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Ali Al Enezi What i mean is that for some people, they enjoy doing it. Now you can make any subject more engaging and memorable, Why your go-to-market strategy should be industry focused, Prezi Video + Unsplash: Access over two million images to tell your story through video, What is visual communication and why it matters. Third and Fourth Cause For Discipline *Respondent has subjected her license to disciplinary action, for unprofessional conduct in that on March 7, 2008, September 24, 2010 and May 7, 2011 *Used alcohol and was impaired in a manner that was dangerous or injurious to herself and the public. Recommend: Bass method 3 Mos. She states that her busy schedule as a phlemotomist makes it difficult for her to brush as many times throughout the day as the would like. Systemizing the process . Application cost $1,598 Secondary App. The patient tolerated the procedure with high sensitivity between 31 and 32 due to large carious lesion. Zirconium Dental Implants And Crown for Congenitally Missing Maxillary Latera... Comprehensive Case Presentation Sultan Alshammery. A full medicine presentation in attending rounds should be under 5 minutes. IT IS THE SAME AS WORKING IN ANY DENTAL PRACTICE! And we decided to restore the missing posterior teeth with(ENTER) fixed partial denture. • 65 years old • Non smoker • Don’t have history with any systemic disease or allergy. When trying to prevent diseases, information is key, and if it’s reliable, all the better. 4. For the edentulous area in 1st quadrant.RPD was designed and fabricated to replace missing teeth in that area(ENTER), Here frontal view for the pre- and post operative images for the anterior teeth, Pre and post operative images for the area that restored with RPD, at the end of this presentation I would to thank you all for listening. It affects the planning of what to do and how to do it. Golden Christmas presentation template. Free Professional Powerpoint Templates. After patient expressed her complaint, I handscaled the fine residual calculus after exploring. One possible explanation for these trends is that periodontal infections might contribute to clinical CVD through risk factors that are more strongly linked to stroke than to coronary pathophysiology. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. When patient returned at next appointment, it was all back. PowerPoint Products Standing Ovation Award Winner: Best PowerPoint Template Collection Network Solutions protects your online transactions with secure SSL encryption. DENTAL HYGIENE CASE STUDY PRESENTATION. - Hearing impairments - ŸMobility impairments - Visual impairments Complex medical needs: Physical disabilities or challenges – wheelchair users. Be sure to know where the emergency medicines are stored in the surgery you are practicing especially the Oxygen and masks. People with severe disabling conditions may be overwhelmed by the physical, medical, social and financial demands of the disability so that oral care takes a low priority in their life until there is a problem. Therefore, if periodontal infections contribute to the development of hypertension but have little or no influence on lipid metabolism and cholesterol levels, one would expect periodontal infections to be more strongly associated with stroke, as compared to CHD. Free Dental PowerPoint Templates. Free Dental Equipment PowerPoint Template. People have done it for thousands of years, and will continue to do it because it is very important to your health. Cons: International student Cost of living Cell phone Car insurance Distance DalHousie University Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She estimates that she brushes for 3 to 5 minutes twice daily. One carpule of Oraquix was applied to quadrant three; above the gumline (both buccal and lingual) and then inside the sulcus. We present to you our productive library of Case Study Templates to help you showcase your success stories, services, or product analysis that impress your clients. c. Length – this will vary depending on your service. Oraquix was applied to quadrant one; above the gumline (both buccal and lingual) and then inside the sulcus. Here you will find the perfect PPT design templates for your next project. Which is effecting the function and grinding food abilities.He informed us that he would like to get fixed set of teeth if it possible.Which is possible of course in his case as you will see in the coming slides. Now we can take a look on the prosthetic part of our treatment plan. Integrated Circuit PowerPoint Template . Transcript: Dental What is Dental Phobia and Anxiety? During staring doing the intr oral exam.One is central incisors was restored with old metal ceramic restoration which showed un-esthetic appearance.The upper and lower arch showed many fillings many missing teeth. With no history of allergy or relevant medical problems.He only complain form peptic ulcer and use some medications for that. PN: Retired DH Diagnosis: AAP Perio Case Type II, generalized moderate, localized severe in her molars. OHI with recommended ACT rinse. Winner of the Standing Ovation Award for “Best PowerPoint Templates” from Presentations Magazine. Oral case presentations are generally made to a medical care team, which can be composed of medical and pharmacy students, residents, pharmacists, medical attendings, and others. 