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The stronger sound and more palpable feel can strike well with more advanced players who appreciate their club communicating with them during the hit. The golf club hosel will typically use a material that can’t be subject to high pressure. While the features or criterion to look for remains the same for Japanese golf clubs, as they do for most others, we have done a little research into the brands. This is opposed to forging which allows Japanese manufacturers to optimize the shape, size, and curves of the club face under high heat and pressure while detached from the hosel. Despite its modest price tag Titleist’s … Callaway’s line of Big Bertha irons have been given a face lift for … Among the top rated irons for feel in this year’s players distance iron test were the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged; and a surprising newcomer, the Sub70 699. It has graphite shafts that will increase the flex, while the technology is designed for perfect control over the ball when playing: Most people have probably never even heard of the brand Honma. The Miura CB-501 Iron Set is specifically designed for these players and can be found a little cheaper than the Mizuno. Any golfer knows that the resonating pang of a ball against a club head can make up a large chunk of the satisfaction of using a club. Since they have such a wide variety of different clubs, you can get some great value for your money. Mizuno GX Fairway Wood. The new Tour Worlds deliver the usual Honma quality, i.e. Buy from Amazon. Chat. Japanese steel has always been a great topic for conversation and while many people swear by it, others simply don’t like it. To the Japanese, there’s beauty in artisan clubs that are forged with careful thought and precision. We sell ALL Japan golf … The result is centered impact each and every time, correcting mishits and allowing even the least experienced of beginners to enjoy professional level play. The KING F9 driver, features breakthrough SPEEDBACKTM Technology, which, for the first time in golf, successfully… Today, the best Japanese golf clubs are considered no less than a premium investment for any dedicated golfer’s growing arsenal of world-class gear. Many people also claim that they are the best-developed golf brand currently in the world. With the typical USDM golf clubs, you would have to go to a fitter to find out the kind of loft and lie that would suit your play. Creator of elite forged golf clubs, the Miura brand is one of the few manufacturers that’s capable of forging club heads and hosels separately. Let us know what you think in the comment section. Shop Departments. However, before we dive into these specific brands, you might be interested in which golf clubs are the best. .hide-if-no-js { The Mizuno MP-650 Driver might be an expensive driver, but it features a design with a variety of materials. Track Order. 2020 Callaway Big Bertha Irons. Wilson Staff D7 Irons. The putter is fairly expensive but makes up for this in quality on the course. However, the clubs that we do find coming from them has a lot of value and quality added to them. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Not only does this improve forgiveness, but it can also reduce the drag of the club by up to 15% when playing: The Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set form part of the JPX919 collection and this is some of the best Japanese craftsmanship that you can find. Established as a subsidiary in 1977, EPON Golf Co. was formed and the EPON brand was introduced to showcase the manufacturing expertise of ENDO, the world’s premier forging house. If you have been playing golf for a while, you might have played with a club from the Epon Factory without even knowing it. $128.57 $ 128. This one of a kind club works hard to deserve its eye popping price tag. A thin, L-shape face made from a springy Japanese steel provides power, and a rounded sole and progressive offset offer an easy transition to the middle and short irons. Often dubbed the best Japanese golf driver, the Mizuno MP-650 Driver steps onto the scene with beautiful symmetry and powerful anatomy that commands attention. Also they have been known to incorporate premium materials like gold into their clubs, explaining their steep price tag. At the heel, the clubs demonstrate an open design that improves ball stability during impact and launch. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles with US golf gear. Help. That said, whatever club you might have in your possession will easily lose its value over time. If you struggle with iron play as a high or mid-handicapper, this is the iron you’ve been waiting for. