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The scrub turkey that wants to be a chook…. -video. Growth Rate: Moderate. Most nurseries stock a good range of plants, but due to space and supplies, they may not always have the plant that you are searching for in stock. Bloom Size: Unknown - Tell us. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Its new leaves are an attract bronze/pink color, turning green as they mature. Blooms white flowers in summer followed by small bluish-black fruits which resemble olives. CALL US ON: 0411 435 314. In late Spring-early summer, masses of blush coloured, bell shaped flowers cove the tree, followed by bright blue fruits. Excellent as an ornamental feature tree in medium to larger sized gardens. Check your inbox now to confirm your subscription. This popular item is low in stock. Elaeocarpus reticulatus – Blueberry Ash HEIGHT: 10.0m WIDTH: 5.0m *height & width at maturity. 2018-11-12. stone containing seed). Elliptical dark green leaves are arranged alternately and are vaguely toothed; they range from 5–13 cm long and 1–3 cm in width, older leaves turn bright red before falling. This Blueberry Ash is a perfect asset to any garden since it not only has year round interest and is extremely hardy, but it has a lovely aesthetic. Beautiful tree to 12m with white fringed petalled flowers & masses of bird attracting blue fruit that hangs for months. Current Height (from the top of the pot):1600mm. Although, when this large shrub or tree is situated in one of the Rainforests in New South Wales, or Queensland it can attain a height of 30 metres with the right climate conditions while competing for light with other taller trees. Signup to receive our newsletter. Lightly prune regularly in the warmer months to maintain shape and size. Creating An Australian Garden plus Essential Oil, Elaeocarpus reticulatus ‘Prima Donna’ – Blueberry Ash, Advanced Search-find the right plant for you, Best Australian native plants for pots and containers, Angus’s Plants for Aussie Birds – Grevillea speciosa, Harvesting worm castings from your worm farm video, Keeping your worm farm cool in summer video, Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens -video, Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos ‘Rampaging Roy Slaven’ video. Please set your store before adding product to cart. Please set your store before adding product to cart.? Flowers spring to early summer with clusters of pale pink ballerina-like flowers hence the name Prima Donna. A very adaptable, fast growing and hardy plant that will suit most gardens. It has a narrow habit, and grows to 9 metres tall and 3 metres wide, and responds well if it needs to be pruned to shape. Bloom Time: Late Spring/Early Summer. Elaeocarpus reticulatus ‘Blueberry Ash’ Elaeocarpus Blueberry Ash is a tough and hardy native tree with dark green foliage and a compact growth habit. The Blueberry Ash also takes well to pruning and can be used as a screening plant or hedge. 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Elaeocarpus reticulatus 'Green Dream' PBR - blue quandong, blueberry ashDESCRIPTION: Native small tree or hedging plant with long slender tapering green leaves and dense foliage. FLOWERS and FRUIT: This tree is either fruiting or flowering for the majority of the year. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. 50CM. Elaeocarpus Prima Donna can grow to a mature size of 12m tall by 4m wide. Ordering online? © GardeningWithAngus.com.au MMXVI - All images and text copyright. Elaeocarpus reticulatus 'Prima Donna' Click to enlarge: Tree Type: Native: Tree Use: Screening, Specimen: Size: Quantity: Description; Sizing Chart; Delivery Information; Mature Height: 4-9m. Blueberry Ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus) $ 258.00 – $ 439.00. Attributes Growth Habit: Small evergreen tree, loosely conical in shape and dense crown of foliage – can be pruned to a smaller size. This evergreen tree grows 3–15 m (9.8–49.2 ft) tall and 1–5 m (3.3–16.4 ft) wide. Actual product may vary due to pot size, availability and season. If you plan on shopping in-store, please call ahead to check it’s available to avoid disappointment. It has a narrow habit, and grows to 9 metres tall and 3 metres wide, and responds well if it needs to be pruned to shape. It's fruit and it's flowers often appear on the plant together making for something quite remarkable. Can be trimmed & kept much smaller FORM: Dense, conical form FOLIAGE: Dense, dark green foliage that turns a bright shade of red when older. Height: 8-15m; Width: 3-5m Comments: Evergreen Australian native that is a wide spread species growing from Fraser Isalnd to Tasmania. Dense foliage and good response to pruning make this a versatile landscaping tree. Below is a list of our favourite