54337 to Mirna Lizbeth Zaldan. A theory done by the University of Chicago concluded that individuals whose wages depend on the whiteness of their teeth will spend approximately half their lives brushing . How did I handle the cost? In other words, either the patient is in control or the condition is. Causes of Dental Anxiety and Phobia Negative past experiences Embarrassment Symptoms Symptoms 1 You feel tense or have trouble sleeping the night before a dental exam. PARTIES *Richard DeCuir, Executive Officer of the Dental Board of California *Karen M. Fischer, Executive Officer of the Dental Board of California *Kamala D. Harris, Attorney General of the State of California * Amanda Dodds, Senior Analyst First and Second Cause For Discipline *Driving under the influence with a Blood Alcohol Concentration over .08, a misdemeanor, not only once but several times. In reality, every child and every parent for that matter, has a very special need for love, acceptance and a feeling of belonging from the other members of its family. The lively image and bold colors make it easy to create compelling, engaging executive brief or nonprofit presentations. Who knows the difference between working in the Community Dental Services and the High Street GDP? Hello everybody. Which make the patient only able to bit in one side. As well as increasing numbers of individuals, other challenges include: The deinstitutionalisation of adults from large institutions and care homes to smaller community group homes, where clients are encouraged to live more independently and where there may be less rigorous daily oral care, less supervision of diet and less support in accessing oral health services. Download the best free Powerpoint templates to create modern presentations. Crystal templates … The template is suitable for presentations about dental care, oral hygiene, plaque, teeth, dentists, flossing, dental health and disease, dentistry, etc. (ENTER)RPD was one of possible option. Occlusal view for the upper and lower arch, The panoramic x-ray can shows us general view of how far this edounleous area is extending. Ex: waitress and chef Your teeth affect your overall health in many ways. Dental Case Presentation Template Create your presentation by reusing one of our great community templates. She uses: Breath Mints (2x daily) Chewing Gum (2x daily) Canned/Bottled Liquids (daily) Sugared Liquids (2x daily) Quadrant Three- (02/18/2014) BP 128/86 R 18 P 68 Temp 97.8 Local for quardrant three was set up but it was too late into the clinic time for this to be administered. Be confident:Speak clearly at the loudest volume appropriate to protect patient … They also control our speech, by helping keeping your tongue in our mouth. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Patient had to be readjusted in chair several times with the addition of a pillow due to lowerback pain. *As a result of her second conviction, on December 2, 2011, Mirna was granted five years formal probation, and ordered to serve 60 days in the Orange County Jail. Dental PowerPoint Medical PowerPoint Template for Dentists. According to literature: The fixed partial dentures were estimated to have survived up 92% after 10 years in the meta-analyses conducted by Scurria in 1998.This percentage drop to become 75% after 15 years. For their job or career Dental Field -For others, having good oral health helps them earn a living and can influence how much they get paid. Which for the most part is true, but there are many more reasons. (ENTER). Clinical Case presentation Ali Al Enezi 2014 2. *Mirna was caught driving on a suspended license *She was caught shop lifting at a Mission Viejo Macy's department store, totaling $281.49. So lots of Science course work. Download PowerPoint Version Download 2012 File Size 75.37 KB File Count 1 Create Date October 24, 2017 Last Updated October 24, 2017 Case Presentation Template Gingival Health: Periodontitis Subjective/Objective Vitals: 4/16/14; BP 144/78, P 60, R 18 5/6/14; BP 130/70, P 58, R 16 5/13/14; BP 124/82, P 76, R 18 5/21/14; BP 126/76, P 64, R 16 Success: O'herir for supra calculus removal Med Alert: Allergic to some BP medications ASA:II Plaque indice scores started as 73.9% on 5/6/14, then 68.75% on 5/13/14, finally 56% on 5/21/14. *What would have been a fair punishment? Phobia Overall Causes Symptoms Dental anxiety Dental anxiety and phobia are extremely common Estimated that 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear Phobia Phobia 1 People can fear a specific activity, object or situation Put off routine care for years or even decades pain, or broken and unsightly teeth 2 3 A phobia is an intense, unreasonable fear. Transcript: Dental Case No. Case Presentation. and for being allways their during the clinical time to help us and to answer our question. During evaluating the periodental and general oral cavity health.No deep pocket more than 4 mm was detected but the patient showed fair oral hygiene with some staining and plaque accumulation. Criteria for the Community Dental Service include: Adults and children with learning disabilities Adults and children who are housebound – domiciliary Adults and children with physical (including sensory) disabilities