turkish pistachio baklava recipe

Pingback: Pistachio Baklava – Love Recipes, THANK YOU so much for your inspiring recipe I REALLY ENJOYED MAKING THIS DISH with my daughter for her school today for their Egyptian Projects. I’ve seen them doing that in stores. Turkish Baklava with buttery, flaky puff pastry soaked in honey and sugar with tender pistachios stuffed between layers of dough. Thank you so much Lena! And word of the wise…try this ice cream sandwiched between it! So clarifying the butter, is basically the process of removing those milk and water solids, leaving behind the pure liquid fat, which is essentially what ghee is. I have a baklava recipe that uses Nutella that is just divine; here’s the link: https://cleobuttera.com/middle-eastern/nutella-hazelnut-baklava-pie/ Nov 20, 2019 - Turkish Baklava with buttery, flaky puff pastry soaked in honey and sugar with tender pistachios stuffed between layers of dough. Learn how your comment data is processed. The orange blosson water suits so well with the taste of pistachio! However, this time it turned out too flaky..the pieces kept coming off ( picture attached). Asalaamu alaykum.. this looks absolutely delicious.. i would like to know on what degree celcius do you bake your baqlava. thanks for your beautiful sharing. Oct 28, 2019 - 2 tbsp Honey. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi Tasbih! I was so touched by your comment, that I just had to read it to him…and it made his eyes light up. It is highly recommended here, but may be reduced or omitted if you're not a fan. I love everything Egyptian and actually stopped on your blog when I saw the photo of the gorgeous bib collar necklace and the turquoise wire whisk, intriguing I though and quite tongue in cheek…very witty and clever, perfect a real eye catcher! We covered everything, from tea time to making Turkish coffee, eating Turkish Delight candy, grilling lamb kebabs and baking some of Turkey’s finest desserts. Hi Tasbih, love your recipes.  I’m so humbled by all your kind words and appreciation. Thx for sharing. Easy to follow each of the steps (and detailed described) even for people who didn’t bake Bkalava before like me! Looking forward to all the recipes that I can make as after Taraweeh treats 💝. The key to making this Turkish Pistachio Baklava is to use a good quality puff pastry. It’s a typo & I’ll fix it right now. Thank you for taking the fear out of trying to make dessert. the syrup and ghee are just good enough for this much phyllo and pistachio! Open the pool in the middle and break the eggs. Among the Turks the biggest debate over baklava seems to be the stuffing: some like walnut and some pistachio, and it can be a heated one.  I found that phyllo brands vary greatly and have a huge impact on how baklavas turn out. Thank you! Gorgeous! Make sure that the phyllo is fully thawed before using. I’ve seen many tutorials on YouTube and apparently they’re even better than the commercial kind. The top of the puff pastry should be light golden color and the papers should appear crispy. Hello dear Place another puff pastry sheet over the top of the mixture, then grease it with butter. Discover (and save!) When assembling, use the nicest, most intact phyllo sheets for the bottom and top layers; use sheets with tears in the middle layers, where their imperfections will go unnoticed. Layer one-third of the filo pastry in tray, brushing butter between each layer. Ramadan Mubarak Tasbih!!! Yes…rosewater and pistachios go wonderfully together 😍, as a Turkish, your baklava is look really amazing and delicious! Oh Pamela welcome welcome! Upload attachment  (Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, maximum file size: 64MB. I love your blog and I am always glad to see your recipes. Thank you for pointing this out, I’m gonna write about this in the notes section of the recipe. (Make sure to always keep the phyllo you’re not working with covered with a layer of plastic wrap topped with a damp towel). This is just beautiful! Make sure your syrup is at room temperature when you do this. If you can’t find orange blossom water, then you simply omit it and still end up with amazing baklava! Take off the heat once it is syrupy … Plus…recipe VIDEO included! My friend makes awesome baklava..i will share this recipe with her as well..this is too good. I baked for 45 mins and it’s already starting harden and overbaked. Thank you so much for the response Tasbih! Oooooh you making me drool!!! Cool to room temperature on wire rack, about 3 hours, then cover with foil and let stand at least 8 hours before serving. Happy first day of Ramadan to all those who celebrate! So if you can stack, you can make baklava. That’s always my favorite thing to hear. My sister and I tried the same recipe with ghee and walnuts instead of pistachio. Pistachio Baklava is perfect for the holidays. Maybe it’s the cooking technique or maybe it’s finding that no matter where you are from that food is a universal language that brings everyone together. Let me prove it to you, because you’re only 4 ingredients away to making the best baklava of your life! I use Sheraton ghee; its my current favorite and its available at most supermarkets.

