is it weird to have carpet only on stairs

You can only use this technique if your stairs don’t have a nosing, which is a tread section that extends past the riser. Don't try to use carpeting left over from a room installation -- cut-to-fit carpet pieces have to be turned under at the edges all along the stairs, and that's tricky. Our guide can help you make the best choice, 21 Things Only People Living With Kids Will Understand, Strange but True Parallels Between Early Western and Old Japanese Style, The Upstairs-Downstairs Connection: Picking the Right Stair Treatment, Set Staircases Racing With a Striped Stair Runner, 12 Fresh Alternatives to the Carpeted Staircase, 11 Reasons to Love Wall-to-Wall Carpeting Again, Need help with furniture and decor in our new home. Wash it in your Washing machine or with your hands using a brush or scrub. Thanks, John Murphy - Lincolnwood, IL, Add peace and quiet, beauty (and safety) with a pretty carpet on the stairs, Strange smells, crowded beds, ruined furniture — here’s what cohabiting with little monsters really feels like, Carpeting, runner or bare wood? I think the slipping issue for me has been on stairs with narrow depth treads and risers and too thick carpeting. We live in a ranch with a finished basement, which is, what the kids call a "sea of carpet". It is prone to so much dirt and wear, and I hate how fuzzy it looks on the ends. Perhaps using a carpet color similar to the color of the hardwood?? Someone above mentioned the fuzzy look at the curve of the treads - yuck! I think that's the only thing that would "make sense" visually. The cons are that the noise is no longer muffled by carpet. I had carpet on my stairs and slipped numerous times (always carrying a laundry basket!). Now that you have the low-down on how to install carpets on your stairs, it is time to get stuck into your next DIY project. I'm concerned that this is going to create a trip hazard due to the height difference between the carpet and stair tread. If I had known that, I would have pulled that carpet up a year ago. Our staircase is straight-up from 1st to 2nd floor, the first 7 stairs are 38 inches wide and the remaining 8 stairs are 30 inches wide and the 8 inches less is from just one side of the stairs so centering it on either set of stairs makes the other set look odd if the same width carpet runner is used for all 15 stairs. I hate carpet and have wood everywhere but carpet on the stairs. What commonly happens is that the carpet is cut too short which creates a noticeable seam when fixed. You could just have the bottom flared stairs bare or redone . Bear in mind, however, that you may need to have the wood refinished, for example if the exposed wood has faded, and it can be expensive. I had to be extra specially careful about picking up all of the nails after each step because of the pups. Also, you need to know the importance of cleaning carpets on stairs. At this point, use a cloth or a towel to blot out the water and shampoo. I'm not sure how much that compresses, but I can check quickly. Aside from what other people have mentioned, if you are going from all carpet to other flooring, the stairs are a headache, because you will often need to redo the underlying treads, too. If contemporary, it might work. but, hardwood steps are very slippery if you just have socks on (unless you have sweaty feet)! Yes, the carpet will be on the horizontal surface only. I like runners on my stairs... definitely quieter and imo less slippery.... only exception ime is when wearing new leather soled shoes-- carpeted stairs are very slippery with them- I always make sure I hold onto the handrail if wearing new heels!! You simply cut carpet as long as your stairs and then start laying it out from the base of the stairs until you reach the top. I like the look of secured runners, but I'm leaning more towards just having the stairs carpeted w/ a low pile or ??? Kids like to roll around on the ground and like the softness of carpet. While I have never seen evidence that carpetted stairs are safer, if you FEEL more comfortable with carpetted stairs, that's important. Learn more here: How to Clean Carpet on Stairs: Step-by-Step Guide Carpeting Stairs. But, it wasn't just the bathroom flooring that was tiled. They also provide carpet cleaning for only $60 and rug cleaning for $160. To see what my stairs looked like under the carpet, I carefully peeled back the carpet on the bottom step. The only stairs I have ever slipped down have been carpeted. View User Profile Send Message Posted Jul 29, 2018 #4. There is a huge selection to choose from including Saxony carpets and twist carpets. I did this, in fact, with my own stair, which is right in the middle of my open plan home, just