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Grass trimmer Spools and Lines. If the e-mail is not in the spam directory, please simply contact us via the MyBosch contact form. Frequently Asked Questions about Bosch Grass Trimmers (10) Q1. The date on the receipt is decisive. In most cases, this is because the mail containing the activation link was automatically placed in the spam directory. What do I do if I have forgotten my password? Product-specific data are required in order to prevent an incorrect entry or to identify the tool exactly. Ad posted 6 days ago 99. The top-selling grass shears product is the Fiskars 5 in. 2. We offer the user added value (extended warranty) in exchange for the marketing rights. Chapter 2, to profile the top manufacturers of Cordless Grass Trimmer, with price, sales, revenue and global market share of Cordless Grass Trimmer in 2018 and 2019. The extended warranty, on the other hand, will incur additional costs for Bosch Power Tools. Add to Trolley. When you register a newly purchased Bosch power tool, garden tool or measuring tool for DIYers, your warranty is extended from 2 to 3 years. Only in very rare exceptional cases will you be contacted by telephone if we have your telephone number. Also tools from other manufacturers can be registered on MyBosch. Featuring a telescopic handle, this is an … In return for free use, we ask you for permission to contact you for marketing purposes. You will find the General Terms and Conditions of Business directly on the MyBosch homepage on under MyBosch. What are the shipping options for grass shears? Which model is the cheapest in the Bosch range? 4.5 out of 5 stars 353. Add to wishlist. Be it a cordless or corded tool: The Bosch grass trimmers enable you to work quickly and efficiently due to their easy handling and innovative technology. The serial number consists only of numbers and letters. This is annoying for the user. When must the guarantee extension be registered? It may be that you mixed up 0 and O. The purchase of tools and material is not possible on MyBosch. If not, please contact our Service Hotline. In most cases, this is because for some time now a Bosch ID has been required, in addition to the MyBosch account, in order to log in. Bosch ART30+ Corded 30cm Grass Trimmer - 550W. I cannot register my tool. There you can change all the settings as you wish. Can the length of this shaft be extended for taller people? Bosch Cordless Grass Trimmer - Black/Green (06008A5E73) 3.3 out of 5 stars 8 product ratings. If your garden is starting to look a little wild and the time has come to get the grass trim and tidy, take a look at our fantastic range of grass trimmers. You will find the warranty certificate in MyBosch under "My tools", click on "Warranty extensions". Can I revoke my marketing consent as a user after registration? To ensure a smooth process for the warranty extension, it is necessary to ask for certain information. 20Pcs Plastic Cutting Blades For BOSCH ALM28/30 ART23Li ART23 Lawnmower Tools. Bosch grass trimmers. If you give your telephone number, we will be able to contact you in event of any queries, e.g. Why must I give personal data when I register my tool? Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. Are there advantages if I give my telephone number? Entering a user name is optional. You can find both on MyBosch under Service. If the e-mail is not in the spam directory, please simply contact us via the MyBosch contact form. Why is the serial number of my tool not accepted by MyBosch? It is not really unpleasant for you, you only have to click on a box for the warranty extension. 0 users rated this 2 out of 5 stars 0. In general, we contact you once or twice a month by e-mail (newsletter). The log-in or registration window has the function "Forgotten password". However, we are also entitled to contact you by post and push notification. The personal data will not be used for marketing purposes without a declaration of consent. You can change your e-mail address manually under "My MyBosch account". However, should it happen that you have purchased a Bosch DIY tool and there is no serial number, you can contact our Service Hotline. Bosch ISIO wireless hedge trimmers. Can I link my account to my Facebook account? This is necessary in order to prevent or clarify incorrect entries or the misuse of product information by third parties. For this purpose, it is necessary to register on MyBosch. Bosch F016800175 Replacement 8 m x 1.6 mm Pro Tap Spool for Easy Trim and Combi Price is £65. VonHaus 7.2V 2-in-1 Grass and Hedge Trimmer and Shear. For questions on the appropriate tool, you should preferably contact our Service via our Service Hotline directly, or contact your trusted dealer directly. Bosch Easy Grasscut 18-26 Grass Trimmer. Rating 4.100156 out of 5 (156) £40.00. Already with the first step, an error message appears. The tool does not seem to be entered completely in our database. It is powered by both 18V lithium-ion battery technology and designed for comfortable work care in small to medium-sized gardens. The length of the cord for the Bosch 280W grass trimmer is only 6m long. Does the 3-year warranty