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Ed. Warnock was CEO of the group, which was originally founded by. Oh, and by the way, it’s not like she’s selfish. Funniest, Wildest & Most Outrageous GoFundMe Campaigns. There are so many accounts that are just people who want to go on random vacations. Fans across the country have rallied behind Kiffin on social media, and there is at least one GoFundMe account started by Blake Milam that has at least $1,025 with a goal of $25,000. Without a treadmill, I will die.”. (Fact check: I’m wrong . Unfortunately, the world is full of people who see it as a new way to ask for handout. GoFundMe is a social fundraising platform that provides tools to raise money for people, causes and organizations including medical expenses, charities, education, and even for animals and pets. Here’s what they shared. Glad to see he’s thinking of what “people deserve.”, Check out this woman, Ayana The Diva, who — on the same website where people are begging for funds to send a dying child to Disney World  – is asking for a whopping $2,000 to make her “very own advertising mini movie ! No, I’m all about the hilariously awful, which is exactly what all of the following GoFundMe accounts pretty much are. A recent spate of tire-slashing incidents in the Stapleton area prompted someone to start a GoFundMe campaign to (somehow) help reimburse those affected by the vandalism. The Houses For Rohingya Refugees GoFundMe, created in March of 2018, aims to raise money in order to build durable shelters for the refugees, which can hold up to six people per house. In: FAIL, Humor, WTF. The campaign you’re joining requires fundraisers to raise a minimum of by . Because they have to go work their jobs — and probably would rather spend that hard-earned money somewhere other than on you. Subject: S/O: Most ridiculous GoFundMe post you've seen Anonymous Suzy set up a go fund me for the Smith family from school when she heard they had a fire at their house (they left ashes from the fireplace in a trash can on their wood deck, deck caught … Rapper B.o.B. Yeah, that’s right — she hasn’t even qualified. So far, it has raised over $2.1 million for the cause, and is still accepting donations. Not more food, not more water, but more woke, crowd-funded double-albums. As nice as it is to watch complete strangers give money to help struggling teachers and cancer patients, it's also alarming to see how many people take advantage of crowdsourcing platforms to shamelessly get free money. Owes you it! My gut says that this is possible. "One of the greatest actors in Hollywood is currently trapped on Mars after a failed exploration," the GoFundMe page said. Since then, Gonzalez has written more than 400 posts about alleged GoFundMe misuse and fraud on her blog. If you GoFundMe campaign is for something ridiculous, you won't get funded. Contact us with your questions and we’ll answer, day or night. GoFundMe is rife with people begging for money so they can make their music albums. 4.2k votes, 2.8k comments. There are also quite a few people on the site because they desperately need to become yoga teachers. They’ll refund up to $1000 to a donor that requests it for a campaign that GoFundMe deems fraudulent. Oh — it is because you have to “help people.” Well, okay then. 11. The rise of crowd-funding platforms like GoFundMe has given people the opportunity to raise money for those in need or help fund worthy causes they believe in. Here's my GoFundMe link: [Insert GoFundMe Link here] If you could support my GoFundMe by making a donation and then sharing it with your network, I would greatly appreciate it. For example, this one: “Trip to California ! People have used the platform to raise money for medical expenses, animal care, college costs, and more. How can I help? 8. FYI, lady, there are lots of people out there who just would rather not have their vacations end, but they end them anyway. There are people out there truly suffering, with illness, loss, or unavoidable circumstances that could be ruining their lives. Sure he is personally rich and can buy furs and houses for his family, but without our help, the true genius of Kanye West can't be realized." For example, this campaign, aptly titled “Booze/Drugs/Cigs,” was started by a dude who says he’s “Broke af and trynna have a lit summer.”. Fortunately, no one donated. At the very least, these crowdfunding attempts will help you feel better about your own life. !” Christina Ong wants people to give her $2,000. Is America to Be First, Second — or What? … GoFundMe’s goal is to inspire people to “turn compassion into action”. Ah yes — “positivity and light.” Only $650! Eight different GoFundMe accounts have been created to pay for Willie Taggart's buyout if he were to be fired this season. Those who shame others who release their flatulence, Fart Blockers, shall not get away with their behavior any longer. Some girl is having her wedding in India, but accidentally booked the wrong tickets for two of her best gal pals — because planning her wedding is just like soooooooo stressful. But hey, his campaign pretty much sums up everyone else's in a nutshell. Here are some of the worst (but hilarious) GoFundMe accounts to ever grace the Internet. Don’t get me wrong I have donated to several people but in that last few months I have seen some ridiculous requests for donations. A mysterious group of fans who call themselves "The Six Alliance" tried to raise millions of dollars to "buy" One Direction from their current management team. The attorney general ... My gut says that this is possible. Yeah — money to help her “ride the wave!” Who doesn’t want to just chill and hang out? 2. Start a crowdfunding campaign on the site with over $5 Billion Raised. There are lots of shameless people using GoFundMe to raise money for "V bucks," the virtual currency in the game. Kaur explains that she now needs $1,200 to fix this mistake and encourages people to “Help spread the word!” because there is definitely no cause that deserves strangers’ philanthropy more than this, which definitely does not fall within the realm of “personal responsibility.”