beyond the entry hall. I have a condo with floating stairs. I really want to rip out the carpet on our stairs, however, we have carpet at the top and bottom that will stay in place. It is very noisy going up and down and the treads have worn and don't look very nice, especially with her beautiful furnishings. One reason is that carpet eases the stair tread's edge. I am wide open to ideas as to what the best method(s) of doing this might be. So I started from the top and ripped all the way down. These look great and are similar to what we have in mind. We redid all the hardwoods, including the stairs, and then had a runner installed on the stairs. However, you should still look for a carpet that has good soil resistance. So I recommend to have the bottom stairs redone in a proper flared style . It is expensive to carpet stairs, I cannot imagine the expense to put hardwood on them. This datapack only does one thing, allow you to make a carpeted version of a block not only stairs you can also place carpet on many things In order to place carpet inside stairs and slabs, you simply have to sneak and place a carpet at the block that you want :) Older version (1.14) available in … Is it weird? If the wood tread goes all the way under the carpet, then yes. You will never have to worry about stains or spills. I work in trauma & emergency medicine and treat MANY people who die from falls on stairs in the home. And I've had a 1920's era wooded staircase (two sets actually - one for the family and guests and the second hidden one for servants that sadly didn't come with the house when we purchased it) - had to add these rubber stair treads on them so they weren't so slippery for my older relatives which sort of ruined the beauty of the wood. My personal first choice would be all hardwood for everything, including the stairs. The foam can make stepping down very unstable. If you are choosing a carpet that will only cover your stairs (and not other areas such as the family room), stain resistance is not a top priority because the carpet is not likely to be subjected to many spills. it's also difficult to blindly sense where the edge of the tread is without looking down - which is likely to cause a fall if carrying a load of laundry etc. Assuming you have standard-sized stairs, and allowing for 3 inches on either side to display the wood, you need 24 inches for each stair step and riser. I did not remove the carpet- only peeled it back. Stairs are one of the most dangerous spots in a home. I have heard the slipping concern before. It's vey costly to do hardwood stairs (esp. My neighbor has hardwood in her downstairs as well as her upstairs hallway. Painted wooden stairs can simply be swept with a dustpan and brush, making this a look that’s good looking, hard-wearing and easy to maintain. You cannot change the height of any of the stair risers by more than 3/8", or you are out of compliance. Like so many things, it depends on what is there. Set the runner between the pencil marks depicting the carpet outline. NOTE! Our goal is to help you make the best choice for your home, not sway you in one direction or another. But we have scheduled carpet to be installed on the staircase... turns out that hard wood was terrible on our knees...especially when we are carrying laundry up and down the stairs. This is our stairs before. Stone Stairs. Comments (8) They said it would be expensive. Looks great too. I always feel uncomfortable and unstable on hardwood stairs with no runner. (the vet bills from last fall probably could have paid for hardwood on the stairs!). Or you can have laminate on the stairs and need to finish the carpet up to the top stair of laminate. Does it look strange? My husband and I recently tore the carpet from our stairs and painted the wood underneath creating a fresh, clean, and modern look! AL lot of the units have carpeted over them. Stair Treads One option for stair carpeting is to cover only the tread (the part of the stair that you step on) with a runner and leave the riser (the back) of the stair uncovered. I didn't use it but a kicker is recommended: the big question is "how is it holding up?" in any case don't try to cover the carpeting, its just not worth having cracked ribs from taking a tumble. I would do it again! They will perform very differently and offer a very different sense of stability to your foot as you climb or descend the stairs. Fold the edges around the step and use a stair tool and a rubber mallet to crease the carpet into the seam and secure it to the tackless strip. Check out this inspiring selecting of sizzling stairs, dressed in perky patterns and eye-catching colours, as your first step… Precious McBane Save Photo. It may have been a cost factor? I