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Stone countertops that are not properly smooth can scratch your china and glassware if you’re not careful. Soapstone is typically a darker stone, but like the other stone countertop options, it comes in a range of colors and patterns. Great Mountain Soapstone is Ontario's first provider of soapstone counters and sinks. Soapstone slabs tend to be found in shades of grey, black, and green with some thin, light streaks. Soapstone Countertops. Oiled Soapstone - A soapstone laminate design in a mix of cool grey, charcoal and black with light grey highlights. Soapstone is a bit more costly than lower-range granites, falling in the range of mid-to high-end granites. What makes soapstone a low-maintenance material? While many soapstone countertops spotted on Pinterest of Instagram appear to be one solid color, the material can also be found with veins or striking streaks in green, black, yellow, blue, brown, or white as shown in this kitchen by Ben Herzog Architect, out of Brooklyn, New York. Natural Soapstone. ANSWER: The general color of soapstone is a chalky light gray. You’ll also want to oil them to keep the beautiful coloring that makes soapstone such a great choice. Colorful cabinets really make a kitchen stand out and in this kitchen the ivy green makes the black soapstone look just right. That’s definitely true when it comes to the countertops you decide to put in. It can and will scratch over time, no matter how carefully you take care of it. Many homeowners love having such a stylish kitchen countertop, backsplash or other stone surface that is as low maintenance as soapstone. x 3 in. The stone darkens as it ages and must be treated regularly with mineral oil to ensure that it darkens evenly. In this kitchen the soapstone provides the only color accent in this otherwise white on white kitchen, which makes it stand out even more. Fans of modern farmhouse style will love this black and white kitchen by Whitten Architects based in Portland, Maine. In some cases, the stone will retain some of its original shades of blue or green following the mineral oil process. Pale soapstone countertops paired with white marble definitely look great. Soapstone countertops lend contrast to this crisp, white kitchen in an Indiana farmhouse renovated by Leo Designs, an interior design firm situated in Chicago, Illinois. Caesarstone's Classico series is one to be reckoned with, and Piatra Grey is a soapstone look-alike with a punch. The colors you’ll find in soapstone range from almost pure white with slight marbling to charcoal gray with nearly solid color. The pattern of the stone tends to be subtle and fairly consistent. Beveled, Cascade and Crescent Decorative Edges& See more ideas about soapstone countertops, countertops, soapstone. Thanks for your honesty. Design-Build, an interior design firm based in Seattle, Washington. None Amber Beige Beige Veins Black Black Veins Blue Blue Veins Brown Burgundy Copper Cream Dark Desert Sand Exotic Gold Gold Veins Gray Gray Veins Green Ivory Light Looks Like Marble Multicolor Orange Pink Red Sparkles Speckled Tan Taupe Wavy White White Veins Yellow. You will find soapstone slabs in a wide range of gray tones like this cool pewter example found in a home by Frank Shirley Architects based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Aged Soapstone. Soapstone varies in the Gray, Black and Dark Green hue colors. No two slabs will be exactly alike, and you can bring out more color and pattern by oiling the surface on occasion. If you’re looking for something that’s really durable and strong you’re going to love soapstone countertops. Untreated soapstone results in shades of light gray. Grey color soapstone turns into a charcoal color after being oxidized. You don’t have to worry about looking for hot pads or trivets. It’s understandable that a lot of people aren’t... Eco-Conscious Purchasing Decisions for Homeowners. Each one will make you question what you really want. Soapstone countertops are going to take some effort because you really need to care for them to try and keep the damage down. Although some might contain hints of blue or green, the dominant colors are usually white, gray or black. When it comes to kitchens, people are either all in on the interior design or very apathetic towards the concept of decorating their kitchen. She loves the stone, which she installed her own cooking space. If you’re the type that absolutely can’t stand scratches on your furniture or countertops then soapstone is not going to be a great option. The surfaces come in a range of darker colors like green and gray. Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. We are building a home and I was considering soapstone or marble. A midcentury modern home renovated by Annie Hall Interiors out of Cambridge, Massachusetts gets a spanking new cooking space that is in step with home's historic style. While a single color may sound limiting, each slab contains veins and flecks of quartz that make it unique. Over time it's charcoal gray surface will oxidize making it darker. In addition to soapstone, you have several other choices when it comes to solid countertops, such as granite, quartz, or marble. Soapstone is an excellent countertop material because of its looks and durability. The other concern commonly raised about soapstone is the lack of color. Do a little maintenance in order to keep things looking great with these counters. Colors and finishes for Silestone quartz surfaces and kitchen and bathroom countertops Nearly black soapstone countertops with matching backsplashes add a striking contrast to this sunshiny kitchen by Heide Hendricks Interior Design based in East Hartford, Connecticut. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. It even chips and starts to gouge out over some time. Soapstone is available in a variety of colors and textures, unlike other natural stones that are only available in a high polished finish. 5 Things to know when caring for soapstone countertops. This will bring out the color even better and it’s going to highlight the veining. Laminate Countertop Sample in Oiled Soapstone with Standard Fine Velvet Texture Finish (1) Colleen offers this tip: The best type of sink to combine with laminate is a drop-in as shown. Take a little bit of time to look it over and see what you can really do with this amazing material. She says her new laminate counters look as beautiful as the real thing. DIY Soapstone. A spectacular creation, characterised by its rotundity, depth and sense of movement. Never-the-less, all Soaspstone slabs have a tint of green color in them. If your original piece was a darker shade of light gray at the beginning, the stone may turn almost black. Browse our full inventory of quartzite slabs online by visiting our supplier’s website. Mar 21, 2012 - Soapstone Countertops. The Durability of Soapstone While not as hard as granite, this material is more pliable. This isn’t to say that everyone is racing to install solar panels on their roofs, but many families actively recycle and... link to What Are The Best Window Dressings For Kitchens? Soapstone comes in various shades of gray, with some having a blue or green tint. Some contain large, streaking veins, while others contain smaller, thinner veins.Soapstone will darken naturally over time, highlighting veins dramatically. Order Soapstone Samples. Deirdre Sullivan is a feature writer who specializes in home improvement and interior design. Top Sellers Most Popular Price Low to High Price High to Low Top Rated Products. However, applying Saratoga Soapstone Wax will enhance the richness and color of your stone's natural beauty, creating a deeper and more dramatic appearance. Her career has taken her from an assistant editor at Elle magazine to a content creator for brands and publishers including, MTV Networks, and Bustle. When the mineral oil is put on the counter, this stone will immediately turn very dark into a charcoal gray color. Because soapstone started to gain popularity in the United States in the 1800s as a durable and economical material, it’s well suited to many historical renovations. It can be found in colors that are vibrant and funky, dark and elegant, bright and fresh, neutral and earthy, and everything in between. Located in St. Catharines, Ontario, we import our soapstone from Brazil for its superior quality and supply it to our customers across Ontario in the form of beautiful custom soapstone countertops and sinks for kitchens or … Then the soapstone will not disappoint. Even the apron front sink with drainboard is durable soapstone. Soapstone countertops definitely do better with routine oiling. Here, Colleen, the décor blogger behind Lemon Thistle, went with a pattern called Soapstone Sequoia. A veiny soapstone countertop is a gorgeous counterpoint in this glamorous, traditional kitchen by interior designer Meg Lonergan based in Houston, Texas. Adding even more practical function to this bright yellow cooking space is the kitchen island topped off with a maple butcher block countertop. Stronger forms of stone like granite countertops and quartz are around $50 – $100 per square foot Soapstone is actually around $70 – $120. Photo by Randy O'Rourke Depending on the specific colors and quality as well as the size you need, you’ll pay a little more or less for yours. These days, virtually every household is taking steps towards going green. The countertops along the walls are durable soapstone, which as we already explained stand up to heat and stains making it the ideal work surface for busy cooking spaces. Here is one of our favorite examples created by J.A.S. Example of a mid-sized country l-shaped medium tone wood floor and brown floor eat-in kitchen design in Boston with soapstone countertops, black appliances, recessed-panel cabinets, a farmhouse sink, green cabinets, beige … Brooke Wagner Design out of Corona Del Mar, California combines both types of stone in this contemporary cooking