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Most notably, perhaps, all three species evolved as highly migratory, moving seasonally to feed or give birth. Each winter, North Atlantic right whales migrate from cold northern waters to warmer areas in the south, where the females give birth. They were fairly easy targets, as they are slow swimmers and float when dead. Southern Right Whale. They actually breathe air at the surface of the water through 2 blowholes located near the top of the head. When we go through below whale facts, we understand better why whales inspire respect and admiration. It was called a 'right whale' as it was the right whale to catch because of its meat and high oil content. Right Whales are baleen whales belonging to the family ‘Balaenidae’. It travels great distances to visit our warm, emerald waters and has been spotted off the coast of Panama City Beach, just to our east! Fun Facts for Kids. Shweta Ajwani Mar 17, 2020 . It’s also so amazing to think that whales are mammals and so breathe air even though they are living in water! Like other Right Whales, Southern Right Whales don’t have a dorsal (back) fin. They were called the right whale, possibly by whalers, because it was the “right” whale to kill. Three right whale species are recognized in the genus ‘Eubalaena’, while the Bowhead Whale, also a Right whale, is placed in its own genus, ‘Balaena’. A staggering 60 tons. North Atlantic Right Whale with her calf. Hundreds of years of commercial whaling decimated the species by the early 1900s. Right whales are baleen whales that were named by whalers who considered them the 'right' whales to hunt, since they were rich in blubber, they were easy to catch (they are relatively slow swimmers), and they floated after being killed. The North Atlantic right whale can easily be identified by the white calluses on its head, which are very noticeable against the whale’s dark gray body. A blue whale can live between 30 and 80 years. The North Atlantic right whale communicates through the use of low pitched moaning and whining sounds. Basic Facts and Information. Much larger than the humpback and gray whale, but significantly smaller than the blue whale, the right whale is one of a kind. This made them easier to kill, retrieve and tow to shore or bring onboard vessels. Share Flipboard Email Print Northern Pacific Right Whale (Eubalaena japonica) from 1872 Natural History of the Cetaceans of Western Coast North America by Charles Melville Scammon (1825-1911). Facts About the Right Whale. Right Whale Facts Firstly, the incredible Right Whale is actually a genus consisting of three species. 7 Surprising Southern Right Whale Facts. Animals & Nature. This is mainly due to whale hunting. Up to 12 months long. Right whale facts . During the southern winter, good numbers arrive there from their sub-Antarctic feeding grounds – to breed in the calm inshore waters.. 5 Fascinating Facts. Scientific Name: Eubalaena glacialis Average Length: 50 feet (15 metres) Status: Endangered - A species facing imminent extinction Primary Threats: collisions with ships and entanglement in fishing gear . An estimate of pre-exploitation population size is not available. These include the North Atlantic, the North Pacific, and also the Southern Right Whale. loudest sound. The body of the Right Whale is very dark in color. Southern right whale dolphins are generally gregarious and have been documented in aggregations of more than 1000 individuals although small groups of one to 10 have also been reported. Their exploitation began in 12th Century Spain in the Bay of Biscay and continued for centuries. With the left one growing to more than 6 feet and piercing the whale's lip, it looks more like a tusk than a tooth. They were so named by whalers, who for centuries considered them "the right whales" to hunt, because they float when killed and because they yield enormous quantities of oil and of baleen. They are simply magnificent and intelligent. 1. Their robust bodies […] A remarkable 50 to 100 years long. They may be dark gray or dark black. Southern Right Whale calves are also vulnerable to Killer Whales and Great White Sharks. sperm whale . Length. The right whales (Eubalaena spp.) Southern Right Whales’ testicles are the largest in the world, weighing up to 500kg each. Unlike the blue whale, which has 400 baleen plates, right whales usually only have between 200-300. Characteristic of all baleen whales, Right whales have two blowholes (toothed whales only have one). They are usually black, dark brown, or dark gray in colour. Mean group size estimates differ and range between 52 and 368 off northern Chile, however, they typically live in groups of 100-200 individuals. are baleen whales with bow-shaped lower jaw and a head that is up to one-quarter of the body length. Here are 10 BIG facts to get you acquainted with our gentle giant guests. Northern Right Whales Are Endangered. One of the distinctions with them is that they have rough patches of skin. They also feed on krill and small invertebrates. Throughout the 1800 s and 19000 authorities repeatedly re-categorized the three populations of the right whales. It has a broad back without a dorsal fin and a long arching mouth that begins above the eye. History. These whales can usually be found traveling alone or in small pods of 2 – 3 whales, however larger groups may be found traveling together during mating season. Experts assume that only a few hundred of them still exist. 1) The scientific name for the southern right whale is, “Eubalaena australis”. right whale, name for whales [1] of the family Balaenidae. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. The Northern right whale consumes 528 gal (2,000 l) of plankton soup every day by gliding along slightly below the water surface with its mouth open. They have callous like patches on the head and the back. Gestation. Southern Right Whale Facts; More Facts; Behaviors; Treasure Chest; Lunch Time; Right Whales; Callosities; Let’s Play a Game; Puzzle; Southern Right Whale Essay; Create a Poster; Link/cite this page. According to some scientists, Pygmy right whale composes a separate family due to the unusual structure of its skeletal. They don’t have a dorsal fin. Right whales were named by whalers who considered them the "right" whales to hunt, since they were rich in blubber, they were easy to catch (they are relatively slow swimmers) and they floated after being killed. In this AnimalSake article, we'll take a look at some interesting facts about the right whale and some of its general characteristics, as well. When Being Right is Deadly. learn more about right whales. This species boasts of a 12-foot penis and a one-tonne pair of testicles that can produce a gallon of sperm. They remain until November before migrating southwards with their calves. The Southern Right Whale was once abundant in the waters of southern Australia but numbers were drastically reduced during intensive whaling in the 1800s. Tweet. Marine Life Marine Life Profiles … The Northern right whale is one of the rarest big whales. Fun Facts for Kids. Lifespan. A baleen whale, it feeds by swimming through a swarm of plankton with its mouth open and the head slightly above the surface. Communication may also involve physical contact such as bumping and touching one another’s flippers. The Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena Australis) is best known from South Africa’s Cape. After commercial whaling ceased on these whales in the 1930s, the right whales have not made any significant recovery. North Atlantic right whales are one of the most endangered large whale species in the world. If you reference any of the content on this page on your own website, please use the code below to cite this page as the original source. The mouth is one of the widest in the animal kingdom. Right whales were first classified in the genus Balaena in 1758. The right whale was routinely harvested in U.S. waters from 1650 through 1924, with a peak in the early 1700s (Wynne & Schwartz 1999). longest tooth. Listed as Endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC). Toothed whales are the sperm whale, the killer whale, the pilot whale and the beluga whale. Can grow to an impressive 16 meters Weight. Interesting Facts About North Pacific Right Whales. Like any savvy sea-loving tourist, the North Atlanta Right Whale is one of the oceans’ most rare and endangered beauties. The longest specimen ever recorded was 33,58 meters. These whales received their name from whalers, which considered them the “right” whale to hunt because they swim rather close to shore, float when dead, and produce a large amount of oil when harvested. The Right whale is a baleen whale, which means that it does not have any teeth but, instead, baleen plates. Biodiversity Heritage Library. This is a great link to get a general consensus as to some basic facts about the Northern Right Whale. Seventeen pairs of wide and flat ribs (this is more than in all other baleen whales) cover 2/3 of the animal's body length, stretching towards the tail. In the baleen whales category there are the blue whales, the bow-head whales and the minke whales. Right Whale News Report Cards Resources Upcoming Meeting NORTH ATLANTIC RIGHT WHALE. GENERAL DESCRIPTION The right whales (Eubalaena spp.) The huge head of North Atlantic right whale makes up about one-third of the overall body size. largest testicle. Most species of whales have very smooth skin. North Pacific Right Whale Facts Get to know this critically endangered species. In the Atlantic, the whales move from the waters off Nova Scotia and Labrador to Florida. 3) Despite their large size these marine mammals are sometimes attacked by killer whales and large sharks. southern right whale. The head is hairier than most whales; up to 300 hairs are found on the tip of the lower jaw and 100 are on the upper jaw. The species got its name as the “right” whale to hunt: these animals swim slowly close to shore and are so blubber-rich they float when dead. 10 Interesting southern right whale facts. 2) Because the southern right whale is a marine mammal it produces milk, gives birth, is warm-blooded and breathes air. Species Facts North Atlantic Right Whale - Eubalæna glacialis. The North Atlantic right whale is one of the world’s most endangered large whale species, with only about 400 whales remaining. The right whale got its name from whalers who called it the "right" whale to hunt. Being baleen whales, they entirely feed on zooplankton and large copepods, which are of the size of long-grain rice. The largest animal on the planet is the blue whale which can weight over 16 tons. RIGHT WHALE Right Whale Printout. Right Whales can grow up to 18 metres (60 feet) long and weigh up to 100 tons. Feb 8, 2019 - Right Whale information sheet to print out and color. Right whales made ideal prey because they swim slowly and float after death. Southern Right Whale Facts. narwhal. Learn Right whale facts for kids. are baleen whales with bow-shaped lower jaw and a head that is up to one-quarter of the body length. Right Whale Description. Despite its bulk, the North Atlantic right whale can perform acrobatics like jumping above the water's surface, known as breaching, vigorously slapping the surface of the water with its tail and slapping the water with a pectoral fin. This webpage is WWF global’s website, it talks about the Northern Right Whale’s basic physical description, ecology, habitat, breeding, population and distribution, and what they are doing to help the endangered species. Food, Diet, and Size. The male narwhal possesses two teeth. Hunters needed the right whale's blubber for meat, because blubber could be boiled to make oil. Right whales are found in the temperate to subpolar latitudes (between 20° and 60° in both hemispheres) throughout the ocean.

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