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Simply send over an email with “Submissions” in the headline, and include a short introduction to you and your work as well as a link to your portfolio website (they won’t accept submissions in the form of attachments, Google Docs, or Dropbox links). Next, it’s time to prepare your pitch. This is a good place to submit especially if your photography is on the digital, technical side. Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres of photography, with good reason. Creating your own online portrait photography portfolio is easy and intuitive with a dedicated portrait photography portfolio website builder. If you don’t put in the effort to learn a little about the publication, making a submission will likely be a waste of time. You can send your magazine illustration submissions to their editors via their online form: just include a quick description and links to your work. Maciej Michalczyk is a talented, award-winning photographer from Nienburg (Germany). If you’re looking to sell photos to magazines and you’re a photographer producing analog, nature-themed work, this is the place for you. This year's breakthrough led him directly to the TOP10 of the best portrait photographers in @portraitphotoawards and made one of the best among the Switzerland photo creators. Where to submit: By email to It’s a fine way of increasing your audience and revealing new work. So if your work gets accepted by multiple websites at once, you may find you have to turn some of them down. Does there content follow a certain style? Now that your subject is ready, comfortable and relaxed you … 1854 Media & British Journal of Photography reserve the right to display, reproduce and publish in any media, any entry, without payment, for the sole purpose of Portrait of Humanity – this year and in future – and its promotion and publicity. To make it easy for editors to check out your work, make sure your portfolio and social media are linked in your email. He specializes in wedding photography, portraits of bridals. Prestige Portraits is the nation's leading photographer of high school senior portraits, committed to providing you with beautiful senior portraits. This Netherlands-based blog features cute and colorful work, favoring themes like plants, cartoon characters, and often showcasing ceramics, illustration, and other delicate mediums. Formal senior portraits, in and of themselves, date back at least to the 1880s in America. … Where to submit: By email to We are striving to gather the most talented portrait photographers from all over the world. Cross Connect is an art blog that tends to feature painting and illustration. To be more specific, Colossal says they’re currently seeking submissions “in the realm of visual art, photography, sculpture, painting, installation, collage, paper, illustration or drawing, street art, architecture, industrial design, textile, animation, documentaries, and anything else involving a strong (generally non-digital) visual aspect.". I am a family, newborn and portrait photographer based in Redmond, WA. The Design Blog tends to feature the work of young, emerging designers, so this could be a great place for students to submit projects. If you were wondering what kind of portrait photography that might interest you, we have something great. Start your free 14-day trial today, no credit card required. She is easy to work with and make you feel very comfortable. Submit by sending an email with a full explanation of your project, including “details of the brief, your idea, typefaces used or customized, paper stock printed on, time frame, tales of the unexpected.”. So before we get into which websites and magazines are looking for artwork, here are a few tips on preparing your submissions. Additionally, a US$3000 cash prize is up for grabs, as well as global exposure opportunities. Reserved. Each has different tastes, so your chances of being featured are good no matter your illustration style. Designboom is committed to featuring projects on the avant-garde side of invention. Lotus Eyes Photography | Orlando Portrait Photographer. However, they do run contests where you can receive a critique of your work, if you submit at least five images and pay an entry fee. If you plan on submitting photography to magazines like Vice, having your work featured on the Creators page is a great way to get your foot in the door. The website says their goal is to promote the love of landscape photography, and that they will consider submissions from everyone, whether they’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist. Silvershotz provides integrity and credibility to your work as a world leader in publishing contemporary photography. Artist Sharon Butler is the publisher and editor, and she’s known for being a generous community leader in the city. What they all have in common is a talent for telling interesting stories. Again, this is someone who gets hundreds of submissions a day, so you need to make it easy for them to see your great work. I have always had a fondness for the art of photography, especially the art of capturing portraits. Street photography, fashion, portrait, conceptual, landscape, documentary: regardless of genres, this month we want to celebrate all the beauty and wealth of black & white images and we encourage photographers working across all genres to share with us their best monochromatic work! Mladen skillfully uses the lights and details to capture their models in the most exciting way. The 10 Different Types of Portrait Photography You Should Know. Submit them to our 2020 Bird Portrait Contest! The template can include all the information that won’t change from submission to submission, such as your contact info, link to your website, and a short paragraph introducing yourself and listing your experience. Focus on what are the most interesting, unusual or unique details about your submission. Where to submit: By email to In 2018 at portraitphotoawards Franz is in TOP 10 list of best portrait photographers! This UK-based blog was co-founded by two designers, Jonathan Ring and Bethany Baker. His style amazes by its beautiful use of light in black and white photos. Just make sure you don’t send big bulky download files that an editor won’t want to download. For one, when a publication accepts your submission, they often want exclusivity rights. F-Stop is another publication that accepts photographs from a variety of niches. Her photos are soft and tender, showing the beauty of her models, their delicacy and affectionateness. Where to submit: By email to, with work that responds to their current theme. In fact, you should try to make sure your submission stands out and offers something different than what they’ve published in the past. This is a good place to submit especially if your photography is on the digital, technical side. I’ve studied other, much more talented and experienced designer works and seen websites that are beautifully executed and many that just don’t work. Their Comics Illustrator of the Week feature is a great opportunity for comic artists to have their work highlighted. Taking the time to do a little research is an important step in how to get your photos