nfhs baseball bat rules

NOTE 2: All bats with a 2 1/4" barrel diameter are illegal. The rules changes subsequently were approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. Baseball. The minus-three bat is the only allowable bat. Under the new high school baseball bat rules, bats must have a “smooth cylinder implement from the top of the cap to the top of the knob.” BASEBALL. NOTE 3: Any bat with a USSSA logo is illegal. Basketball Football Kicking Rule Modification Memo Golf (USGA rules govern play except where local rules are necessary.) The NFHS has been informed by the NCAA that the BBCOR decertification process has been implemented for the Marucci CAT5 33-inch model baseball bat. Two-piece Bats. 2020 NFHS Baseball Rules Change | Power Point Sport By Sport Baseball . 2020 NFHS Rules Changes & Interpretations; Illegal Bats for the 2020 Season; Baseball and Chest Protector Safety Standards; Baseball Officials Bulletins. 2019 NFHS Baseball Rules (PDF) 2019 Baseball Rules Changes; Rule of the Week. Rules. Effective immediately and until further notice, this bat (Marucci CAT5 33" length) should be considered a non-compliant bat and subject to NFHS Baseball Rules 4-1-3b and 7-4-1a. Catch Near Dugout; Drops Glove After Catch; A Bobble in Real Time is a Catch in Slo-Mo; Base Award Chart Balls Deflected Out of Play; Base Award Chart – Thrown Ball 2-Umpire Pregame; Officials Reports. NOTE 1: All bats 31 inches and over must meet the NFHS bat guidelines and contain the BBCOR label. The change was subsequently approved by the NFHS Board of Directors. NFHS RULES BOOK AS E-BOOKS E-books features: ... EQUIPMENT - BATS Bats shall be unaltered from the manufacturer’s original design and production and must meet the provisions of Rule 1-3-2. MIAA Aligns Rules with NFHS in Football, Volleyball & Baseball Q&A: Colorado HS Baseball Alum Brandon McCarthy Dishes on Pitch Cou... 2018-19 Baseball Rules Changes Focus on … In Texas we play by the NFHS rules. 2019 NFHS BASEBALL RULES POWERPOINT B. Elliot Hopkins, MLD, CAA Director of Sports, Sanctioning and Student Services. Baseball Bats Decertification List; Rule Changes; Points of Emphasis; 2019. This is pursuant to NFHS Baseball Rules 1-3-2d and 7-4-1a. Soccer Softball Swimming & Diving Tennis (USTA rules govern play except where local rules are necessary.) Mechanics. The barrel of the minus-three bat is to be 2 5/8 inches. BBCOR Baseball Bats feature a barrel that does not exceed 2 5/8 inches in diameter and at the most, a -3 length to weight ratio. Effective immediately, this bat (33-inch length Louisville Slugger Meta Composite bat) should be considered a non-compliant bat. Beginning Janu-ary 1, 2012 all bats not made of a single piece … The manufacturer has been advised that it has the right to appeal this decision. This is what constitutes a BBCOR BAT. The NFHS rule also means that many two-piece bats will be illegal, as they have barrels that overlay the handle, creating a small bump at that point. Illegal. The revision to Rule 3-1-4 was the only change recommended by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Committee at its June 2-4 meeting in Indianapolis. 2020. Any wood bat that meets the NFHS standards as detailed in section 1-3-2 and 1-3-3 of the NFHS baseball rules book. only. EQUIPMENT: Balls must have the authenticating NFHS ball mark. In the NFHS rule book it states that an athlete has to use a BBCOR certified bat. INDIANAPOLIS, IN (July 6, 2009) - The clarification of baseball bat specifications was among four rules adjusted by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Baseball Rules Committee at its annual meeting June 7-9 in Indianapolis.

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