Then, start spreading the width of your tray by sprinkling starch over the meringues. Could you tell me what size pan you used? Baklava coated with clarified butter (or ghee) will evenly brown, won’t burn and better yet, will keep longer without turning rancid. Repeat with 6 more sheets of phyllo, more ghee/butter, and the remaining cup of pistachios. To make the sugar syrup, place 600 ml of water and the sugar into a medium-sized pot and cook over a medium heat. Melt 5 tablespoons butter in a skillet over medium heat. How about filling the baklava with eshta after it comes out of the oven? Brush a 13X9-inch baking pan with ghee or clarified butter. Looks delish!!! They were amazed. Hello Siyaam! This is a perfect recipe of Bkalava! I hope you get a chance to try this recipe…it’s really good. All images and content are owned by Cleobuttera® and are copyright protected. Sure, corn syrup would work here! Layer 7 more sheets of phyllo into the pan, brushing each sheet with more ghee/butter. Homemade Turkish Baklava Is Being Magnificent. Delicious Turkish Baklava Recipe. Can not wait to try more recipes! Pulse pistachios in food processor until very finely chopped, about fifteen 1-second pulses; transfer to a bowl. Thanks alot. Would that be ok? First day of Ramadan is the opening ceremony of the month, traditionally celebrated with a big family gathering over the meal of iftar (breaking fast meal), which is usually an exceptional one, worthy of the day’s gloriousness. I can’t wait to see the look on my cousin’ wife’s face (she’s from Cyprus, Greece) when she sees it, she’ll love it!!! Lol! I am also a Laura Ingalls Wilder relative from the Charles Ingalls family line. Thank you so much Maya and I’m so happy too hear that you’re having great results with my recipes! Apr 6, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Denise Abode. Thank you so much for the recipe! Mine becomes  soggy.Â. Orange blossom is very floral, while orange is citric, which I don’t think will work nicely with the pistachios. It’s always so great to have people from all walks of life and different cultures break boundaries and come together through a common interest, which in this case is the love of baking and good food. Your email address will not be published. The syrup is made with a combination of sugar, water and lemon juice. Your email address will not be published. Ramadan Mubarak to you too and your family Zaakirah! Leave it in the refrigerator overnight or on the countertop for four to five hours. Thanks so much! As for everyone else…enjoy the ride! I love the culture, cuisine and southern hospitality Louisiana has to offer me. Place 1 sheet of phyllo in the bottom of the prepared pan and brush with the ghee or clarified butter until completely coated. Katie WOW! I seriously can’t think of the right adjectives that would do this recipe justice. 😀 For the chocolate baklava I had in mind, can I use this recipe and substitute the pistachios with the amount of Nutella you used in this recipe: https://cleobuttera.com/middle-eastern/nutella-hazelnut-baklava-pie/? How to make perfect Turkish foods in traditional way. Here’s a great tutorial on clarifying butter. Unwrap and unfold phyllo on a large cutting board and smooth out with hands to flatten.  You can add some cinnamon to mixture too for some extra flavor 😍, My first attempt at baking Baklava and came out absolutely gorgeous and delicious with your recipe x, It looks stunning! This recipe looks amazing! Those pistachios add so much color and I bet the flavor is a lot more dynamic too. Sign up and receive the latest tips via email. :AI: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, Pistachio Baklava, Puff Pastry baklava, Turkish Dessert, Crack Brussels Sprouts {The Best Roasted Brussels Sprouts}. Thanks! Can I  substitute honey instead of sugar?Â, Hi Rose! And can I use melted dark/semisweet chocolate, or do you think it will burn as the baklava cooks? Thank you Nasimah so much for pointing this out. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it and for sharing your gorgeous with everyone. Add the lemon juice. Salam Zainab. Â. I must say I had never before made Baklava. Portions should be very small. WOW your phyllo must have a ton of sheets. Thank you for the great content! Absolutely love your recipes! I don’t celebrate it, and my circumstances at present prevent me from making any of these amazing desserts. Jun 25, 2019 - Thirty crisp layers of buttery phyllo and heaps of fragrant pistachios, combine to make an utterly delicious, light yet rich baklava that tastes like it came straight from a Turkish bakery. I can’t wait try this version. Their significance precedes their obvious sweetness and beautiful nostalgia. I’ve never seen baklava so beautiful. Unfortunately I don’t think samosa sheets would be a good substitute. Hi Noha! Bake the baklava until golden and crisp, about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours (I do 1 3/4 hours), rotating the pan halfway through baking. I have a quick question ..i want to make the plain classic baklava with pistachios so what would i do differently compared to the pistachio baklava recipe ? I’ve seen those Turkish and Greek videos too where they pour the ghee all at once. Beyond lokum: other sweets typical of the Turkish tradition are akide sekeri, from “akit” which means “pact”, “agreement”. Happy ramadan Didn’t know that there was