published. We take a fresh look at the modern photographic world by encouraging photography as part of a lifestyle associated with outdoor recreation. Mixed Photography Photographers Portrait Photography FARES MICUE | An ultimate message of Positivism. Want even more ways to get recognition? His images are recognized for their intrigue, mysterious and edgy but authentic feel. People and Portrait Photography Tips. All About Photo presents his photography contest on the theme Portrait, calling all photographers. Running since 2008, it boasts over 600,000 followers, which makes it a high-impact place to get featured. This art blog features all kinds of original artwork. This website was founded in 2007 by “an ever growing group of designers, illustrators, coders and makers eager to collect and share the best design work they came across.” They share interviews and galleries of innovative new work in design and illustration. Read more. Find more info about our submission guidelines here. He is skillful and experienced, great at working with studio lighting, good at editing and brilliant at the theme of bodyscape. He constantly develops his skills, searches for new themes, uses amazing backgrounds. Do you want to hire the best professional for a photoshoot? It might just help point you in the right direction. Your work may fall into ANY CATEGORY of photography. Apply if you’re feeling confident enough to showcase your submission directly on the site’s Facebook page. Many schools choose to contract one photographer for their yearbook portraits, while other schools allow many different photographers to submit yearbook portraits. Where to submit: By email to It’s existed since 1994, and was started by a group of young artists and designers. She tends to feature artists, photographers, and illustrators. Of the Afternoon. You can submit by sending a selection of high-res images via email, as well as a description of your project or event. Where to submit: By email to By Lacey Johnson 25 June 2017. There are 10 different types of portrait photography. Getting featured here would be a great opportunity for photographers looking to build their social media following. Expect to pay at least a $50 deposit when you book a portrait photography session. A gray dot above the slider marks the original value for the photo. She’s devoted to featuring quality illustrators as well as work that’s related to illustration, including tattoos, books, and fashion. His collection of black and white portraits of homeless people is unique and stunning. Another tip is to avoid submitting the same work to multiple places at the same time. Where to submit: By email to An international jury of acknowledged experts will examine each work. Where to submit: By email to His photo works are soft and candid, showing the delicate beauty of his models. It’s the place photographers go to learn new tricks, get up to date on equipment, and to learn about emerging photographers. Where to submit: Submit a self-published book by email to Work featured here tends to have a contemporary, clean vibe. The Best Fine Art Contests and Prizes in 2016, The Best Illustration Contests and Prizes in 2016, The Best Photography Contests and Prizes in 2016, The Best Design Contests and Prizes in 2016. Don’t Forget to Participate! They have five moderators who select the work. Featuring groundbreaking new work in art, design, photography, fashion, and architecture, they accept online submissions with up to 6 images and a description of your work. They … Focusing on emerging artists, Burn Magazine offers photo-documentary stories with a fine art … In addition to publishing beautiful print monographs, Aint-Bad’s online platform highlights contemporary photography with the aim of furthering an “ever-more urgent, critical conversation about the human condition.” Submit 15 images from a specific body of work on their submission page, especially if you work in photojournalism or documentary photography. Hi-Fructose Magazine is a well-established print and digital magazine with a focus on fantastical, unique styles of art and illustration. Where to submit: By email to This is a well-established online photography community with a large following. A slider appears below the photo. Self Publish Be Happy is an organization founded by photographer and publisher Bruno Ceschal. TOP10 Photographers of the Year receive PortraitPhotoAwards trophies. There are specific questions to answer in your email so make sure you check out the directions before submitting. His photography career started in 2015, he has worked on an endless series of projects, portrait, and commercials. Is there a specific genre they focus on? Where to submit: By email to It showcases a selection of contemporary artists daily, and accepts submissions that include a link to images of your work. Portrait Photo Awards is also a great place to find a photographer. Petapixel is devoted to all things photography. We’ve rounded up a list of widely-read, international blogs and magazines that are all dedicated to showcasing new creative work and are currently accepting submissions. Where to submit: Follow the submission directions listed here. Submit your design-related work via email by including a description, link to your online portfolio, and images. By Robert Caputo, From Photography Field Guide: People and Portraits. Before you start submitting photos to a magazine or website, you should get to know the publication you’ll be pitching to. In 2018 Theresa is in TOP 10 list of world best portrait photographers at portraitphotoawards! But even if you manage to get the same work published on several websites, it’s a big missed opportunity. Published bimonthly online, this photography magazine themes each issue around a different topic to create a dialogue among the artists featured. It’s the place photographers go to learn new tricks, get up to date on equipment, and to learn about emerging photographers. One of the most important things to do is keep it short and to the point. LensCulture is interested in featuring new photographers on the site. Do note that our team is very picky: less are 10% of all photographs are honored with a place in our monthly collections. An international jury of acknowledged experts will examine each work. Where to submit: By email to … You will published with the best and seen by the best. Drag the slider left or right to adjust the effect. Where to submit: With their online registration form. Submit by sending your portfolio link and just one standout project for consideration. 8 Minute Read. "Madeleine Wilson is a WONDERFULLY TALENTED photographer and as an added bonus the kind, sweet, sort of person that makes being photographed fun (instead of awkward or uncomfortable)! Pose Your Portrait Subject Like A Pro. Madeleine has taken photos for me on numerous occasions from lifestyle photos for my blog, to photographing my bridal shower, to photographing my wedding weekend. That means editors who have taken the time to consider your submission may feel you’ve wasted their time. Portrait sessions really don't differ much from senior sessions except in price- they are cheaper as they are not as high in demand.

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