also had a house that had all hardwood stairs, it looked good in that house, but not in the other one, because of the location a shape of the stairs. Here's a pic of carpetted stairs running into wood on the top and bottom floors. My carpet on the stairs looked like a runner, so cost wasn't a factor. They like it. With the outline, you can ensure that the carpet is in-between as close as possible. Carpeted stairs are safer and easier for dogs. If you've ever fallen on stairs, both carpeted and not - you would want carpet on them. But like daisychain01, I have only slipped on carpeted stairs. We have hardwood throughout except for on stairs. Oct 2, 2011 - Explore Kim's board "Stairs Without Carpet", followed by 561 people on Pinterest. I agree as well, that with some stairways, carpeting is safer. Warmer, Softer Step . When you find a remnant or a piece of carpet, it will essentially be cut into sections that will be installed end to end, giving the appearance of a seamless runner on the stairs. I thought it brought the whole look of the house down but we had priorities - kids in college/grad school & 2 weddings - so we only had it all replaced with hardwood last year. any suggestions? We prefer hardwood and had it throughout the house. Also, carpet absorbs sound—while hard flooring reflects it—reducing the noise of speech and other activity. Carpet materials such as olefin and polyester are slippery. You add wood to the top floor, and you've increased that rise. I used an awl and a flat head screwdriver to gently pull it back. As it now stands, we have berber carpet on the stairs & hardwood on the small landings (mid-point where stairs turn corners), Would love to have hardwood stairs, but not a wise decision for us right now. Aside from what other people have mentioned, if you are going from all carpet to other flooring, the stairs are a headache, because you will often need to redo the underlying treads, too. Yes, there is cheap wood under the stair carpet and I'm not sure if hardwood can even be installed over it. Otherwise, you have created a safety hazard for which you would be personally economically liable for accidents. The carpet was old and dirty giving the entry a very dark and dated feel. Whole house hardwood and stairs with carpet? We removed all of our carpet and replaced it with Vinyl plank flooring.. The bottom five stairs were individually carpeted but once I got to the top, the carpet was all one piece. I think a lot of stairs, particularly in homes built ca 1975-present, have stairs constructed of inexpensive wood that isn't meant to be finished with stain. We also have a large (120 lbs) dog who goes up & down the stairs regularly. Carpet Runner on Stairs - Stairs Differ in Width. The best carpet for stairs has a low pile—¾-inch or less—to be both more stable underfoot and resilient to traffic. I don't know if this will work for your dog, but I feel like I've stumbled upon a magic trick that I needed to share. Totally agree hardwoods are more slippery for dogs. Not sure how my mother stood it! Most of the stairs have an overhang that may need to be cut off. Per saperne di più. Continuando, accetto che il gruppo Houzz utilizzi cookie o tecnologie simili al fine di ottimizzare i suoi prodotti e servizi, fornirmi contenuti rilevanti e personalizzare la mia esperienza. I think we'll have to do something beyond just the hardwood - altho' it definitely IS beautiful. But now my poor dog has all kinds of slipping problems, when before she ran up the stairs fine. We purchased our home two years ago. Flooring options for stairs. Learn more. Take a look. Yes. Carpet is softer looking and quieter to walk on. I think stairs (either hardwood or carpet) can be dangerous at any age so make sure the railing is nice and sturdy :) ...See More Need help with strange cutout next to stairs I'm not sure I can explain why, but it might be that your foot is making contact with a large flat surface on hardwoods, vs. "floating" on top of cushy surface with carpet. Here's what to know about today's materials, costs and trends, Is it time to kick the hard stuff? I would suggest low pile though...Ours isn't a 'Grand' staircase, so I live with it.Once our sweetie goes to doggie heaven, we know the carpet has to be replaced so just might go the hardwood route. Act fast to get special deals on both carpeting and hardwood. Custom cuts – contractor may have always expected stairs to have custom cuts and incorporate the extra effort on the estimates but your stairs might have over the top uniqueness that it would merit extra charges. Comments. Or the space beneath the hang can be filled in with wood. The treads feel a lot smaller without the padding and carpet on them. In recent years, however, more