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Mizuno is probably one of the most famous brands, but they are not only renowned for their golf clubs, but also for the other sporting wear. Or browse Japanese golf drivers by Brand. Find a gift for everyone on your list and shop Golf Iron Sets at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Responsible for the production of golf’s leading OEM brands, EPON made it possible for custom club makers to fit golfers with the best forged products in the world. Most major brands have five, six or even seven irons in their 2020 line-ups, which shows the importance of having solutions for all golfers, irrespective of ability or personal preference. Japanese irons are not so popular without reason. Able to produce precise clubs that are fabricated for optimal loft, lie, and everything in between, JDM golf clubs work to max out your performance through the most minute changes. With the game adapting so fast, clubs…, Have you decided to take up golf as your new sport, but you are struggling to find the right set…, No matter what age you are, it is never too late to start working on your health. eight Srixon's forged irons have long been known as some of the best looking, feeling, and performing in the business. The Honma TW-747 18 5 Wood is an exceptional fairway wood that has been designed to specifically offer you better swing and distance. Well, it’s definitely a nice little bit of trivia. Quality brand with years of experience. It has also been constructed by the Honma brand. Buy from In the modern age of golf, the utility iron has become a preferred option. Homna might not rank among the best of the best, but the brand is slowly making strides into the world of golf. Beautifully done in a pearl brush finish, these clubs are as good at performing on the course as they look and feel in the hand. The term “utility” might not inspire … Which Japanese Brands Are The Best? Impeccably shaped, the Miura Tour Series Chrome Wedge was intended to hit your ball at any lie without sacrificing accuracy and control. Clubs: 3-PW. Just as there are standout USDM golf club brands, so too are there Japanese names that light up the golf club market. The carefully fabricated head and face are contoured and shaped to allow accurate spin control. JBeam G-FW Fairway Wood. In the golf equipment industry, some irons allow you to do one thing, then there are irons that allow you to do two things, and then there is the RMX (pronounced remix) 216. On the contrary, they’re given even greater value as they age, which also answers the question ‘why are Japanese golf clubs so expensive?’ They’re treated as collectibles and investments, earning greater value over time. The Mizuno MP-650 Driver is by far one of the best Japanese Golf Clubs on the market today. Crazy CRZ Full Titan Fairway Wood. Mizuno JPX. Often dubbed the best Japanese golf driver, the Mizuno MP-650 Driver steps onto the scene with beautiful symmetry and powerful anatomy that commands attention. Although there might be a few skeptics out there, the vast patronage that Japanese domestic market (JDM) golf products has accumulated proves that there’s truth to the Asian manufacturers’ claims. XXIO X Lightweight Clubs For Skilled Players Bringing lightweight design to the player’s category, X enhances speed and distance for mid to low handicap golfers. These clubs mentioned above might be a little expensive, but you will get value for your money. 16 This nifty little design addition also works wonders to enhance the sound and feel of the collision for better feedback. The best Japanese golf clubs are not necessarily better than a brand like TaylorMade or Nike, but they do have a reputation of quality and artistry. So while a typical club might be doomed for the dumpsite; expensive Japanese golf clubs deserve to be mounted on a wall. However, the clubs are generally handcrafted and they feature the best of Japanese steel on the market today. Ask us about custom spec options to fit your swing! Men. Letting you adapt your club to your ever changing skills, Japanese golf clubs can change and evolve with your level of expertise. Marrying beautiful design with high level performance, these wedges don’t only make suitable companions for the course, but ingenious investments for many years down the line. Even within the game improvement category, prices can exceed $1000. Forged through Miura’s distinct spin forge technique - that binds together head and hosel through friction. Its oversized, massive sweet spot corrects mishits for straight, steady, and consistent flight regardless of your level of expertise. Starting out the sport of golf can be a real budget breaker. Miura MB-101. However, they are making some handcrafted quality clubs for people of all ages and genders in the world of golf. The first time I ever hit with this set, I could not get over how solid they felt and … There are lots of models out there that claim to be the best of the best Japanese golf clubs, but our research has found the Miura Tour Series Chrome Wedges to be the cream of the crop. Best Drivers for Mid Handicappers: The Top 3 Picks, Best Driver Shafts: An In-Depth Analysis & Top Choices, Best Fairway Woods for Mid Handicappers: Top 3 