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Geoffrey Hinton is VP and Engineering Fellow of Google, Chief Scientific Adviser of The Vector Institute and a University Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto. Just better. Emeritus Prof. Comp Sci, U.Toronto & Engineering Fellow, Google. Sort by citations Sort by year Sort by title. Geoffrey Hinton. He has been working with Google and the University of Toronto since 2013. Languages. Bengio, Hinton, and LeCun, are sometimes referred to as … Title. Geoffrey Hinton is an Emeritus Distinguished Professor at the University of Toronto and a Google Brain researcher. Geoffrey Hinton (born 1947), a British computer scientist Gerry E. Hinton (1930–2000), Louisiana state senator and pioneer of the chiropractic profession Howard Hinton (art patron) (1867–1948), Australian art patron and benefactor Discover the notable alumni of University Of Edinburgh. Added in 24 Hours. Dire predictions from notable AI experts further fueled fear. Hinton had actually been working with deep learning … Sort. Geoffrey Hinton harbors doubts about AI's current workhorse. Geoffrey Everest Hinton’s work on artificial neural networks is an English-Canadian cognitive psychologist and informatician. Geoffrey Hinton. Geoffrey Hinton. Recent. Articles Cited by Co-authors. machine learning psychology artificial intelligence cognitive science computer science. English Articles. Geoffrey Hinton unleashes deep neural networks (2012) Geoffrey Hinton’s research at the University of Toronto helped bring about a renaissance in deep learning. As … Hinton has been the co-author of a highly quoted 1986 paper popularizing back-propagation algorithms for multi-layer trainings on neural networks by David E. Rumelhart and Ronald J. Williams. Hinton received a Bachelor’s degree in experimental psychology from Cambridge University and a Doctoral degree in artificial intelligence from the University of Edinburgh. Quite the same Wikipedia. (Johnny Guatto / University of Toronto) In 1986, Geoffrey Hinton co-authored a paper that, three decades later, is central to the explosion of artificial intelligence. Hinton splits his time between working as an Engineering Fellow at Google and professor at the University of Toronto’s Department of Computer Science. That professor was Geoffrey Hinton, and the technique they used was called deep learning. Notable students: Ian Goodfellow: Website: Bengio received the 2018 ACM A.M. Turing Award, together with Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun, for their work in deep learning. Verified email at - Homepage. Live Statistics. The list includes people like Charles Darwin, Alexander Graham Bell, Adam Smith, Sarojini Naidu & Gordon Brown. He is best known for his work on artificial neural networks (ANNs) . Improved in 24 Hours.

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