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A Kopernicus Planet Mod is a small mod, it’s just enough for planes to fly (or chutes to work) deep in the canyons. If people ask for logs, ask for that .zip file and you get all of them. One is in your KSP directory, the other in the downloaded zip file. For some reason, though, I can't get Kopernicus to load, nor can I get the Interstellar Adventure Revived planet pack to work along with it. It is the first planet added in the Outer Planets Mod and is the Saturn analog for Kerbal Space Program. Asclepius is a small, sandy, and fissured world, possessing a very thin oxygen atmosphere. It add a new Kopernicus planet (and moon) for KSP 1.0.4. Includes Habitats, Greenhouse, support for Life Support mods and... Download. Kopernicus is definitely the mod causing the issue. I'm running KSP, updated from 1.3. It says something along the lines of "Kopernicus failed to load the system due to an exception in the loading process," on startup. The solar panels were working fine before I installed this mod. I've recently got KSP from the KSP website, and I've been experimenting with mods. Kopernicus is a mod for Kerbal Space Program which allows users to replace the planetary system used by the game. What you want to do is drag and drop all of the files from the 'zip file GameData' into the 'ksp directory GameData' Ensure the GameData folder in your KSP directory now contains the folders 'Kopernicus' and 'ModularFlightIntegrator', as well as a version of 'ModuleManager.dll'. In the past planet pack creators used Planet Factory, a RAM consuming mod that, however was the only one that could add planets. Planet Tutorial Phase 1- Creating a Kopernicus config. FOR FREE! Now it no longer works but a new, better system is used to make planets. WARNING - The Particles subnode has been removed in Kopernicus 1.8.1-1, but it has been re-added in versions after 1.8.1. - Kopernicus/Kopernicus. It is slightly smaller than Jool, what makes it the third largest celestial body in the system. Only use this node if your pack does not support 1.8.1. C# LGPL-3.0 95 197 8 (1 issue needs help) 0 Updated Nov 15, 2020 Fix buggy sunflares from 1.6.0-1 Collect all required logs and zip them up when the game closes. A Kerbal Space Program mod allow YOU to add/edit visuals YOURSELF! Particles subnode (Pre-1.8) Particles subnode (Post-1.8) KopernicusExpansion. Kopernicus Kopernicus is a mod for Kerbal Space Program which allows users to replace the planetary system used by the game. Far Lands adds more star systems into the game in a similar … Moh - A small & incredibly hot gas giant. Install KSP Interstellar Extended By freethinker79. Welcome to my second mod thread. KSP Interstellar Extended by freethinker79. KSP Interstellar Extended aims to continue in providing a realistic road to the stars. 732K Downloads Updated Nov 6, 2020 Created Oct 8, 2015. Download. (from center outwards) Ernus-A hostile ball of rock impossibly close to the sun. Started a new campaign and the first solar panels I unlocked aren't working. With: All 16bit per channel "Masters" are 16384x16384 KRA (Kirita), ERX, & ORA files 8K 16bit per channel files are PDN (paint.net). Sarnus is a gas giant and the seventh planet of the Kerbol system. Update to KSP … I will post the log files a bit later today when I … I present you KopernicusTech! Locate the "Configs" foler in GameData/Kopernicus/Configs. WebP at 8K & under, Tiff @ 16K This pack does not use PNG files at all. If you havent already noticed, Ive pretty much halted development for RealExpansion due to low community interest and me wanting to persue Far Lands.

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