carpets are being offered with a warranty on stairs. ah. That tends to point to the 45 degree join, but you'll need a very good carpet fitter to get it spot on. I don't know if your style is contemporary or traditional. The pros are the obvious better appearance and ease of cleaning. Carpet Safety should always come first an as unbelievable as it may sound a carpet will not prevent you from slipping and falling down the stairs. Wood Wood stairs can be a dangerous option because apart from being slippery t… Multiply your total by how many stairs you have. Be careful as there are a ton of staples and carpet tack stripping. Thank you everyone. In making the decision to replace all the flooring upstairs, we realized we would have to do the staircase too or there would be a weird floating carpeted staircase stuck in between the wood flooring upstairs and down. If you do choose to go with carpet on your stairs, stay away from plush carpets with thick underlay. The stair carpet is completely washable. Originally everything was carpeted; we have removed the carpet in the LR replacing it w/ hardwood. It does not require any rug grips to keep it in place, so you have no chances of slipping on it. 2. I live in a tract home that had carpet everywhere. I have hardwoods everywhere, but with area rugs - mostly Karastan, including a patterned Karastan runner on the stairs. It was pieced where the fist step ended, and the riser for the 2nd step started. Find more white and minimal staircases. Today's mortgage holders can choose between completely covered stairs, where the carpet covers the entire staircase, or between runners that cover only a portion of the stairs and leave the edges exposed to expose the surface of the staircase. Carpet runner is sold in standard 27-inch and 36-inch widths; buy the width that best fits your stairway. We have put hardwood/tile on the main level, but it would be a fortune to hardwood the stairs, hall and four bedrooms. and, dogs slip much, much more easily on hardwood stairs! Carpet vs. Wood Stairs – We Have Both at Just Around the Corner. What are Included. If the carpet is thick and turned under, you probably don't have full treads. Carpet and wood flooring have good and bad consequences which you should be well aware of before making any decisions. Carpet runner on stairs to protect the carpet already laid on the stai. Going through the very considerable expense of putting down hardwood on stairs--just to cover most of it up with a rug--doesn't make sense to me UNLESS that is the look you wanted. It's easy for mud and stains to work their way down into the carpet, especially if it's installed in a high traffic area like your staircase. Having a carpet that is too thick may cause one to trip over especially if there are active children in the house. The exception would be if foam was used under it as well, which isn't common but I've seen in some homes. RE: is it possible to have a stair runner on carpet stairs? I'll see homes that have all hardwood or something that tries to mimic hardwood on both the lower story and upper story but then they'll do carpets on the stairs and only the stairs.Is it just me or does it strike anybody else a bit strange to just carpet only the stairs? Check out these ideas for matching your staircase floor treatment to upstairs and downstairs flooring, Energize your stairway with a carpet runner decked in stripes to go the distance, Instead of carpeting, lay down some paint and give your steps a lift, No Goblins: That Spot Under the Stairs Is Only Full of Possibilities, Can a geometric-patterned runner hide stains, protect stairs and create interest in interior designs? This can be especially beneficial when partners have different schedules. The stairway was the worst. I had an all hardwood house, with carpeted stairs. Also, a fountain if you have access to electrical outlet or add one to utilize an up light of sorts. While Axminster carpet is made in the town, this type of carpet is now manufactured all over the world. It would have looked better in a lower pile, more suble-colored carpet, but it is not bad. We'll probably only do a couple at a time so she doesn't become overwhelmed, but we're pumped. The smooth and non-sticky backing. Have you done this or seen this done? The problem is the building code. Most often the top stair will involve installing a stair nose. However, if you exchange the carpets on the stairs with a more simple-to-clean alternative, there is definitely a possibility of reducing your weekly workload. No kids here, but dogs and myself, and both canine and human have slipped and fallen on the stairs (wearing very thin leather soled slippers). for 3 levels) and then in addition place a runner on top for safety so we've just kept the berber carpet on the stairs. Discover soft lounge carpets, cosy bedroom carpets, dependable stair carpets and more online. I moved to a home 13 yrs. We have an open staircase leading from our LR to our upstairs MB suite which happens to be an open concept. I considered wooden stairs with a runner, but I've had that before and found all the nooks and crannies were horrible to clean. If you do a wall-to-wall type carpet on the stairs, it will just look like leftovers, I'm afraid. My 2 dogs have experienced navigating uncarpeted stairs at our lake place since they were pups, so they adjusted easily. 