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In this rivalry Germany, whose interest in Turkey even so late as the congress of Berlin had been wholly subordinate, took a leading part, unhampered by the traditional policies or the humanitarian considerations by which the interests of the older powers were prejudiced. examples. synonyms. There are 32 example sentences for even so, and this page shows no. I’ll go even if you forbid me to. Apropos in a sentence | Short example sentence for apropos. It was raining, but even so we had to go out. The native people have asked the museum to return to them the bones of their ancestors so that they may be returned to their original burial place. But even so there are two distinct operations concerned in the-3, viz. Even better options are to take English classes or practice with native speakers. But even so the Categories concludes that everything is either a predicate of, or inherent in, a substance; and the view that this colour belongs to this substance only in the sense of being in it, not of it, leaves the impression that, like a Platonic form, it is an entity rather in than of an individual substance, though even in the Categories Aristotle is careful to deny its separability. Hence, though the village of Canongate grew up beside the abbey of David I., and Edinburgh was a place of sufficient importance to be reckoned one of the four principal burghs as a judicatory for all commercial matters, nevertheless, even so late as 1450, when it became for the first time a walled town, it did not extend beyond the upper part of the ridge which slopes eastwards from the castle. even so sentence in English. Ecards can be simple and sweet, or even so complicated as to make the recipient "work" to open the card. ‘Although’ and ‘whereas’ are conjunctions, which means they’re used to join two ideas together; ‘despite’ is typically a preposition, so it indicates the relationship between words in a sentence. It has a similar meaning to however or nevertheless. Another word for even. As some great bull that lords it over the herds upon the plain, Sadly this dazzling light-show is reserved for high days and holidays, but. There isn't much liquid in the masala sauce, I sit in the shade mostly, looking out at the sun, but, A substantial and somewhat turgid passage that will have been severely lawyered before it was allowed out, but, They don't seem to be in a rush but it's good to see them, We've had some rain this past couple of weeks but, He works as a convent groundskeeper and shares his family home with three housemates, but, It took a big chunk out of the morning but, Certainly, today's teen is more brand and fashion-conscious than his predecessor, but, Shenzhou I completed fourteen orbits and returned to earth after just twenty-one hours, but, Admittedly, I have not yet tasted one with the multi-layered complexity of the great Burgundies, but, Diesel fuel for fishermen is currently untaxed in many EU countries, but, It really let me skate through a large amount of the battles that I faced in the beginning of the game without, The weather was now becoming more appropriate to California, with mostly unbroken sunshine, but, He is mobbed by fans wherever he goes, but, My shoes were hurting my feet so much that I resorted to sticking Sellotape to the places where my shoes were rubbing me and. I could express that in a few different ways. Let’s take a look at these examples.Let’s imagine I just bought a camera and the camera was expensive. The government was one of compromise, in which even so burning a question as Catholic emancipation had been left open. Even so it is with all our experiences. The order of the clauses can be reversed. She bought some meat and eggs so that she might make omelets. In other words, it is incorrect to say ‘Even so, the director was careful not to take on too many staff. 2. The emissaries of Razin, armed with inflammatory proclamations, had stirred up the inhabitants of the modern governments of Nizhniy-Novgorod, Tambov and Penza, and penetrated even so far as Moscow and Great Novgorod. There are a lot of spelling mistakes; even so, it's quite a good essay. The structure even though means exactly the same. But we have seen that Aristotle wrote the first three books of the Eudemian as an earlier draft of the Nicomachean Ethics; so that, even so far as they form a better introduction, this will not prove the common books to be by Eudemus. You use even so to introduce a surprising fact which relates to what you have just said . "And even sowe drank, sang and … – nxx Sep 26 '13 at 9:48 They seem a little past their peak, but even so we enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms. Examples of even so in a sentence: 1. There was only one interview so "when" is not the right word for this sentence. use "even so" in a sentence. As the moral gloom of the world overpowers all systematic gayety. Of Phanerogams, only the Dryas octopetala covers small areas of the debris, interspersed with isolated Cochlearia, &c., and, where a layer of thinner clay has been deposited in sheltered places, the surface is covered with saxifrages, &c.; and a carpet of mosses allows the arctic willow (Salix polaris) to develop. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. It is most common in front position in the clause but we can also use it in end position. The term 'tax avoision' has come to be used to refer to those practices the speaker regards, not as dishonest evasion but, The strength of the evidence for selenium and prostate cancer approaches the highest level, but, Gone were the lavish decorations that had adorned the walls to celebrate their arrival that first time, but, The Law of Conservation of Ninjutsu was working in the main characters' favor, but, Baba Au Rhum only just stays the minimum trip, but, Little of this prose work has survived, but, Nonlocal offices are used slightly more frequently for liquid asset accounts, but, Englishmen can never cease to be interested in the story of the great Sepoy Mutiny, and, Each wish was followed by a little laugh, as if the wisher was ashamed of showing, Not even a waistcloth can be permitted among slaves on board ship, since clothing, For Jim was not incapable of casting stones at. We use even so to make a contrast, to mean ‘despite something’. The phosphine that was used was not enantiomerically pure, but, It lasts for all of 30 seconds and consists of the pair snogging and tearing at each other's clothing, but, Nowadays the car has cleverly mutated into a hatchback but, I'm being sensible, keeping up the liquids and avoiding excessive physical effort but, No chains, no ropes, no shackles bound him, not, I deliberately went and stood at the bar near by the group of girls on the other side of the pub, but they didn't, Sure, my hair may have been tucked under my hat but, The authorities of the prelature must totally avoid. Even so, the underlying trend is positive. Even so, the Graphophone mouthpiece was not much more sensitive than that of the Sometimes, ‘even more so’ can be used as a natural mid-sentence appendage. Even so with the beast. Formal written English treats the punctuation of so at the beginning of a sentence differently. I’ll go even though you forbid me to. More so definition: to a greater extent or degree | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples How to use even in a sentence. note: in this example, EVEN SO is at the beginning of a new sentence, and is followed by a comma. As they did not understand the aims of the French Revolutionists, they were unable to make that excuse for even so much of their conduct as admits of excuse. (with a verb): We were so looking forward to meeting your family. Smith's words, "as Paul's adaptation, ` the just shall live by faith,' has become the motto of evangelical Christianity, so we may say that Habakkuk's original of it has been the motto and the fame of Judaism: ` the righteous shall live by his faithfulness.'" Campbell'S Poetry, In Spite Of A Certain Lack Of Compression, Is Full Of Dramatic Vigour; Roberts Has Put Some Of His Best Work Into Sonnets And Short Lyrics, While Carman Has Been Very Tsuccessful With The Ballad, The Untrammelled Swing And Sweep Of Which He Has Finely Caught; The Simplicity And Severity Of Cameron'S Style Won The Commendation Of Even So Exacting A Critic As Matthew Arnold. Not an add-in, though, since the use of ‘even more so’ can be planned to make the listener aware of the subject that it describes (emphasis!). The princes had long been chafing under the royal power; they had shaken even so stern an autocrat as Henry III., and the authority of Henry IV. 4 88 -493), "As when a man hath hidden away a brand in the black embers at an upland farm, one that bath no neighbour nigh, and so saveth the seed of fire that he may not have to seek a light otherwhere, even so did Odysseus cover him with the leaves.". How To Use Even So In A Sen In A Sentence? A large slot has to be cut in the cone which forms the upper part of the polar axis, in order to allow the telescope to be pointed nearer to the pole than would otherwise be possible; even so stars within 15° of the pole cannot be observed. Yet even so the want of complete documentary evidence upon which to base conclusions has vitiated all but the most recent of the countless monographs and histories that have appeared on the subject. 2 people chose this as the best definition of nonetheless: Nevertheless; however.... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Even so follows a fact and it means however or in spite of that. Where a thin sheet of humus, fertilized by lemmings, has accumulated, a few flowering plants appear, but even so their brilliant flowers spring direct from the soil, concealing the developed leaflets, while their horizontally spread roots grow out of proportion; only the Salix lanata rises to 7 or 8 in., sending out roots I in. The British say “even so,” as a phrase meaning “taking that into account,” i.e. (First is not a transition word in this sentence.) About five months ago, I found out she had slept with three other people; I hadn't even so much as made out with another girl. Ah, yes, Friedrich always was nett to me, The science of our time has attacked but a little department of the field of human disease, but. Five marshals of France served under the king in this enterprise, but their advice was of less value than that of Vauban, whose plans the king followed implicitly, even so far as to order an assault de vive force against the unanimous opinion of the marshals. But even so she was but of subordinate importance in Scandinavian politics. even so in a sentence - 5. in St James's Park, had been lost. 11 to no. Other website visitors are viewing the following words: Credit in a sentence | Short example sentence for credit. 2. as an adverb (followed by an adjective or another adverb): Why are you so angry this morning? How to Use ‘Although’, ‘Whereas’ and ‘Despite’ Three tricky words for students who speak English as a second language are ‘although’, ‘despite’ and ‘whereas’. 