Picks. Known for their razor sharp precision and extreme attention to detail, the Japanese have pierced through the global golf gear industry with clubs that claim to be a cut above the rest. Choose the Non-Conforming option to see all HI COR drivers. Cast irons use a cheaper process blending iron and other metals and then pouring it into a mold to cool down. This involves injecting molten material into molds, creating the desired shape of both club head and shaft. Milling on the face and grooves in combination with a hollow back head, it will cup the ball and launch in forward with supreme control and exactness. These are the fall rankings for TSG’s 2017 top fairway woods - To our surprise every club that ... Ryoma F Fairway Wood. ... We are dedicated to deliver the very best golf clubs in the best possible setting you can find. Kids' ... TaylorMade 2019 M2 Irons - (Graphite) $599.99. $ ... 4.8 out of 5 stars 183.  =  On the other hand, JDM golf gear is mainly produced through the process of forging. Sign In. They place each distinct part through carefully calculated production phases that aim for precision golf club anatomy. It looks that Cobra Golf has utilized most of their advanced technologies to engineer some of the best irons for 10 handicap ever made. }, Best Japanese Golf Clubs On The Market Today, Best Japanese Irons: Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set, Best Wedge Set: Miura Tour Series Chrome Wedge, Best Irons For Experienced Players: Miura CB-501 Iron Set, Best Fairway Wood: Honma TW-747 18 5 Wood, Best Putter: Tonino Lamborghini Golf Blade Putter, Best Utility Iron: Srixon Z Utility U65 Iron. Honma is another worthy mention, prominent as a premium golf club manufacturer based in Sakata, Japan. It’s this feedback that provides a player the vital information they need in order to learn and improve their swing, allowing more precise, fine-tuned performance the next time they make address. XXIO Eleven Irons feature a double undercut cavity that dramatically increases flexibility on contact for explosive ball speed on every iron shot. Titleist 718 T-MB. Demonstrating their capacity and skill in the arena of metalwork, Japan’s forging process dates back to ancient times when samurai swords were still a thing. In the following we will clarify various aspects you should consider when buying an iron. Prior to the start of Miura, Miura-san learned all there is to know about building a golf club business and forging high quality irons with state-of-the-art forging techniques at other companies in the club manufacturing industry. They might not be as affordable as many of the mainstream golf clubs, but once you start playing with them, you will feel the difference. When just hitting some balls on the driving range, you don't have to worry about hitting a few bad shots Inside the club head, these clubs are equipped with the tightest grain in the industry. Add Your Review. BEST GOLF IRONS - COMPARISON CHART FOR 2019 >> One of the best things you can do for your iron game is simply to experiment on the practice tee. Top Ranked Japanese Golf Equipment. Its polished 450cc head is slightly open, and equipped with a deeper center of gravity that launches the ball far and fast, flying at a low yet workable trajectory. Unlike mass produced, cast golf clubs, these designs showcase the power, speed, and accuracy of a carefully crafted club, helping players step up their game through thoughtful and deliberate club forging technique. 2020 Irons test: We've ranked 54 sets of golf clubs and rated every one by forgiveness so you can find the best irons for you. Slightly pricier than the average USDM club, Japanese golf clubs showcase precision anatomy that promises to improve your game. Sports. But what does that mean in a practical sense? Epon is not one of the most common brand names, but they are some of the best developers of golfing equipment. Here are some of the top brands from Japan that you can use when you are playing golf: Miura is one of the oldest and most well-known Japanese brands and the brand generally makes use of the best steel when designing clubs. Jump to: Hollow body irons / Super Game Improver irons Best Game Improver irons 2019 Ping G410 iron review. It all comes down to you and what you like. ... which has also featured Justin Rose as a brand ambassador since the beginning of 2019. In fact, a brand new club might easily lose about 50% of its initial cost just a half a year into its use. However, some of their best golf clubs might still fall in the same expensive category. Using a similar technology to Miura, the Mizuno JPX919 uses grain flow forging that increases the density of the material in the head. The Srixon Z Utility U65 Iron is the perfect option for your kit and it does not command the same price as many other Japanese clubs. Welcome to the 2020 Hot List of gold and silver medal winners. Let’s look at the process required for both options and what would suit you best. Epon. Best