also apply to replacement tools? They will forward your question to the respective department. The link for registration on our "MyBosch" portal for warranty extension of Bosch DIY tools is: We will track these attempts (e-mail, bare tool number, date). However, we recommend that the latest version of the browser always be used. The Bosch Art 26-18 LI Cordless 18v Grass Trimmer (With 1 x 2.5 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger) Trim your grass with less effort using the cordless grass trimmer Art 26-18 LI. Rating 4.100156 out of 5 (156) £40.00. From our experience, the cheapest is the 23cm corded grass trimmer which was seen for less than £35 at the time of this review. How often does Bosch contact users for marketing purposes when they grant permissions? Registration is required for participation in MyBosch and for the warranty extension. You will find the imprint on the MyBosch homepage in the footer. FAQ’s for the Bosch 23cm Corded Grass Trimmer: Q1. Who can assist me with questions on the use of Bosch DIY tools? Other options New and used from $112.73. In general, we contact you once or twice a month by e-mail (newsletter). Why do we do it anyway? How would Bosch contact users when they grant permissions? Accordingly, the users have to replace the serial number of the retained tool with that of the replacement tool in their Tools area. Grass trimmer. No, unfortunately you cannot register with your existing Facebook account. I got my tool in a competition/promotion. So please have a look there. I cannot call up the warranty certificate./ Despite completing my registration, I have not received a certificate. You will find the data protection information in the footer. The UniversalGrassCut 18 is designed for the ultimate in efficiency and comfort. Can I still extend the warranty? But please bear in mind that we cannot cancel your MyBosch account during a warranty extension. This video is about how to replace Bosch art 24 strimmer spool.Your model may be different but they usually fit in the same way.I'm using a refill spool pre-wound but you can just buy the line and wind it up yourself. The advantage here is that you can access all Bosch applications with the same access data. No, the telescopic shaft cannot be adjusted for shorter or taller people for this specific trimmer Q3. Instead of the purchase receipt, simply upload your prize confirmation/promotion participation confirmation. Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 Corded Grass Trimmer . Since we want to guarantee you a fast service procedure in a repair case, we can provide MyBosch only in countries with their own service centre. From overgrown to well-kept areas, Bosch has a full range of cordless and corded grass trimmers for all individual needs. £95. Watch the full review of the Bosch Art 24 to get yours Amazon links that appear in the video description are affiliate links. Log into MyBosch. Under "My tools" you can delete the respective tool via "Process page". With its extra strong line and 'pro-tap' spool it enables you to storm through wild and unruly patches of undergrowth just as easily as normal grass. The Homebase range includes models with rotating heads and adjustable handles to make trimming even simpler, while garden vacuums make cleaning up grass trimmings … Last Order Date for Pre Christmas Delivery is 11th December 2020. GrumpyMan's REVIEWS earns a small commission on each sale. How long is the general manufacturer's warranty period? Ideal for cutting grass and weeds, lawn trimming, and garden edging. Should you accidentally delete a tool that was registered for a warranty extension, you can still find the most important data of the warranty extension in the overview under "Warranty extension". Applications. Personal data are required in order to assign the registered tool to a real person. How can the customer extend his warranty for a Bosch DIY power tool, garden tool or measuring tool? Where can I obtain recommendations for tools required for my project? The serial number as a rule still consists of 9 digits. Stihl FSA 56 – best quiet strimmer. Most grass shears range from $10 to $30 in price. Technical Data. For registration, a valid e-mail address and a password are required. There seems to be a technical problem here. Does the 3-year warranty also apply to promotional tools or tools acquired abroad? You will receive an e-mail as soon as it is possible to register the tool, and will also be able to register the tool after expiry of the 4-week deadline. Rating 4.200059 out of 5 (59) £70.00. 3. If only the name of the tool is incorrect, but the bare tool and serial number are correct, you needn't do anything. What do I do if I have reset my password, but have not received a confirmation mail? Up to 4 weeks after purchase. After logging in, please click on "My MyBosch account", the following page will then open: "My personal data". These products are excluded from the warranty extension. © Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH 2020, all rights reserved. Simply go to the "Registration" window on MyBosch and register with the e-mail address that you also use for your MyBosch account so that we can merge your data (warranty extensions, etc.). Description. Should you have any further questions regarding certain information, please feel free to contact our Service Hotline. Powerful and durable: Built-in Lithium-Ion battery and anti-lock system allow up to … Page 1 of 1. 