Adults and children with complex medical histories Adults and children with severe mental health problems Adults and children with severe dental phobia (Subject to a referral from a healthcare professional) Adults and children with behavioural problems Adults and children with drug or alcohol problems Adults and children with HIV, AIDS, hepatitis C Adults and children who are homeless or temporarily housed Adults and children under the care of social services or children with complex social problems COMMON SPECIAL NEEDS The special needs list is endless: Mental health problems: Dementia Agoraphobia ŸMedical conditions: Asthma Diabetes Epilepsy Huntington disease Kidney disease Developmental conditions: - Autism - Agoraphobia - Dyspraxia - developmental dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement. Fifth and sixth Cause for Discipline *Mirna was Convicted of five separate misdemeanor alcohol-related criminal offenses. With these free PPT templates, your presentation will not be a distraction for the public, but a tool to guide the public througout your ideas. Prophylaxis began and patient tolerated handscaling only in this quadrant with generalized moderate supragingival and subgingival calculus with moderate bleeding. she was ordered to pay $1,546.38 in fees, fines and restitution. Keep calm! she was ordered to complete an 18 month Multiple Offender Alcohol Program. Stomatology Free Medical PowerPoint Template. Free Powerpoint templates and Google Slides themes for presentations 179 templates. Free Download. Appointment 2: HH, vitals, IO/EO, velscope, complete perio maintenance quads 3 and 4, and begin on quads 1 and 2, OHI flossing with recommended floss. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. tooth vitality test was applied to the tooth but it showed negative respond. Prophylaxis began with cavitron and patient experienced tooth sensitivity on #3. Free Surgery PowerPoint Templates. *She cannot apply for licensure or petition for reinstatement for three years from the effective date of the Dental Board of California’s Decision and Order which was on January 10, 2014. Welcome to’s free Surgery PowerPoint templates’ section. Hundreds of slides with charts, diagrams, portfolio, maps, and vector icons perfect to build beautiful and professional presentations for Powerpoint. Animated PPT Templates Capture Motion . Since it heavily restored with deep fillings with deep restoration margin especially in the 4th quadrant were we have deep margin in slightly tilted and non vital 47. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. They are so repetitive that they become really boring! Free Dental Clinic PowerPoint Templates consists of professional 48 slides that fully and easily editable shape color, size, and text for free. Due to presence of large diastema and metal screw and upper anterior area.And he came to the clinic to fix his teeth problems. A Presentation by. Some cautionary notes Not much of the pharmacological processes of any drugs or the pathology of the diseases has been entered into. 1. I lost some of … April-June Study for DAT Submit AADSAS application June ~15 June/July Fill out secondary Applications wait wait wait Interview in Feburary Accepted in March COST TO APPLY Dat Study Materials $500 -old text books from gen chem and ochem, dat destoyer, kaplan text book, etc. Each free presentation is unique, which is why there are so many uniquely designed presentation templates to express each person's creativity and style. We start the treatment by motivating instructing the patient in order to maintain good oral health.And to control the the active disease.Composite filling for the carious teeth.And root canal treatment for 41. The template designs would be new and latest for your PPT presentation to place as the background design or main slide design in the presentations relating to a dentist or dental clinic. Free Download. Filled with MY SCHOOL My Fake it until you make it! While in condition like this one, anterior tooth with discolored post need to be covered.zirconia has not only a color similar to teeth but is also opaque and mask the dischromic tooth. Free Odontology PowerPoint Template with a superb image of teeth is suitable for presentations on dental health. It is easy to follow, and it comes with all the design features you need built right in. Description: Rise way above the stacks and stacks of two-dimensional paper resumes on the hiring manager’s desk with a Prezi resume template. 3. You can refer to notes, but should not read your presentation. There is actually a theory looking at peoples "taste for brushing" but because there is lack of testable predictions, it is uninteresting. Overview Medical History Review Vital Signs Extra/Intraoral Exam Restorative/Hard Tissue Charting Complete Periodontal Evaluation Xrays Scaling & Root Planing (DOD III) Ultrasonic/Caviron Anesthesia: Oraquix (Quad 1) & Local (Quad 2, & 4) OHI: BASS method toothbrushing ASSESSMENT OF ETIOLOGIC FACTORS ...continued Oral Habits Bacterial Etiology BEFORE PROPHYLAXIS Extent of Plaque: Ms. MC has moderate generalized plaque intra-orally. Decision And Order *Mirna plead guilty for all of her misdemeanors and surrendered her license. Its good for you! During the OPG evaluation.We didn't’t see sings for bone