how to get to deathclaw promontory

Its just a fun side thing. video_call Add a video chevron_right. Yup, you need to kill all the deathclaws. Get paid for your art. add_photo_alternate Upload an image chevron_right. This also has the t-51b power armor and a tri-beam laser rifle. And so was Quarry Junction to me. Entry 53: Deathclaw Promontory Hello mommy. It is a rough, uneven area over a cliff, with a labyrinth of hills, filled with a large number of various types of deathclaws. How do you get the key to open a set of doors in sunset sarsaparilla headquarters. But aleast I got past it. The consequences of the war have caused for beasts like those to emerge from the ashes of human hatred, but _____ refuses to continue the cycle of kill or be killed. Get Vortex. The Deathclaw is a fictional reptilian species from the post-apocalyptic Fallout video game franchise. bizzar!!! There is a rock that is pointy at the top, and clearly higher than any other. Trending chevron_right. Would this be why I cant seem to get any further? Might have been more difficult before the patch considering the Assault Carbine bullets got a boost and in an even earlier patch the Deathclaw was nerfed to half its current DT. I've pretty much unloaded all my other mods now, its basically just SCR, Breeder and Pregnancy running now. Comment by 65982 For anyone who has played Fallout, this should bring back some memories :) Comment by 164799 For those hunters who want a somewhat unique pet at this level, Deathclaw is the only bear with this skin available until level 47. Two by the dead deathclaw body, two by the radio and one next to the rifles. The number of Deathclaw spawns depends upon the player's level, where someone who is level 30 or higher can find multiple alpha male and mother deathclaws. I've been stuck on that for so long thank you very much. video_call Add a video chevron_right. Beware swimming across the Colorado. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Shows where the Deathclaw Promontory is and how to get the Remnants Power Armor. As you walk up the path from the river, crouch and hug the right wall. I get to where you can offer Jess the three rifles and s rifle, if I chose any of those two options the other disapears and I am stuck with either regulare rifles or a s rifle. Two by the dead deathclaw body, two by the radio and one next to the rifles. To get your hands on the unique Gatling Laser, Vengeance, in Fallout 3, and the unique Grenade Machine Gun, Mercy, in Fallout: New Vegas, you will need to conquer the most frightening location in each game. Videos; Latest chevron_right. It's actually pretty bad to a point that I have no real idea how to play this game without maxing out your standard crits build. Download. There is at least one Alpha Deathclaw on the promontory, though. Ty for showing me there is another way to get remnant armor. behind the boxes in the rifle room are more if i remember correctly and yes you need the rifles fixed or no Jailbreak. Most endorsed chevron_right. But, since I reinstalled everything with this new system, I don't get the "soda pop quest" to move the reputation progress along, and reach a dead end. Can anyone help me find a certain location? There are pieces in the room here the guns are. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. I then went to Deathclaw Promontory and picked up the power armour. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. You can climb onto it and large parts of it are inaccessible to the deathclaws. Lucy is there just wondering around in between the deathclaws and no one else, and no other options. For those who wonder why i didn't use holorifle...its a pump action gun therefore there is a small delay between shots and in those delays deathclaws move very fast...and holorifle has a larger spread. The only way to access promontory is via a dirt path north of the position marked by the picture to the right. Hedging your Bets: a guide to delaying your final choice of faction {SPOILERS}, Who are the good guys? Biology Edit. Ask the community. Poll. Supporter images. In game, it is farther south on the east bank of the Colorado River, and in the real world, it is located on the peninsula to the northwest of Hoover Dam. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. By NCR, Legion? I do this both nothing seems to happen, have loaded and reloaded many times now and nothing seems to change. Where can I find Deathclaws? The dead prospectors are in the farthest corner of the promontory from the entrance area, unless you were using explosives and the blasts moved the bodies. It was inevitable that we passed through Cottonwood Cove, Legion territory. » Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:44 am . The area has been known to be inhabited by about 36 deathclaws total, varying from alpha males, mothers, and normal deathclaws, as well as young and baby deathclaws. Its laying on the ground so don't use explosives or you might blown the loot halfway across the Mojave. I have the explorer perk but I don't see it on my map? I just sneaked into a corner and hid until the caution notices went away every time I sniped one. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Paint a picture. Activate a stealth unit as you get to the top, then curve around (hard right, sort of making a U-turn) and follow along the edge of the cliff, making your way roughly south among the rocks. There are a few factors that have been screwing around with my mind for a bit now, and I just can't keep this to myself. The thing about the Deathclaws iv'e noticed is that there not always in the same area you saw them the first time they tend respawn in strange locations, another place iv'e run into them is at the BOS safehouse near Nellis airforce base. Get Vortex. When you enter the promontory, to your immediate right at the top of the ramp is a rock pile. Is this an actual location on the world map? Thanks. How do I get to the Boomers without being blown up? I used to have that problem before a complete fresh install of nv. Upgrade your account to … I've been stuck on this for ages. Wait till you get to Deathclaw promontory, I counted 25 deathclaws. Most endorsed chevron_right. The deathclaw sanctuary is a location in the Capital Wasteland between Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel and broadcast tower KB5. Download. But having some trouble in River Side now, I've won over all the npcs in the village and am ment to meet them in the basement at 2am. Took me a while, even with a gauss rifle and my partner had the Lazer RCW. Is Fallout new Vegas The Best in the series? Most endorsed chevron_right. I got to hoover dam to cross and there was a big road block and I couldnt find any info on why. I've heard that i can only get the training from the Brotherhood, what are my options? It can be reached by traveling southwest from Fort Constantine, south from SatCom Array NW-05a, or east from SatCom Array NW-07c. Weapon durability shouldn't be a concern after you get back from the Sierra Madre. In the breeder guide it says that you need at least 7 pices of scrap metal, I can only find five. My tactic for Deathclaw Promontory (which I have visited three times now to collect experience and Deathclaw eggs and claws), is to position myself on a high ridge to which they can't climb, and simply pick them off with the Gobi Desert Sniper rifle (I will use the AMR now I have it). NukaPedia - Deathclaws [Fallout Lore] How tall are Deathclaws? In the breeder guide it says that you need at least 7 pices of scrap metal, I can only find five. Media. the soda quest has nothing to do with actually escaping. If it's too hard for you (remember you should have snagged all your stolen gear before you got to the NCR troops) you can always cheat and kill them using the console by pressing ` and then clicking on whatever you want to kill and typing "kill". deathclaw promontory is not as hard as people believe (if you planned out your character wisely). Not really sure how to get past this bit, non of the other npcs attack them. The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager. The Thorn can be entered by going down the sewer entrance just outside of Westside and it should be easy to spot Red Lucy inside. Most endorsed chevron_right. Deathclaw promontory? It is located on the east bank of the Colorado River, directly east of Lucky Jim mine and Cliffside prospector camp. The Legendary Deathclaw is not on the promontory, he's in Dead Wind Cavern. Deathclaw promontory - posted in Image topics: Deathclaw promontory Page loaded in: 0.956 seconds Carlos Rojas Posts: 3391 Joined: Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:19 am » Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:17 am . add_photo_alternate Upload an image chevron_right. I went in there with nothing but pew pew and q35 and slaughtered them all...Note: i didnt sneak around or anything just walked right up...and disintergrated them. Videos; Latest chevron_right. Now I have another problem, after we escape and meet the NPCs down by the river deathclaws attack and take me out. Supporter images . pgesource, August 31, 2013 in Sexout. I get to where you can offer Jess the three rifles and s rifle, if I chose any of those two options the other disapears and I am stuck with either regulare rifles or a s rifle. Cross the Colorado River at Cliffside Prospector Camp and head due east. I went in there with nothing but pew pew and q35 and slaughtered them all...Note: i didnt sneak around or anything just walked right up...and disintergrated them. Deathclaw promontory was underwhelming. Without that, I'm just going in circles, with Lucy refusing to talk to me, and the escape plan going nowhere after I've gotten all of the weapons together. Comment by 163531 Solo'd as a lvl 13 Shaman. You will need to conquer the Deathclaw Sanctuary and Dead Wind Cavern respectively. If anyone has already seen such a thread, I'd appreciate a link to it. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. If you talk to her, you can either hit on her or just ask if she needs help. The Deathclaw Promontory is an unmarked location located directly east of Lucky Jim Mine. Hello daddy. The deathclaws are loosely lumped together into left and right side groups. Am I missing some pices, if so where can I find them? Images; Latest chevron_right. Trending chevron_right. None of the other npcs attack? 1 Layout 2 Notable loot 3 Behind the scenes 4 Bugs 5 Gallery 6 Appearances 7 References The promontory is a vast area overlooking the Colorado River. We (and by "We" I mean "I while Veronica tried to talk me out of it") thought about a way to get to the Promontory. Do all the deathclaws need to be finished off before you can return to the queens chambers? Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. I also had a lot of problems with the game crashing as soon as I got to reverside, this mainly seemed to happen when I went into houses or the game loaded a new location, especially if it was the bar. Images; Latest chevron_right. Sep 5, 2019 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. deathclaw promontory is not as hard as people believe (if you planned out your character wisely). Nah just a general sentiment ,some people might think Snipe camping is cheap, but those creatures deserve it. Deathclaw promontory is an unmarked location in Fallout: New Vegas, on the eastern side of the Colorado River across from the Lucky Jim Mine and Cliffside Prospector Camp. Thanks. The deathclaw promontory is an unmarked spot by the eastern edge of the map. So if you happen to like decaying pets this is a pretty cool one to get lol. I try to wear it and it says i have to have Power Armour Training. The right side group is guarding the interesting stuff. Trending chevron_right. – popular memes on the site It is also possible to obtain the Remnants power armor here. The Deathclaw Promontory IS an unmarked location In Fallout: New Vegas. I think its in the same room as a dead deathclaw. The closest you can get by vehicle is the Boulder (Hoover) Dam Bridge parking lot, but there is no trail heading north or northwest past a substation. Other locations include Gypsum Train yard, which include blind deathclaws, Deathwind Cavern which has a mother and legendary, at the bottom of Mount Charleston and the Deathclaw Promontory which also includes a male I believe. On … Guns 100, sneak 100, stealth boy, psycho, silenced anti-materiel rifle. Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Deathclaws have a hunchbacked, bipedal reptilian build with long humanoid arms. Just started working for the King. DA Muro. Go to the dock and swim very far across the river. Fallout New Vegas Deathclaw Promontory Remnants Power Armor; You can find Red Lucy in her little overseer spot at the center of The Thorn. I used to have no problem with this mod; since I saw that things were supposedly finished, I wanted to go through it, again. Trending chevron_right. Thanks. Upgrade your account to unlock all media … The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager. Obviously, I had to go back to a pre-deathclaw save and have gone about my business until another day. [1a] The egg that would hatch Deathclaw was taken in 2503 IC from the highest peak of the Grey Mountains by the Wood Elves and given as a gift to Karl Franz. fallout-new-vegas. There are multiple alpha males and mothers. Once you get to the other side, go northish until you find a trail that leads up into the cliffs, its on the East side of the river. The last time through, that quest was how I improved my rep with Lucy so that she didn't just tell me to fuck off when I asked her assistance in the escape. And pieces on the floor in a small section that breaks off flooded place. All throughout the wastes of what used to be known as the United States, the mighty Deathclaw is feared by those who seek to rebuild. Deathclaw is the loyal and personal mount of Emperor Karl Franz of the Empire and reputed to be the mightiest Griffon to have ever lived. share | improve this question | follow | asked Mar 1 '11 at 9:42. benhowdle89 benhowdle89.   I'm hoping that someone else will have the same problem so that I can read about the solution. [WiPZ]Talking Deathclaw Mod - posted in New Vegas Mod Talk: i thought i might do this as a way to get started:The IdeaSo, I was thinking about this. Thanks. Anyone run into these sorts of problems before? When I first visited, I used the alternative tactic of hitting one or two of them with frenzy crossbow bolts, which causes them to … Found this while swimming north up the river from Cottonwood Cove; a field FILLED with deathclaws. The deathclaw promontory is an unmarked location in the Mojave Wasteland. PLEASE HELP

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