. . I think GoFundMe campaigns have their place and time.. but today I have seen it all. I Created this gofundme to support the cost of his Funeral and his Family as well. I need a treadmill. . I have practiced strategies on slots for over a year and I'm confident that with the right amount of money to buy in, and with a stroke of luck on my side, I could be successful and could turn my winnings into an ongoing practice. By Dave DeVille May 8, 2018. My girlfriend needs me to have a treadmill. What is happening to values like self-respect and self-reliance? My unemployment benefits ran out and I’m currently looking for a job. On the menu today: sorting through CNN’s fascinating but not completely illuminating bombshell involving leaked documents from the Hubei, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, filling in some details about the early days of the pandemic. If this GoFundMe campaign isn't successful I would set up another one and not wait so long to ask for help. GoFundMe made the switch to no platform fees in April 2018. "I'm his biggest fan and figured I can round up enough scratch to purchase him so we can hang out and high five and sh--t," he wrote on his GoFundMe page. The Most Ridiculous GoFundMe Campaigns of All Time (AUDIO) nweaver May 9th, 2018 Share. I feel like I shouldn’t be making a go fund me page but at this point I would rather do this then keep crying myself to sleep. "I live with my dad, and I want to get out," he wrote on his GoFundMe page. Here are 20 things you didn’t know about GoFundMe. Although the more brazen ones straight-up lie, others are more straightforward with asking strangers to give them money for alcohol, lottery tickets, and even "spiritual journeys." Now, I always thought, investing and not earning seems like a pretty clear sign that it’s time to invest somewhere else. “Truthfully, at this stage, I’m investing far more in my career than it’s earning back,” Shipley writes. Learn more. is an independent is independent from GoFundMe® and maintains a separate board of directors and a different CEO and CFO. Yes, that is truly what suffering people need. Unlike other people in this list, Oscar Andersson wasn't beating around the bush when he asked the internet for $100,000 to help make him rich. No, he needs the yoga teacher training because, as he puts it: “This will provide me with the tools so that I can better serve each and every person in my life, and help guide them with positivity and light.”. GoFundMe: The most trusted online fundraising platform. “I promise I would not be asking if it wasn’t absolutely necessary,” she writes. It took you research to figure that out? . If you want a vacation, work for the money to take one. In just over a week, the Official George Floyd Memorial Fund has received the highest number of individual donations of any GoFundMe campaign, a spokesperson tells TMZ . ), A girl named “Lindsay Diane” is asking for $500 to celebrate her 25th birthday at a music festival, insisting that she deserves it because it’s been “a crazy 24 years.”. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. It’s a record. But you’ll see that shortly for yourself. For example, this person, who is begging for $5,000 to make some movie called “Karma, Circles Have No Corners,” which sounds so bad that I’d probably rather eat my own arm off than watch it. Despite my socio-economic background, despite being a first-generation Kenyan American, despite the obstacles I’ve had getting here.”, (That’s right — you are so oppressed that the rest of the world basically owes you Burning Man. Sometimes, the reasons are legitimate — such as people needing funds for lifesaving medical care or to rebuild their homes after they’ve been destroyed by natural disasters. Considering One Direction are still broken up, it's unclear what they did with the money. Jan 3, 2019 100 Liked! Just in case you don’t feel like scrolling all the way to the bottom, an archived copy can be found here.. Special shout-out to the GoFraudMe readership for sending this one in, we would have … While some of these dumb things on GoFundMe might actually resonate with some people (like the one to help a lady buy a hedgehog), others are just plain wacky. The GoFundMe campaign started with a heartwarming, good Samaritan story: a homeless veteran using his own money … For example, this dude — with a campaign titled “I honestly just want money” — is requesting $50 because, as he explains it, “I’m broke and I need some help. There's a combined $10 in the accounts. Yikes. If you cannot afford to plan a wedding perhaps you should just go down to city hall. Georgia Secretary of State Investigating Voter Registration Group Run by Warnock, Barr Appoints Durham as Special Counsel to Continue Probe under Biden, Trump Lawyer Says Krebs Should Be ‘Taken Out at Dawn and Shot’ for Defending Election, Trump Campaign Clashes with Barr for Pushing Back on Voter Fraud Claims, Russia Probe in Overtime: Unpacking Barr’s Latest Durham Appointment. We must open our hearts and wallets for Kanye today. One was for a wedding. GoFundme Goal: $29,500 $0 Raised. Sound dumb? When a registered voter requests an absentee ballot, the signature on the ... President Trump said the other day that he’d leave office if he loses the vote of the Electoral College on December 14. You’re free to use your money however you wish, but if you turn your paycheck over to these folks, well, you’re almost guaranteed to regret it: Okay. What's the most ridiculous GoFundMe account have you seen? Back in 2016, a guy tried to raise $35,000 to purchase Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl. Don’t get me wrong I have donated to several people but in that last few months I have seen some ridiculous requests for donations. They’ll refund up to $1000 to a donor that requests it for a campaign that GoFundMe deems fraudulent. GoFundMe, based in San Diego, launched in May 2010. To rescue her sister from kidnappers? Star slammed for ’ridiculous’ GoFundMe 4th Dec 2018 9:18 AM 0. One woman created a GoFundMe to pay her way through circus school, and another 24-year-old raised enough money to travel to meet a long-distance, Internet girlfriend at Disneyland in California. Instagram.

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