pathology or decay.Accept for apical radiolucency in lower anterior teeth related to 41.It will be more obvious in the periapical X-ray. Dental Clinic Presentation Free Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. PowerPoint Maps ... Group of school aged teen boys and girls, showing blank placard board to write it on your own text i PowerPoint Template. You can use these Dental PPT in Your Projects and presentations. Since its can provide fixed set of teeth with good aesthetic appearance. Each case includes the patient documentation (Patient History and Periodontal Charting) and images (Radiographs and Intraoral images). Process: started on quads 3 and 4 due to heavy supra calculus build up. Mirna checked No By: Vickie Reyes *Did Mirna get a fair punishment for all of her misdemeanors? Perio maintenance interval Modifications: Due to not completing quads 3 and 4 at appointment 1, another appointment was needed. The situation was discussed with patient and the patient consented to moving forward with quardrant three with only Oraquix. Ex: orbit commercial, Transcript: First 3 years of College build resume by doing service, leadership, Shadowing, work experience etc. $600 Interviews $1,770 Two interviews Total: $5,068 Items to pay for upon acceptance Tuition Deposit $2,450 Moving $2,200 Utility Deposits $120 New ID $20 renters policy Varies school fees.... Varies Housing Deposit $650 Total: $5,555 Total Cost To date:$10,623 Pros: Small Class Size. 1.The obvious answer The "mother told me so" theory created by Alan S. Blinder supports this statement by suggesting that people who brush their teeth three times a day do so because their mothers forced them to do so at a young age. Available in 16:9 HD Size. 13: Removal of 2 mm gutta-percha. *The Dental Board of California accepted the surrender of Mirnas RDA license. Endowed with a responsive design, the theme is compatible with all the latest WordPress versions. (ENTER)Implant restoration showed in many studies that it can insure high success rate in long term follow up. Average Utah dentist makes about $120k a year. *The RDA License was in full force and effect at all times relevant to the charges brought. 3: Individuals may acquire a disability or progressive disease in middle age. Racial segregation in dental schools After searching relevant keywords i was able to find a lot of information on factors affecting peoples oral health and why people maintain oral hygiene. Some cases take longer than others. The dental equipment is depicted as the background of each slide, with a brown overlay shade which makes the added text easily legible, while retaining the attractive backdrop. No swollen lymph nodes 1st visit - dd. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. 8. Free Download. Dental care is very important for our health, so if you’re looking to promote your medical services at your dental clinic, this free template can make wonders! Since the patient is periodontal therapy to restore the teeth support. *Mirna was convicted of violating vehicle code section 23152, driving under the influence of alcohol not only once but multiple times. Clinical Case 04-2019 Presentation Free Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. Here is occlucal view for upper and lower arch after finishing the prosthetic phase. It is a circle of life that teeth of young ones break … Preview & Download FREE. In the USA, "special needs" is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be physical/medical, cognitive/mental, or psychological. we believe the treatment performed will have good prognosis in the anterior zirconia crown.But fair prognosis expected for the posterior fixed bridge. 38 Students Six International Enter clinic early-Second semester of school Patient base grows each year Simulation of actual dental office High student to faculty ratio Mid-range tuition cost: $57,100 Boards Free babies Each child receives a check each month from the government Don't have to apply through AADSAS Tuition includes all fees ADVICE Cry Pray to your Deity Offer sacrafices Major selection isn't as important as good grades. Transcript: Given remit for this lecture “Its something of an overview of what it’s like to work in Community Dental Services”. To close the diastema, and restore lateral incisor with metal screw.We treat the centrals with composite veneer. Constraints: medications and compliance. There is currently a need for more research on periodontal infections and hypertension to inform this hypothesis, although it is noteworthy..." INITIAL TREATMENT PLAN Host Factors PROCEDURES Dental Experiences & Symptoms COMPARISON Local Etiologic Factors Occlusion DENTAL HYGIENE CASE STUDY PRESENTATION PERIODONTAL SUMMARY Ms. MC never consumes alcohol or uses tobacco products. The lack of a register for people with disabilities and additional needs makes it difficult to ensure equitable access to oral healthcare. 54337: Zaldana, Mirna Lizbeth, RDA Case no. Its what they've been taught to do The End Because the waitress is in constant touch with the public and relies on tips for most of their income, bad breath or yellow teeth could have negative effects on their earnings. 