1 2. i've only seen carpet runners on hardwood stairs but i need something on my stairs because my dogs shed like crazy. stairs: can you just rip off carpet and paint the stairs???? :) I think wall to well carpet on the stairs is just a nightmare (unless it is a patterned runner or something.) You can only use this method if your stairs have no nosing (a section of the tread that protrudes beyond the riser). They come in … I'm not sure her background since she was an adult stray when we adopted her, but she had a similar panic reaction when she had a blood draw so something about it triggers pure panic. When properly installed, laminate flooring for stairs doesn't have this issue because it's easier to use a damp rag on areas that have are muddy or have been spilled on. In order to place carpet inside stairs and slabs, you simply have to sneak and place a carpet on the block you want (v2.5+). I was right. Ideas? Despite this, I went with HW and plan to maybe do a runner in the future. It doesn't "read" as carpeted stairs but more like a runner, even though it completely covers the stairs and isn't a runner. Carpeting creates a softened curve on the nose of each stair. Our house is all hardwood except for the stairs and the landing, where it is carpeted (not a runner). However, you should still look for a carpet that has good soil resistance. So how do you choose between them? Not only will the carpet mat down quicker, but you will be stuck looking at the exposed backing every time you walk up the stairs. We are really trying to find out how to replace the raw building material under the carpet with wood that could be pained or stained. The rest of us can just marvel from afar, Wallpapered stair risers, a striped lime-green ceiling and creative artwork are just the beginning in this designer's 1910 home in Canada, Understanding how stairs are designed and laid out can help you make the best decisions for safety and beauty in your home, Studio di architettura e design - Toscana, Personalizza la mia esperienza utilizzando cookie, 21 Things Only People Living With Kids Will Understand, The Upstairs-Downstairs Connection: Picking the Right Stair Treatment, Set Staircases Racing With a Striped Stair Runner, Clear Staircases — They're a Real Glass Act, My Houzz: Quirky, Colorful Vancouver Heritage Home, An Expert Guide to Safe and Stylish Staircases. Often the "treads" are really just end caps and the tread doesn't go all the way across. 2. The stairs are also carpet and not vacuumed enough (not my job). HI -- The bottom flared stairs should have had the carpet flared out also instead of just down the middle ,which makes the carpet look too small now . They said they can't do the stairs because of the landing, and it's a "carpet only" stairwell. As far as tools go, you’ll only need a tape measure, carpet knife, straightedge, hammer stapler, knee kicker, awl, stair tool, wall trimmer and a good vacuum cleaner for stairs. See more ideas about stairs, painted stairs, stairways. I think some of us may be talking apples and oranges here, a plush carpet with thick padding for a cushioned feel vs a thinner carpet or runner with minimal padding that works to preserve carpet life not a cushy feel. I tried to post a response before and it ended up in cyberland. Falls are # 1 cause of accidental death. How I hated that carpet! Many carpet subs offer carpet repair services for only $100 to $150 depending on the damage on the material. I suppose the bullnose could be at the compressed level of the carpet, which, incidentally, is a Berber. Cost, combined with an aging Lab, was enough reason to rule it out. If you precut the carpet lengthwise, be sure you accurately measure the total length including the risers, treads and around the nosing. Pros. Most people don’t enjoy waking up to an alarm every morning and having to leave the warmth of a bed. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. I totally understand this. That is, if you have totally 15 stairs, you have to buy 15 single piece stair carpets. I removed the carpet in my house and am very happy with the results. 