space. The soapstone counter around the stove is reserved for food prep while the marble countertop is primarily used for light kitchen tasks like washing veggies or serving meals. Soapstone comes in a variety of colors, but most are naturally grey or black. Filter By Color. Adding to the cooking space's luxurious vibe are the gold cabinet knobs and turquoise range. That means trying to decide just what color you want to put in your counters next. Soapstone has a more limited color palate as opposed to Granite, which actually makes selecting your countertop much easier because there are not as many choices. You really need to give soapstone a chance. Beyond the color, you can choose from four different styles (plain, veined, fine grain, and coarse grain), and three finishes – polished, suede, and volcano. In between, you’ll enjoy a pleasant array of whites, off-whites, pearls and grays with rich marbling. You want something that has a great look and style, but also great versatility and practicality. Many people are attracted to having soapstone as a countertop because of its soft feel. It’s matte finish is not too flashy. Description Inspired by the popular “soap stone”, this colour has a blue-grey finish with powerful, grey highlights. Adding to the cooking space's vintage-inspired charm, are the cabinets painted a retro shade of mint green. In this homey kitchen by Rauser Design based in Austin, Texas, soapstone counters are combined with a butcher block chopping station. Quick View. There are so many different colors and designs out there that you’re going to be amazed at what your counters can look like. The Serena comes from Silestone’s Eternal Series. You’ll also really like the idea of being able to set all of your pots and pans directly on the counter. If you are looking to match dark kitchen cabinets, soapstone is a terrific choice. That’s why we’ve decided to help. The Different Looks You Can Achieve with a Soapstone Kitchen Countertop. How Much Do Soapstone Counters Cost? The veining of soapstones varies from quarry to quarry an can vary from small to large. In a traditional kitchen chock full of oak cabinets, soapstone countertops add a rustic touch that feels more modern than classic. link to Eco-Conscious Purchasing Decisions for Homeowners. If you need to create an additional work surface in your kitchen consider adding a kitchen island with a soapstone countertop. Swirls of dark gray and white add a massive dose of visual interest to the stone surface. Sort by: Top Sellers. It has everything you could want, a cool gray color with subtle white veins. Generally, the natural color of soapstone is a chalky looking light gray or other shades of gray such as ash or charcoal. Sometimes you just need to check out a few different options before you can decide on just one that really works best for your home. Oak Cabinets Paired With Soapstone Countertops. Another area of use in which green soapstone has been popular for over 300 years is as a countertop surface. Since soapstone is comprised of mostly talc, it is one of the softest materials you can have for a countertop. Charcoal Soapstone. Soapstone Countertops: Pros and Cons That’s because this stone counter is super durable against heat. You’ll end up with a great style from this simple process, but it’s going to take a little work. Here you’ll find a number of different choices and ideas for soapstone countertops. What Are The Best Window Dressings For Kitchens? Much like quartz, soapstone countertops are also beloved by homeowners. Unlike an undermount sink, it will protect the investment you made in laminate with corners that offer protection from water. Soapstone is non-porous and will naturally darken with age, so keep that in mind when you’re choosing a color! Get It Fast. Quartz, however won’t work for us at all because of the resin in it that will yellow next to the bright sunlight that will pour into our kitchen directly onto the countertops. To help you determine if the stone material is right for your kitchen, check out these soapstone countertop ideas. Do you love surfaces that develop a lovely patina with age? A beautiful charcoal gray and blue soapstone counter lends old-timey country style to this modern farmhouse kitchen. We love how this cooking space combines features in cool colors like the countertops and blue cabinets with warm wood accents including the kitchen table and hardwood floors. The Spruce uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Soapstone is available in many shades of grey. For an objective opinion on soapstone countertops, we turned to Joan, the home improvement blogger behind the site For The Love of a House. A soapstone countertop can sprinkle on some rustic character to contemporary cooking space. The Charcoal Soapstone is my favorite of the Silestone Countertop colors! The veining of this stone is less compared to granite and marble. Here, Alice Lane Interior Design out of Salt Lake City, Utah does just that with a free-standing