specialist nurseries. Elaeocarpus reticulatus ‘Prima Donna’ – Blueberry Ash. Sizes estimated at 10 years, and may vary depending on growing conditions. Prefers a … A popular street or specimen tree. Root system is regarded as non – invasive and the Blueberry Ash will grow in poorer soils. While it can grow quite large in the wild, in cultivation it generally grows to around 5-10m tall. Very little maintenance required, this is an ideal plant for hedging or feature tree. Size. Blueberry ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus Sm.) For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Elaeocarpus reticulatus will perform well in a wide range of conditions.They prefer deep fertile well drained soils but will grow well on poorer soils as long as there is good aeration and they are not allowed to dry out. The Australasian Virtual Herbarium (AVH) is an online resource that provides immediate access to the wealth of plant specimen information held by Australian herbaria. This tree is native to eastern Australia. Elaeocarpus decipiens (formerly Elaeocarpus sylvestris ellipticus) Japanese Blueberry Tree Medium growing tree upwards of 30 feet tall and 20-30 feet wide. It's fruit and it's flowers often appear on the plant together making for something quite remarkable. Described as either a small tree or tall shrub, this evergreen species grows between 3-15m tall and 3-5m wide. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. With a generally conical form it has dark green leaves and clusters of cup shaped white flowers which are followed by … If they don’t, they may be able to order it in for you if you request it. In spring and summer, the tree develops soft white/pink frilly flowers, followed by blueberries that last thru winter. Propagation Methods: From semi-hardwood cuttings. Angus recommends Bush Tucker fertiliser for native plants. Excellent for use in a lawn or as a street tree. This combination of fruit and flowers results in a long ornamental display lasting nearly all year round. belongs to the family Elaeocarpaceae and is an indigenous shrub or small tree growing in rainforest and coastal scrub along the east coast of Australia, from southern Queensland to Flinders Island in Bass Strait .Blueberry ash fruit are a blue, ovoid to globose drupe with a single large endocarp (i.e. Elaeocarpus Reticulatus "Blueberry Ash" Blueberry Ash is an Australian native small evergreen tree that usually grows to about 7 metres in height. Most of our Landscape Centres open earlier than stores. Blueberry Ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus) $ 132.00 – $ 439.00 SKU: 32162842639325-1-1-1-1-2-1-2-1 Category: MORE OUTSIDE PLANTS & TREES Tags: Blueberry Ash , Elaeocarpus reticulatus Commonly known as Blueberry Ash, the Elaeocarpus reticulatus has bird attracting bright blue oval shaped fruits (drupe) growing from April-October. Elaeocarpus reticulatus is a slow-growing tree, that is very hardy and adaptable, growing from Queensland down to Tasmania. As a feature tree flanking the house, or lined up as a low maintenance screen, this is a lovely tree for classic and modern gardens alike. Very hardy, fast & adaptable. We recommend you seek further advice from qualified professionals regarding your own individual circumstances. Elaeocarpus reticulatus – BLUEBERRY ASH. Available in Stores. Item code: 1008200200P. Other details: Unknown - Tell us. Elaeocarpus reticulatus is a tall shrub or small tree which can reach 10-15 metres in height but is usually much smaller in gardens. ... Our pot sizes range in size from 140mm to advanced sizes up to 400L. Pot size guide ... Pot size guide -Qty + Add to Cart. How to make free liquid organic fertiliser -video, There is a composting method for every household! Click for details. Blueberry Ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus) $ 258.00 – $ 439.00. It has a dense crown of … We have the capacity for catering for very large landscaping jobs. AVH is a collaborative project of the state, Commonwealth and territory herbaria, developed under the auspices of the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH), representing the major Australian collections. This tree is native to eastern Australia. FROM: $24.99 SET YOUR STORE. While we can’t guarantee availability, submit your order and we’ll be in touch with alternatives if needed. Mature Size: 9 x 4m: Family: Elaeocarpaceae 3: Genus: Elaeocarpus 3: Species: Reticulatus 3 Technical information. Blueberry Ash (Elaeocarpus reticulatus) is a fabulous Australian rainforest tree that is very adaptable and grows naturally from Queensland right down to Tasmania.It looks great in many different garden styles including cottage, seaside, formal or native and can be grown as a feature tree, screen or just in a large pot on a