2: Life expectancy for people with disabilities and chronic disease is increasing and more of them survive into middle age. Offering a wide range of tools and options building a web page using this theme seems quite simple. People not only like a clean mouth, but also have a taste for brushing. It may seem as though the lecture contradicts itself, as on one hand, for example "diabetes" is considered "special needs", BUT not all diabetes are accepted as special needs patients. Sep 9, 2014 - Our professional dental powerpoint template is suitable for dentists or a tooth presentations. Welcome to’s free Dental PowerPoint templates’ section. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Case 1 3. her probation was revoked twice for failing to comply with its terms. Emotional challenges – dental phobias, anxiety etc Patients who have developmental disabilities and epilepsy can be safely treated in a general dental practice. Clinical Case presentation Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. She never flosses. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Therapy outcomes: prevent further bone loss, improve plaque biofilm scores, home care, and xerostomia, and reduce the plaque biofilm build up. No clicking or dislocation of TMJ during opening/closing No pain or tenderness in the area of TMJ No pain or tenderness in the areas of supraorbital, infraorbital and mental nerve endings. His main complaint was regarding un-aesthetic smile. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of, find free presentations research about Dental Case Report PPT We have also risk to injured the mental nerve in 4th quadrant. The free Dental Care PowerPoint Template has a green background and a symbolic illustration of teeth (Designed by Freepik) that makes it look very eye-catching. Dental Care template for presentation is laid out in a way that simplifies the complexities you may have previously encountered with Keynote or PowerPoint. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. It can show also the genaral alveolar bone loss in upper and lower teeth, During our apical x-ray examinationIts clear the amount of alveolar bone resorption especially in upper incisors area.Probing depth values shoed deep pockets that reached 7mm in the central incisors. Ms. MC wanted to try another route of anesthesia besides "with a needle". The patient who visited our clinic is 65 years old. Download Free Dental PowerPoint Templates and Themes. Right and Left Canine: Class III Edge to Edge: 8 & 9 Open Bite: 1-7 & 10-16 Midline Shift: 1mm to the RIGHT Quadrant One- (02/6/2014) BP … Because people naturally do not like the taste of their mouth, gum companies have cashed in on this problem and are very well off. Irfan Abas. The patient chief complaint SEEMS NOT TO BE different from his needs according to our clinical evaluation.Which is good since this mean that restore the missing teeth can restore function and meet patient expectation as possible.While restoring the discolored will help to improve the esthetic tooth in most aesthetic zone. As the presenter, you should strive to deliver an interesting presentation that keeps your team members engaged. Dental clinical case presentation 1. For any presentation related to the dentistry, this free health PowerPoint template is a good choice. We have the pre-designed collection of dental presentation templates for your medical ppt templates. Instantly Download Dental Presentation Template, Sample & Example in Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT), Google Slides, Apple Keynote Format. CC: 3 mos. Spencer Knight I've always been a saver. The main different in my opinion is a) the allocation of time for the patient’s care b) there is no hassle as to the number of (units of Dental activity) UDA that is required per week, month or year. Free Powerpoint Templates. She estimates that she brushes for 3 to 5 minutes twice daily. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Prophylaxis began with cavitron and was followed up by fine scaling with hand instruments. Free + Easy to edit + Professional + Lots backgrounds. She states that her busy schedule as a, Transcript: Our Yerin Dental Clinic runs a four day service from Monday to Thursday we are so proud to present the opening on the 9th October 2018 Bay #2 "Yirra" meaning Teeth Clinic Program Groups Facebook communication Schools community events other services YERIN AT YERIN Sterilization Room where all the cleaning of Instruments enter heading New phone number 43 500 222 Here at Yerin Dental we aim to provide a cultural and sound environment and a caring approach to dental treatment along side with our partners from LHD Dental Wyong Yerin Eleanor Duncan Dental Services WE LOVE TEETH Yerin Front Reception this was at the start now we are up to stage 2 Bay #1 "Gugul" meaning Strong Front Waiting Room Our new electronic sign The New Yerin Dental Service Yerin Dental also visits community to promote Oral Health Education To access the program for Dental Services at Yerin Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Current 715 Pension Card Concession Card Children under 18 years of age A patient at Yerin Medical Service - EDAHC Patient that lives out of area but still access Yerin's Medical Service - EDAHC Yaama We are proud to announce the first dedicated Aboriginal Dental Clinic on the Central Coast add logo here.

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