2. If you are choosing a carpet that will only cover your stairs (and not other areas such as the family room), stain resistance is not a top priority because the carpet is not likely to be subjected to many spills. ago that had hardwood for the main floor & w/w off-white carpeting on the stairway, upstairs hallway & bedrooms. I am surprised she never had a runner installed. We live in a cottage style Victorian semi and the wooden staircase gives quite a bit more room on the treads when the carpet is removed. From this position, you have a better view of the process, and you can cut off the excess carpets at the ends/sides. When properly installed, laminate flooring for stairs doesn't have this issue because it's easier to use a damp rag on areas that have are muddy or have been spilled on. A staircase that's okay with carpet can feel like a ladder if you just remove the carpet and don't do anything else. Would I prefer stained or painted wood aesthetically? You can only use this technique if your stairs don’t have a nosing, which is a tread section that extends past the riser. Since I have a two year old that frequently goes up and down stairs, I am thinking of putting carpet on staircases. We're empty-nesters who wear soft-soled indoor only shoes or slippers most times, so that's not an issue for us. One company has come back to me and told me carpet would need to be stretched and wool carpet in only suitable for this. In total, it took about 4 hours to remove the carpet from the stairs start to finish. This top stair tread sits on top of the plywood sub-floor (existing carpet has been cut back) that the existing carpet is installed on. ( quote we had was close to $10k, and then we'd still have to add a runner). Regarding construction materials, you’ll obviously need the carpet itself, some tackless strips, hot melt seaming tape, a seam sealer and a pad. But I also agree hardwood seems LESS slippery than carpet for humans (except for perhaps in socks). Keeping that in mind, we have put together a few alternatives to carpet on stairs that might interest you. Stupid to have hardwood upstairs & down but carpeted stairs? Hardwood throughout. You should be able to tell which it is by looking carefully at the edge of the carpet. Going with a contrasting patterned carpet on a stair is kind of a less expensive way to achieve the "wood stair with a runner" look. i think its a great look for near the beach too. Likewise, you have to make sure your choice. You do the math, If you're flush with funds, you can have a ball with crystal on your stairs. Had the carpet ripped off and the stairs refinished and I've not slipped once since. GitHub page for bug reporting and more frequent updating. For a busy household w/ wearers of heels, etc., it could be annoying. Now the fun begins! What to Look for When … And no matter which material you settle on you can find lots of options for both carpet and hardwood at Just Around the Corner. Any advice please? Not your insurance company.. And one that will never pass a home inspection at resale. Carpet is a popular choice for most stairs, as it is child safe and makes it softer when walking up and down the stairs. They feel nice on the feet but are very difficult to maintain traction on. I have small children and the runner is nice for them to sit on when slowly going down the stairs. Then, use a brush to apply the mixture to the stain and work it in vigorously. Hey all, I am doing my upstairs hall and bedrooms with laminate, I wanted to do the stairs too since my kids ruined the carpet from spilling shit constantly. Or should you leave off the carpet entirely or carpet the full width of each stair? Carpeted stairs require frequent and laborious maintenance. Equipped with plywood and a cool, imaginative concept, the structural design firm incorporated a reservoir of cabinets in what is usually a wasted space – underneath the stairs. It is soft underfoot and quiet. While each pieces of padding only runs from strip to strip, the carpeting extends the full length of the stairs. I didn't use it but a kicker is recommended: the big question is "how is it holding up?" When you approach a project like this, it really needs to be done all at once, including properly rebuilding the stairs to remain in compliance. I'll try again. The stairs do not yet have the bullnose added. While I am really happy, you know your house and lifestyle and if you (or you family or pets) would be happier with carpetted stairs, you should just do it. Condition Matters . . To make sure that this top stair tread is level I'm going to have to place shims under it, the plywood sub-flooring is not level. It’s essentially like a stair runner.

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