option that doubles as a dining table. Although soapstone can be soft due to their high talc content, soapstone is also one of the most forgiving counter surfaces and can be sanded, repaired and even refinished. It is widely used by culinary professionals for these reasons. In Stock at Store Today. Soapstone Countertops colors Unlike other mineral stones, soapstone comes in limited color options. There are limited color choices. This part is easy. Whitten Architects out of Portland, Maine, picked the stone surface to coordinate with the stainless steel appliances. Soapstone comes in colors of blue, green and gray, and if mineral oil is applied consistently, it will bring out the color making it look older and much more elegant. Installing soapstone kitchen countertops can transform the aesthetic of the room for the better. This countertop looks fabulous with white kitchen cabinets. Common Soapstone. It is possible to achieve this look sooner, as the application of mineral oil will accelerate the process. This gray with white veining is timeless. Soapstone is actually going to be a little bit more expensive than you might think. That’s one place where soapstone countertops can be questionable. If you cannot decide between marble or soapstone countertops, this kitchen offers a smart solution. The boomerang-style kitchen island with a soapstone countertop is a nod to the traditional kidney-shaped coffee table, which is an icon of midcentury décor. A collaboration of jobs we have completed . 5 Results Color/Finish: Oiled Soapstone. Depending on the percentage of soapstone to harder stones, they can be beautifully marbled into white or flecked. You may just find yourself falling in love with this beautiful material. Contributing to the cooking space's Americana vibe are vintage-inspired fixtures including the overhead lighting. Soapstone often has a greenish-gray cast, or goes into darker grays to practically black, with beautiful whitish veins. Soapstone does not stain nor is it harmed by hot pans, citrus, wine, acids or other chemicals. If a real soapstone countertop is out of your price range, you can still get the look with Formica laminate. Unlike other types of stone surfaces like granite or marble, soapstone does not need a sealer because it is nonporous, which makes it stain resistant—not to mention naturally antimicrobial. Unfinished soapstone is a dull gray in color, and must be polished with mineral oil to bring out the green color. 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Soapstone countertop colors are either grey or green. Its typical color options are green, black, white, bluish gray, and gray. For those who don’t want a lot of maintenance, you’re also going to want to look somewhere else when it comes to countertops. She adds while it is a low maintenance material it still requires a little tender loving care to keep looking its best. In greater St. Louis area, you should plan on spending $70 to $80 per sq. Top Silestone Countertop Colors This Year 1. While soapstone does not chip or crack easily, it can develop subtle dents and scratches in hardworking kitchens that can be buffed away or left to contribute to its natural beauty. Soapstone naturally comes in very limited colors, mostly in the shades of gray. If you’re not going to be happy with that it means replacing frequently or skipping this material entirely. More Info: As a natural stone, soapstone colors can vary slightly. Soapstone won't etch from acids, and stains can be … What a stunner. Turquoise cabinetry and warm wood walls are a classic midcentury combo. If you are looking for a low-maintenance work surface that is 100 percent heatproof for your kitchen consider a soapstone countertop. For a pop of contrast, the kitchen island features a stained wood topper. For instance, her countertop has several small nicks around the edges of the dishwasher and sink caused by banging objects. Saratoga Soapstone Wax is a long-lasting, all-natural and organic, non-yellowing wax that enhances the natural beauty of soapstone and darkens it to a nice luster without being sticky. Soapstone is a metamorphic rock composed of compressed talc, magnesite, dolomite and other minerals. How to properly clean soapstone countertops. She says to prevent it from happening in your home be a little mindful when it is time to wash pots and pans. Serena. Soapstone Countertops Colors. It’s got movement and will contrast beautifully next to any color scheme! Noire Characterized by a dark charcoal base typically with white veining, but vein colors can range from white, green, and even a rose color. Varieties of Soapstone slabs are mainly determined by the amount and the color of the veining. 2. Some contains hints of pearl, blue or green, but the most prevalent hues are whites and grays. Soapstone slabs are available in a honed/matte finish. ... Wilsonart 2 in. In a traditional kitchen chock full of oak cabinets, … All have their pros and …

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