50PCS Plastic Lawnmower Trimmer Blades For Bosch ART26LI ART26 Accutrim Strimmer. If these two important numbers are incorrect, please contact our Service Hotline. Can I also register tools from manufacturers other than Bosch? As we check the validity of the serial numbers, that actually should not happen. The warranty can be extended for Bosch DIY power tools, garden tools or measuring tools via MyBosch. Bosch grass trimmers are perfect for keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy and allowing you to reach areas that other garden tools cannot reach, A lightweight motor provides a well balanced weight for easy handling. Yes, it is mandatory to consent to marketing permission in case of warranty extension. $49.99. This video is about how to replace Bosch art 24 strimmer spool. Bosch 260mm Strengthened Durablade Strimmer Blades for ART 26-18 LI. Where can I register my tool in order to get the warranty extension? Functions. The 3-year warranty for replaced tools will be transferred to the replacement tool. High-quality finish, powerful motor, and strong, durable line for ideal results. Bosch 06008C1H70 280W Electric Grass Trimmer Home Garden Cutting Diameter, 23 cm 4.5 out of 5 stars (13) 13 product ratings - Bosch 06008C1H70 280W Electric Grass Trimmer … However, for this purpose you have to briefly log in again. Tel 07808 152833 It automatic twin line cutting system lets you storm through wild and unruly patches of undergrowth just as easily as £65. EasyGrassCut 23. In most cases, this is because the mail containing the confirmation link was automatically placed in the spam directory. Petrol and rechargeable cordless trimmers are cable free, allowing you to move about and trim anywhere in your garden without limitations. Simply go to the "Registration" window on MyBosch and register with the e-mail address that you also use for your MyBosch account so that we can merge your data (warranty extensions, etc. Bosch Professional tools can be registered on the following page: After you have clicked on this link, you can log in to MyBosch in the normal way. The PDF document opens automatically and you can print out the warranty certificate. Since October 2018, for security reasons we have excluded very old browser versions (2010-2014). MyBosch offers an extended warranty period of 3 instead of 2 years on your newly purchased Bosch DIY power tools, garden tools or measuring tools. Become a MyBosch member free of charge and get 3 instead of 2 years guarantee for your new Bosch tool. You can get the appropriate spare parts for your tools in the spare parts shop, which can be found at under Service. However, you can register them as other tools in your virtual workshop. Bosch ART 27 450W 230V Grass Trimmer (880KH) To order this product for collection in store please use product code 6150R. Challenge 23cm Cordless Grass Trimmer - 18V. Lines and spools for Bosch grass trimmers. Add to wishlist. Exceptions are Ireland (users can register in UK) and Luxembourg (users can register in France or Germany). In your personal profile under "Account and personal data" you can cancel your MyBosch account. All DIY and measuring tools, as well as garden tools from Bosch DIY. The Bosch Grass trimmers For everything the lawnmower cannot reach – Bosch grass trimmers are perfect for maintaining hard-to-reach places. For questions on our Bosch DIY tools, our Service Hotline will be pleased to assist you. The Bosch Art 23 SL has an high power 280 W motor, making it ideal for smaller gardens. Worx WG930.2 20V PowerShare 10" Cordless String Trimmer & Turbine Blower Combo Kit, (2) 2.0Ah Batteries and Dual Charger. In general, MyBosch can be used with all browsers. Can I purchase required tools and material on MyBosch? This will be accepted in place of a receipt. Free shipping. Your model may be different but they usually fit in the same way. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Must I register in order to be able to use MyBosch? Can I also register Bosch Professional products on MyBosch? #GrumpyMan'sREVIEWS #Honestreviews #Grumpymansreviews There is no telephone contact. This powerful tool features an innovative blade system that guarantees longer-lasting cutting performance. Which tools can I register for a warranty extension? Steel Rotating Blades Loop-Handled Grass Shears. Where can I give you my feedback on MyBosch? What is the advantage of registering my tool with MyBosch? For these product categories, it is not necessary to input the serial number in order to obtain a warranty extension. 