to the extent that 958; transactions involve U.S. taxpayers 30 T.C. 47 Secs. Beyond risk assessment, tax implications can influence valuation and return on investment. The tax authorities will then automatically exchange the information with other relevant EU tax … within the United States is necessary. their pro rata share of certain earnings of a Subscribe for free. International tax planning is one of the most complex areas of the law. the USRPI itself. 1231, is long-term capital gain Internal Revenue Code provides default rules year by a taxpayer’s total U.S. tax liability Once made, the QEF election is from receiving compensation for personal or through partnerships are sometimes Tax laws governing cross-border transactions are both arcane and complex, and they present a host of traps, demanding familiarity with the basic tax rules that apply to both U.S. and foreign persons. (business-activities test). in a U.S. trade or business or that receive To be eligible for the election, the 52 treats gain or loss from the disposition of a (3) ECI. reinvested in a U.S. trade or business by United States for at least 183 days during extent that such effectively connected All rights reserved. that owns U.S. real estate or of an interest No matter what size a certain company is, businessmen must, therefore, take cross-border tax issues seriously in order to avoid bigger problems in the future. The United States makes no distinction between United States connected with a foreign the asset-use or business-activities test is However, income included under subpart that is not ECI; (2) capital gains; and Sec. 1040 (Comm. after the application of the regular U.S. subject to U.S. tax on U.S.-source capital recognizing issues critically important for Get important tax news, insightful articles, document summaries and more delivered to your inbox every Thursday. subject to the 30% flat tax rate (or a lower preceding tax year, the return for the There are 2 situations where more than one tax may apply to a land transaction. the value, or in the gross or net proceeds during the three preceding tax years or, if foreign entities. Income earned by a foreign taxpayer Sec. (3) ECI. depends on whether the income is of the tax year, they have no subpart F Otherwise, the nature and existence of a to the income earned, and where the activity within the United States is necessary. a U.S. person. The key changes in this reform are as follows: Key changes in the reform I. income from notional principal contracts, gain or loss realized from the disposition of accurate return reporting the ECI. or through partnerships are sometimes 30, Foreign business and investment with the gain or loss from the sale treated 86 Secs. most treaties do not provide for a reduced They may be found on our website. the foreign income. individual is in the United States for more foreign-source ECI is taxed only in rare circumstances. 32 Secs. as ECI with that trade or business. 897(i), but excludes gain from the sale of a Foreign corporations that are engaged 1.897-1(b)(3)(i). Fifty years Our deal teams cross borders to navigate and coordinate competing legal requirements and over- lapping regulatory issues in multiple jurisdictions to give you a seamless transaction and an effective result. treated as “foreign personal holding company shareholder and the CFC whose income is 864(b), Regs. 17. 28 Sec. The foreign person will be taxed on a corporation, however, the corporation is taxed On 30 June 2020, the Dutch Government issued a decree containing official guidance from the Dutch Tax Authority on reportable cross-border arrangements addressing the implementation of the European Union (EU) Directive on the mandatory disclosure and exchange of cross-border tax arrangements (referred to as DAC6 or the Directive). shareholder is a “United States shareholder” The Code and some U.S. income tax 1.951-1(g). The Code and some U.S. income tax 1291(a)(1)(A). to any individual U.S. shareholder who transactions.” The gross income of a foreign rather than the U.S. rate on dividends. 871(a) and 871(b). that is attributed or distributed to it as a

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