balcony. Botanical Name: Elaeocarpus Reticulatus Pot 400mm Pot 45 Lt / Common Name: Blueberry Ash Tree. This is one of Australia’s fastest growing rainforest species, reaching heights of up to 30m or more with a spread of up to 8m. Can you add citrus peel and onion skin to a worm farm video? Elaeocarpus reticulatus (Pink or White Flowering) Height: 6 to 8 metres at maturity. Soil pH requirements: 6.6 to 7.5 (neutral) 7.6 to 7.8 (mildly alkaline) Patent Information: Non-patented. As a hedge, spacing at around 2 – 3 metres apart should be adequate. It is the most commonly grown member of the genus and is popular for its size, attractive flowers and colourful blue berries. Prefers regular water and full sun. Get all the latest news about gardening and Angus straight to your inbox. A wonderful small rainforest tree, great as a screening plant in warmer areas. The common name is Blueberry Ash, because it produces many small bright blue berries about one … Elaeocarpus reticulatus 'Prima Donna' DESCRIPTION: Great native rainforest tree, also known as blueberry ash, with beautiful bronze coloured new growth, can grow to 7-8m but rarely in suburban gardens. Between the foliage, flowers and fruit, expect a decorative showing throughout the entire year. Clusters of tiny white bell flowers followed by blue berries that are highly attractive to numerous native birds. The trunk is pale in colour and generally smooth. This is a popular, fast growing plant that has been in cultivation for well of 70 years. A versatile, popular medium evergreen tree which can be grown from Tasmania right up to South East Queensland. The best winter-flowering shrubs for Sydney gardens, Winter colour: our 5 favourite plants for adding winter cheer, Top 10 low-maintenance plants that are easy to look after all year long, Light Requirements — Full sun, Part Shade. We now support online ordering. Scientific name: Elaeocarpus reticulatus Common name: Blueberry Ash Aliases: 'Prima Donna' Date planted. Visit your local store page to check Landscape Centre hours. Further disclaimer information>>, Once you have found the plant that looks right for you, the next step is where to buy it. Out of its native tropical environment, however, you can expect about half this height. Elaeocarpus Reticulatus. Elaeocarpus reticulatus, Blueberry Ash This is a plant that should be growing in everyone’s garden! Width: 3 to 4 metres at maturity. Elaeocarpus reticulatus (Blueberry Ash) is a strikingly beautiful and hardy plant, which has many uses in a range of horticultural situations. It has masses of delicately fringed small pink flowers in spring, which look like fairy petticoats and have a faint perfume, and turn into blue berries which are … Specialist nurseries are also able to give great advice, and if they don’t have the plant you have planned on, they can often suggest alternatives that will also work well for you. Elaeocarpus Reticulatus "Blueberry Ash" Blueberry Ash is an Australian native small evergreen tree that usually grows to about 7 metres in height. A wonderful small rainforest tree, great as a screening plant in warmer areas. From around […] Will bell-shaped flowers and blueberry-like fruit, it adds a sense of beauty to any type of garden. In Spring to Summer, dainty pinkish-white frilled flowers are followed by blue, bird attracting berries. Elaeocarpus reticulatus is a small evergreen tree or shrub which boasts an ornamental display of white or pink flowers. From seed; sow indoors before last frost. It has masses of delicately fringed small pink flowers in spring, which look like fairy petticoats and have a faint perfume, and turn into blue berries which are attractive to seed eating birds. Showing the single result. The information provided on the Gardening With Angus website is provided for general educational purposes about a variety of Australian plants. Click on the links for their details-, Harvest Seeds And Native Plant Nursery – Sydney – NSW. Water deeply until established for the first 6 to 8 weeks. Grows to around 6m in HSC, up to 20m outside of HSC area. Submit your order online & your local store will be in touch with a quote. Can take the occasional light frost. A mid-size slow growing Australian native tree, naturally found growing in rainforests along the east coast of Australia from northern New South Wales to north Queensland. From October -January dainty pinkish white flowers form in masses. Elaeocarpus reticulatus 45L. Not only tall, evergreen and fairly fast growing, it has pretty fringed white or pink flowers in spring and early summer that stand out against its serrated green leaves. Elaeocarpus reticulatus. Mature Size: 4 x 1.5m: Family: Elaeocarpaceae 3: Genus: Elaeocarpus 3: Species: Reticulatus 3

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