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ISSN and CODEN searches are carried out as phrase searches in the appropriate fields. Sources (Embase and/or Medline); Drugs; Diseases; Study types (human, clinical trial, case report, cinical article, etc) ; Publication types ( article, review, letter, conference paper, etc); Click on Apply at the top of the options when done Searching Embase for title and abstract caused a loss of more than 5% in 16 reviews (22%), while limiting Embase and MEDLINE that way this happened in 24 reviews (33%). 16 Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry€ 1520-4774 American Chemical Society 4.93 CAS, Embase, Pubmed, MEDLINE, Biobase 17 Steroids 0039-128X Elsevier 2.739 CAS, Embase, Pubmed, MEDLINE, Biobase 18 Current Organic Chemistry €1385-2728€ Bentham Science Publisher 3.039 CAS, Embase, Pubmed, MEDLINE, Biobase It is available on a number of different platforms.At University of Bath, we subscribe to the Embase.com platform, which gives access to the following databases:. Limiting Embase and MEDLINE to major thesaurus terms, the number of references was 13% lower. Search for your institution and click the name to login. Embase increases the discovery of biomedical evidence to support critical life sciences functions, delivering relevant, up-to-date biomedical information to the global biomedical research community. 'Priority journals' status indicates the journal meets Embase qualitative criteria, and includes for example the journal has a review board, the majority of the articles have abstracts, the content is in English and references are available. The Embase database: covers biomedical literature from 1974 to present. ; The MEDLINE database (the main component of PubMed): covers biomedical literature from 1966 to present. Embase is a versatile and up-to-date biomedical research database covering the most important international biomedical literature from 1947 to the present day with more than 32+ million records from 8,200 journals and ‘grey literature’ from over 2.4 million conference abstracts. We will remember your login preference the next time you access Embase from this computer. It is strong in its coverage of pharmaceutical research and international and non-English content. ISSN and CODEN. Go to the column to the left of the search results. For 15% of the reviews, the loss of relevant references was more than 5%. With over 31 million indexed records and more than 8,500 indexed peer-reviewed journals, Embase is a highly versatile, multipurpose and up-to-date database covering the most important international biomedical literature from 1947 to the present day. View the list of the journals in Embase and their abbreviations here. OpenAthens login. Narrow the search with one or more of the options, as . Embase is a biomedical and pharmacological database covering journal articles, conference proceedings, and gray literature. All articles are indexed in depth using the Elsevier Life Science thesaurus Emtree®. Search for journal ISSN and CODEN identifiers. Covers 1947 to present. Journal Title (contains full and abbreviated title) /JT S J CARD SURG/JT S JOURNAL OF CARDIAC SURGERY/JT JT, JTA, JTF, SO Language (ISO code and text) /LA S L1 AND EN/LA LA Meeting Date /MD S 20090925/MD MD, SO Meeting Information /MT S INSULIN/MT MT, SO Meeting Location /ML S NORWAY/ML ML, SO For ISSNs, you may enter the information with or without hyphens: 0028-4793 or 00284793 The List of Journals Indexed provides comprehensive information on the current EMBASE journal collection. Use this link for Elsevier's list of priority journals for Embase, see column J. This valuable user aid provides up-to-date and complete information about each journal, a list of priority stream titles, plus indexes of journals by subject classification and country of … Or choose your institution's region or group and click the name from the results below to login. Embase is an index to biomedical literature.

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