Seller in Golf Iron Sets. The lowdown: Mizuno Golf is about more than just irons; that’s the message the company is keen to drive home with its launch of the Mizuno ST190 and ST190G drivers. A golf set…, Playing at a high handicap can be fun, but finding the right clubs can be daunting. Lots of boom boom for the slower swingers who hit it too low. While the top performing irons in our test are in that range, the Cobra F9 SpeedBack and TaylorMade M5 irons can be considered a relative bargain. It has 1-degree better loft and a little more forgiveness for advanced players. Forged irons are manufactured from a single piece of pure metal. RRP: £126 (s) £136 (g) per club Availability: 4 - PW, UW,SW, LW Stock shaft: Choose from seven options 7- iron loft: 30° TG Verdict: You won’t often hear golf brands say they’ve improved forgiveness by making an iron or wood smaller, as reduced head size usually means a lower MOI. The Mizuno MP-650 Driver features a 5-layer multi thickness face that provides impeccable feedback during the strike. Step onto the golf club market and you’ll find that most USDM club manufacturers will release a new club every few months or so. 57. The 919s feature a fully forged 1025 carbon steel head and a CNC milled face to offer the feel you’d expect from a Mizuno iron. A putter is one of the most important pieces of golfing equipment that you can own. Our take: Miura’s first … This tight grain works to max out the power of the impact area, increasing the club’s coefficient of restitution. The brands that originate from Japan are not as abundant. Two different flex’s to choose from. Miura Golf was created by Katsuhiro Miura, who officially founded the company just over forty years ago, in 1977. Japanese golf clubs are made from soft steel shafts and high carbon heads that readily flex yet resonate with amplified feedback during the hit. Required fields are marked *. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A-Grind BX-F Fairway Wood. Women. Miura MB-10 irons. Best Golf Irons for the Money The new Mizuno JPX900 is long, forgiving, and somehow still bendable for custom fitting. Not only is it expensive to get training…, The beginner player has the hardest time when it comes to playing golf. Best Ladies Golf Clubs For Beginners For 2019, Best Golf Clubs For Mid Handicappers 2019. All together, these features work for your benefit, giving you both control and distance straight off of the tee. Inside the head, two intuitively positioned weights create neutral to slight fade trajectory even without the skill behind the club. The Japanese culture is one that ties in closely with traditional forging technique. Here is what we like about this club: Japanese golf clubs have had a reputation for being a little expensive and many people also consider them overpriced. These clubs are commonly recommended for mid-handicappers or advanced players. Its polished 450cc head is slightly open, and equipped with a deeper center of gravity that launches the ball far and fast, flying at a low yet workable trajectory. During the process of casting, the hosel and club head need to be fabricated at the same time. Generally, these clubs come with an impressive steel quality and a lot of attention to detail. Since it covers the job of many other clubs, it can be more affordable to have. Best Budget: Titleist T200. They ... Mizuno. Material is subject to heat and mechanical energy to shape the ingots in their solid state. Here is our selection of the top Japanese golf clubs available today: Mizuno is probably one of the most famous brands from Japan and they have been around for a long time. Miura is one of the oldest and most well-known Japanese brands and the brand generally makes use of the best steel when designing clubs. In this article we introduce you to the best known Japanese golf club manufacturers - regardless of whether you can buy them on ExactGolf or not. A set of irons is likely going to be the most expensive investment for your golf bag.  ×  In addition to the maximum performance, you get the chance to track your progress with the help of Cobra Connect Technology, and the choice to pick either the traditional length irons or single-length ones. Renowned for their pure feel, Tiger Woods played Mizuno irons … Callaway Golf 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set. 4.6 out of 5 stars 63. Golf Digest's annual review of the best clubs in golf. Because of how this affects the resilience of the material, there’s no way to fine tune the shape of the head or face post-casting since the process would require high pressure which the hosel wouldn’t be able to sustain. As forging lets workers fabricate the head and hosel separately, there’s more room to create more precise curves and contours through high pressure and heat after which the fragile hosel can be attached. So if a golf club arrives on your doorstep and it turns out not to match your play, you can have it adjusted for loft and lie as necessary. Cor-Eye Technology has been improved and allows them to compete with some of the best brands. There’s a particular artisan quality to Japanese golf clubs, and they’re not so easily replaced by newer models. Joel Tadman tests eight of his favourite Distance Irons of 2019 to see how the performance compares. Forged to perfection, the Miura Tour Series Chrome Wedges were designed not for distance, but precision. What you need to know about Japanese irons. The same can’t be said for Japanese clubs, however. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Published on Aug 16, 2019 We Blind test the best selling irons of 2019 and see if Greg can tell any difference between them when he can't see what he's hitting! display: none !important; While the Tonino Lamborghini Golf Blade Putter is limited edition, the performance is excellent. Lofts : … The Best Golf Clubs for Teens (Top 5 Teenager Clubs), The 3 Best Clone Golf Clubs [Different to Knock Offs], The 3 Best Golf Clubs for Beginners (and What to Look For), Best Driving Iron for Game Improvement: The Top 5, The 3 Best Japanese Golf Clubs: True Craftsmanship. A lot of golfers … Most USDM golf clubs are made by a process of casting. Or simply its ability to impart energy on the golf ball during collision. If you’ve been following the golf club scene, then you might have caught wind of Japanese golf clubs. The Miura Tour Series Chrome Wedge is known for the exceptional feel of comfort that it has. The most prominent would have to be Miura. CARLSBAD, CA – January 24, 2019 – Pro’s Choice Golf Shafts, Inc. announced that the winner of the PGA Tour Champions season opening Mitsubishi Electric Championship held at Hualalai GC, Ka’upulehu-Kona, HI was playing a Graphite Design Tour AD IZ-7 X-Stiff wood shaft in his Callaway Epic Driver. Japan is known for their high quality golf drivers made of the the best materials and tested to improve distance and accuracy. Ask any professional player…, With the development of modern technology, more and more people are having it easy when starting out in the world…, Your email address will not be published. Best Budget: Wilson Staff Model Utility. Cast irons deliver a different feeling but still produce excellent shots. This club is not really made for distance, but when it comes to controlling and accuracy, it can be really hard to compete with it on the golf course: As an experienced player, you might need some more advanced golf clubs. Since the brand has partnered with other brands like Torino and Lamborghini, they have been developing modern clubs with a different taste. Price: $280/iron / BUY NOW. Their custom-made clubs are some of the finest performers on the course. These are forged clubs, which means that they can be adjusted and adapted to new specifications anytime you deem it necessary. Your email address will not be published. Engineered … Srixon is more of a brand that the average person can afford. Founded in 1906 by the Mizuno brothers, Mizuno started selling sporting apparel, before moving into golf in 1933. In this article, we will explore some of the best Japanese golf clubs you can buy today. But what specifically makes Japanese golf clubs particularly impressive? Some of these clubs are limited edition and do cost quite a fortune. Mizuno’s clubs are not as expensive a brand like Miura and you should be able to find more clubs for your skill level here. For you, this means faster ball speeds on a much wider sweet spot, working to thrust your ball towards the putting green with far lower risk of mishits. Japan is known to get some of the best forged irons in the world, especially Japanese domestic models (JDM) that nobody else in the world gets. Intended to launch your ball far and fast, the Mizuno JPX919 Forged Golf Iron Set touts an oversized area of minimum face thickness compared to many other irons on the market. What’s So Great About Japanese Golf Clubs? Miura is another Japanese brand of golf clubs that has a cult-like following. When it comes to golf clubs, each brand that we know comes from a specific country. These are irons with unrivaled versatility which put them on this list of best Japanese irons. But with a Japanese golf club, that’s not the case. Miura. Get Golf Iron Sets at incredibly low prices with our Best Price Guarantee! Producing nothing short of the finest golf clubs in the industry, many golfers will typically tag Honma as the Rolex of golf club brands. So as you outgrow more forgiving specifics in favor of professional level design, you can just take your Japanese golf clubs to a specialist that can adjust its anatomy. Since they have one of the biggest factories for golf clubs in the world, many top brands have used their facilities. However, they also have a selection of really expensive golf clubs. Most of them might be from Europe or the USA, but the small Island Country of Japan has been designing excellent clubs for years.

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