3. Even so, we enjoyed our trip.” “Everyone likes him. The Hebrew text of this impressive and varied book is unfortunately corrupt in many places; even so cautious a critic as Driver accepts or favourably notices eighteen textual emendations in the three chapters, and suspects the text in at least seven other cases. phrase. definitions. To quote the Bible: Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Beginning a Sentence with However Even when the interview went terribly yesterday, Cheryl got the job. We can’t reverse the order of the sentences. Even so means in spite of that. 2. The sun is currently in a period of low activity but even so large sunspots occasionally appear. Find more ways to say even, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Once you have completed the first draft of your paper, you will need to rewrite some of the introductory sentences at the beginning and the transition statements at the end of every paragraph.Transitions, which connect one idea to the next, may seem challenging at first, but they get easier once you consider the many possible methods for linking paragraphs together—even if they … As a cow stands lowing over her first calf. Even So. If the first clause in the sentence begins with “although” or “even though”, then you must use a comma. Example sentences with the word even. Also, you only use articles with nouns. In both provinces the growth of the yield has been very great, the total output in 1901 being six times as large as in 1892; but even so it has failed to keep pace with the demand. In vain the assembly protested and continued its sittings, going even so far as to forbid the payment of taxes while it was subjected to illegal treatment. All Rights Reserved. Examples of Transition Words. (First is a transition word in this sentence.) But even so the part played by conception is quite subordinate to that of belief. The XBOX 360 is the latest console to be released and currently the most powerful, even so it will only set you back around a maximum of 300 quid whereas a top-of the range PC is going to be at least double that if not more. As upland shepherds that cannot chase some famished lion from a carcase, I tell thee, friend, one must serve a long apprenticeship ere one can learn to be. "It would be better even soto ratify the treaty". Even so it was with him now. The shrinkage of the rock-filling and the settlement of the workings /, Yan be greatly lessened by the use of hard rock with a minimum of fine stuff; but even so the advantage lies with the American system of timbering. : in spite of that : nevertheless. Even so, Nicholas spoke softly and Mark had to lean forward to hear. Lists. The lower clergy were more amenable; the two hundred who alone are said to have been ejected should perhaps be multiplied by five; but even so they were not one in seven, and these seven were clergy who had been promoted in Marys reign, or who bad stood the celibate and other tests of 1553-1554. Even so, I don’t trust him.” “ even so. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 20. As this broken bread was (once) scattered on the face of the mountains and, gathered together, became one,' even so may thy Church be gathered together from the ends of the earth into thy kingdom; for thine is the glory and the power through Jesus Christ for ever. But even so Haakon's position was hopeless. (the information in the second sentence is different to, and contrasts, the information in the first sentence) It's one of those cars for seven people, so there's plenty of room. It's "more correct" with the comma after "but", as the phrase is "even so", not "but even so". [spoken] The bus was only half full. Its northern range in Europe does not seem to have extended farther than the southern frontier of Bavaria, or the neighbourhood of Salzburg; 1 but in Asia it formerly reached a higher latitude, having been found even so lately as 1830 in the Amur region where, according to G. Meletius, after regaining his freedom, held his ground and drew around him many supporters, extending his influence even so far away as Palestine. Even so, the director was careful not to take on too many staff. However definition is - in whatever manner or way that. Should the second clause in a sentence begin with “although” or “even though”, then there is no need for a comma. of Asia, and were brought, through Russian caravans, even so far as to Pomerania, Sweden and Norway, where Samanid coins have been found in great number, were in their turn overthrown by a more youthful and vigorous race, that of Sabuktagin, which founded the illustrious Ghaznevid dynasty and the Mussulman empire of India. Even so. Synonyms for even so include nevertheless, nonetheless, however, notwithstanding, still, yet, all the same, anyway, howbeit and withal. 244+3 sentence examples: 1. The genus Pelecanus as instituted by Linnaeus included the 1 This caution was not neglected by the prudent, even so long ago as Sir Thomas Browne's days; for he, recording the occurrence of a pelican in Norfolk, was careful to notice that about the same time one of the pelicans kept by the king (Charles II.) They were supplied with simpler weapons and adornments, but even so their clothes had hundreds of stamped gold plates and strips of various shapes sewn on to them. Even if the interview went terribly yesterday, Cheryl got … It is true that the tonnage of the 918 sailing vessels of 1905 was considerably in excess of that of the 3432 sailing vessels of 1850, but even so it was a declining figure from a higher tonnage of the middle of the period. I like to compare it to the word “but.” We use the word “but” to show contrast.For example, “I like baseball but my husband prefers soccer.” We’ve got a difference between me and my husband. Though opposed to a monopoly of political power in the South by the great slaveholders, he deprecated anti-slavery agitation (even favouring denial of the right of petition on that subject) as threatening abolition or the dissolution of the Union, and went with his sectional leaders so far as to demand freedom of choice for the Territories, and protection for slavery where it existed - this even so late as 1860. This expression is used for introducing a statement that might seem surprising after what you have said before. Leonardo da Vinci once observed that just as iron rusts from … Even so, the discovery of an unknown mass grave is highly unusual. Sentences Menu. Keep scrolling for more. singularly conscientious fashion of elaborating his ideas made the mental strain more intense than even so exhausting a work as the abstract exposition of the principles of positive science need have been. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Even So In A Sen | Even So In A Sen Sentence. To win a race, first you must believe you can win. use "so that" in a sentence He walked on tiptoe so that nobody would hear him. Synonyms: nevertheless, still, however, … Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! How to use however in a sentence. 5. Yet even so the publication of the Hebrew text by Christian scholars marks an important stage; henceforth the study of the original enters increasingly into Christian Biblical scholarship; it already underlay the translations which form so striking a feature of the 16th century. even example sentences. inventory industry is said to be working at about half capacity, even so unsold inventories are growing by tens of percent. Louis VII., who now appeared, was induced by this failure to take the long and circuitous route by the west coast of Asia Minor; but even so he had lost the majority of his troops when he reached the Holy Land in 1148. “even so, I don’t think what you’re saying is true.” Because we say “even so,” I think “even still” becomes even more complex when it enters UK English. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about even so. 1596 or 1606), who visited Palestine in 1 575, has left a vivid description of the difficulties that then beset even so simple a journey as that from Jaffa to Jerusalem. Consider these two sentences: Despite nerves, Donna came first in the race. (the second clause shows the result of the first clause) We need to arrive early so (that) we can get a good place. The words “although”, “even though” and “though” are all used to show contrast when two things are different or opposite. Comma use is becoming more relaxed, so it may be acceptable without this comma (check your preferred style guide), but pedants would prefer to see it used there. Sentence Examples The phosphine that was used was not enantiomerically pure, but even so the resulting product showed a 15 per cent enantiomeric excess. She resolved to take a long walk through the woods, For the railroads you are passing through my country, I have not received. The tickets were expensive, but, even so, the match was worth watching. But even so one hardly hears anything about state or court except great enterprises and anecdotes. However, “even though” is more emphatic. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 4. It … Some speakers feel strongly that the conjunction so shouldn’t begin a sentence … If you change the sentence so that even better modifies the whole main clause (instead of option), you no longer need an article: Even better, take English classes. I am sure I thanked them there and then but, Dentists approve of children's electric toothbrushes because they clean well, but, He was slurring just as drunkenly as ever, but, There was a brisk breeze coming in across the North Sea but clear skies and bright sunshine made it pleasant, His trees and bushes effectively hide his house from view, but, Strange thing to say, I thought, but there was something comforting about it, Snape was sitting at the desk, but he disdained to. 3. So we can say, “The weather wasn’t great. This will be explored in the second … It all happened so quickly. Nor can even so cursory a sketch omit to mention Bernardino Ochino and the Anabaptist Hiibmaier. I had a terrible headache, but even so I went to the concert. And as the reign of King tarquin began with blood, Perhaps the clasped hands and the ecstatic look were hardly necessary, for, His feet were in rough muddy brogans, but, He will not so long correspond with an environment, Fluff-Button doubled away nimbly from his rush, but. Even-so sentence examples Louis VII., who now appeared, was induced by this failure to take the long and circuitous route by the west coast of Asia Minor; but even so he had lost the majority of his troops when he reached the Holy Land in 1148. Even so is a prepositional phrase that can be used in a similar fashion to introduce a fact that is surprising in the context of what has been said before. Even so, a young man asked Nina if the seat next to her was taken. "Well, even so- They charge their attackers". As the juice of the fig-tree curdles milk, and thickens it in a moment though it is liquid, I do reckon my staff longer than thine, and I would not take vantage of thee by, She didn't deny this, but I required, I felt, not. 3. Not Correct This sentence is incorrect because the interview did not go terribly more than one time. "Even so" should be parenthetical to the "but". A large slot has to be cut in the cone which forms the upper part of the polar axis, in order to allow the telescope to be pointed nearer to the pole than would otherwise be possible; even so stars within 15° of the pole cannot be observed. Of the two classes of iron minerals used as ores of that metal, namely, oxides and carbonates, the latter furnish to-day an insignificant proportion of the countrys product, although such ores were the basis of a considerable part of the early iron industry, and even so late as 1889 represented one-thirteenth of the total. Even so in a sentence 1. antonyms. It’s questionable if so can even be called a conjunction in contexts in which it is difficult or impossible to discern what thoughts are being joined. It lasts for all of 30 seconds and consists of the pair snogging and tearing at each other's clothing, but even so Jones was nervous. Their compilation was, when completed, read to 1 There is no historical foundation for the legendary laws of a prince Dymal (or Dyvnwal) Moel Mud, nor for the Laws of Marsia, which are said to belong to a period before the Roman invasion, even so early as 400 years before Christ. Yet it always remained on the defensive and even so was lacking in energy. Definition of even so.

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