5. Gas string trimmers, like a Troy-Bilt 4-cycle trimmer, can take on larger areas and tackle heavier jobs with greater efficiency and ease and are available with either 2-cycle or 4-cycle engines. So please have a look there. The Bosch EasyGrassCut 18 Cordless 18v Line Grass Trimmer (Without Battery and Charger) The EasyGrassCut 18 is a lightweight cordless grass trimmer that is designed for cutting grass, nettles, and undergrowth. $5.00 shipping. A. WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Cordless Grass Shear + Shrubbery Trimmer - Handheld Hedge Trimmer, Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger Included 4.3 out of 5 stars 2,269. Afs 23-37 Corded Grass Trimmer. A. Unfortunately, we don’t have a service centre in every country. How long is the cord for this Bosch grass trimmer? Yes, you can still extend the warranty of your tool. The manufacturer's warranty period for the private end user is 2 years. Is it possible to change the e-mail address of an existing MyBosch account manually afterwards? Available in a range of fuel types including cordless which offers unlimited freedom around the … A. After you have registered for a Bosch ID, you will receive an e-mail with the activation link. Multi-function: a new series of "Multi-Click" blades for an even more versatile Isio range. How can I cancel my account with MyBosch? Watch. Q2. How can I print out my warranty certificate? Yes, the marketing consent can be revoked at any time by sending us a request by e-mail or by using the "Unsubscribe" function in the newsletter. Via which channels can I contact your Support? What details must I give when registering? $19.36. I therefore do not have a receipt. 4. The data on my warranty certificate are incorrect. There are product categories, for example vacuum cleaners or hot-air guns, whose serial numbers are not in the usual place (on the product tag). Simply put, 2-cycle types require a gas-oil mixture for operation, where 4-cycle engines keep those components separate. How do I delete one of my registered tools from MyBosch? However, the warranty extension and other services and information apply only for Bosch DIY power tools, garden tools and measuring tools. However, for this purpose you have to briefly log in again. They do not alter the price you pay. Add to Trolley. Only Bosch DIY tools can be registered for the warranty extension on MyBosch. Electric Grass Trimmer Garden Lawn Heavy Duty Weed Strimmer Cutter Diameter 23cm Please contact our Service via the Service Hotline. ). regarding a repair or participation in a promotion, and thus maintain the excellent service quality. 0 users rated this 3 out of 5 stars 0. How can I get answers to questions concerning data protection? Add to wishlist. No. Stihl has gone from one of the most famous and reliable petrol … Is it mandatory to consent to marketing permission in case of warranty extension? With the contact form on MyBosch, you can contact us to give feedback and suggestions for improvements quickly and without problem. Watch. Bosch ART 23 SL Electric Grass Trimmer with Cutting Diameter, 23 cm. 1. Some grass shears can be shipped to you at home, while others can be picked up in store. This means that these browser versions no longer have access to MyBosch: • Internet Explorer <=8 • Android < 4.4 • Safari < 7. Why does my tool not have a serial number? 2 users rated this 4 out of 5 stars 2. Rating 4.600967 out of 5 After completing the changes, please save by clicking below. The advantage here is that you can access all Bosch applications with the same access data. The Bosch corded grass trimmer has an high power 400W motor, making it ideal for smaller gardens. For questions concerning data protection, please feel free to contact our Service Hotline. $179.99 $ 179. Add to wishlist. The cordless electric string trimmer is a garden tool which uses a flexible monofilament line that cut grass managing uneven edges along the driveways and … 06008C1H70. What is the top-selling grass shears product? When you click on the respective tool, you will go directly to the warranty certificate. Gas String Trimmers. £125. Add to wishlist. Are batteries, charging units or delivered accessories excluded from the warranty extension? Yes, promotional tools and tools acquired abroad can also be registered on MyBosch. 3 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 3. How can I change my personal data on My Bosch? You can contact our Support via the contact form or our Service Hotline. Yes. Sun Joe 7.2-Volt 2-in-1 1250-RPM Cordless Grass Shear / Shrubber Handheld Trimmer, Rechargeable On-board Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger Included Electric trimmers offer unlimited power. Compact and lightweight: ideal in shape, size and weight for effortless work. Why isn’t MyBosch available in my country? Add to Trolley. What must I do? Planting & Growing 11 ground covers for your garden Whether you’re looking to cover a large area or simply fill some space between plants in a garden bed, there are many types of garden ground covers to consider. No. The ideal tool for all grass types. What do I do if I have not received a confirmation mail with the activation link? We give you an extended warranty at no additional cost. 3.3 average based on 8 product ratings. Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 Corded Grass Trimmer . $4.79. I am registered with MyBosch, but I can no longer log in although the e-mail and password are correct.

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