a Turkish variation. I have been a long time follower, and I have looked forward to you posting Ramadan recipes again for a while now. Almost all baklava store owners/chefs in Istanbul or elsewhere claim to be from Antep, the baklava and pistachio capital of Turkey. Hello and thank you for visiting Swanky Recipes. The rest is rather simple, as I followed the recipe from internet and the result is shown in the Picture below. Baklava can be wrapped tightly in foil and kept at room temperature up to 10 days.). Of course, homemade puff pastry or phyllo dough would be wonderful, but the frozen puff pastry in today’s grocery store is pretty good and will be excellent for this recipe. Much love from Cairo! Now’s the time to brush the top layer with a good amount of ghee/clarified butter. Hi… Just beautiful! The 30 layers of buttery, crispy phyllo, the vibrantly green pistachios, or the orange blossom water perfumed syrup that squirts with every bite. Turkey has the best desserts ever; I can’t wait to go again. Remove the pan from heat, let the butter settle for 10 minutes, then carefully skim the foam from the surface with a spoon. This looks AMAZING!! Use a sharp knife to cut baklava in the shape of a diamond or square. 2 tbsp Water. But as much as food fusions will always have a special place in my heart (and tummy), it was high time I visit the timeless classics…and boy am I glad I did. What I love about this recipe is how simple it is to make. Best of luck and enjoy 😊. I’ve tried a few and they’ve all been a huge success 😀 You start by layering 8 sheet of phyllo dough, each sheet brushed with melted ghee (or clarified butter) then top with a cup of ground pistachios. This is the ultimate baklava recipe, for the baklava lovers. You can always make homemade phyllo sheets if you can’t find it. Recipe adapted with changes from The America's Test Kitchen Family Baking Book. Hi! Mar 25, 2016 - Turkish cuisine. For this recipe, I ordered pistachios from Turkey, which seems to make all the difference. Omg Tasbih, I will have to go back to our halal store to get the dough to make this. You may however, choose to substitute up to half the amount of sugar with honey. See more ideas about turkish baklava, baklava, turkish recipes. Yours looks so good! Basically, your list of ingredients comes to: Why does butter need to be clarified here? I wouldn’t recommend adding in melted chocolate, because like you said it has a high chance of burning in the oven, however grated chocolate or chocolate chips would be a better option. Serve for Easter, Christmas or any holiday. My grandparents especially loved it!! But the milk and water solids don’t have a high smoking point, which can cause the baklava to bake unevenly and even worse, lend a burnt taste. (Cooled syrup can be refrigerated in an airtight container up to 4 days; bring back to room temperature before using). Most baklava fans are familiar with Greek-style baklava which often features honey as the main sweetening ingredient.  So happy you loved the baklava so much 😍, What the secret of a crunchy baklava! I actually did make it for Eid but just had to use 1 1lb (454g) box of Athens brand phyllo that’s available here in the US, and still had some sheets to spare….It was the best baklava I’ve ever made – I think I ate most of it…. Dec 14, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Marshal Mathil. After that…go nuts! I just found you today here on the internet and fell in love with this your lovely Baklava recipe. Ingredients for 20 pieces : Ready-made baklava sheet or thin phyllo pastry dough – 250 gm. Good baklava is sweet, but not cloying, and moist, but not soggy, regardless of where it’s from (although I do think that Turkish baklava is typically more wet than Greek baklava in my experience). The recipe above says 2 (500g /8oz) but 8 oz is 250 g? Pistachio desserts are amazing. Will it be okay if I make it tomorrow (Thursday) or will it be soft by Saturday. Thank you for sharing your talents with us – I love reading all your recipes, and I know that if you posted it, it is going to be delicious. It’s just a winner in every way, shape or form! Although US volume measurements have been included for your convenience, it is highly encouraged that you weigh your ingredients using a kitchen scale to get the best possible results. Thank you for sharing this recipe and it really made my day (and my friends as well!). Working from the center outward, use the palm of your hands to compress the layers and press out any air pockets. Do you think rose water would work just as well instead of using orange blossom water? The syrup should be poured while it’s at room temp and the baklava piping hot. Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a remarkable blog & providing your followers step by step recipes. So sweet of you Allie! Greetings from Dallas TX! Or the fact that its packed with 3 generous cups of pistachios, and that each bite is contradictorily light in texture, yet rich in flavor. Thank you so much for all your kind words; I’m really humbled by them. You can also add a cinnamon stick and/or cardamom pods in the syrup as it’s cooking. It’s definitely safer to stick to the brushing method here, because this baklava has A LOT of layers, and I’d worry that the ghee might not penetrate all the sheets, especially the bottom ones, if you use the other method. Cook it the way in tastes in Turkey. Twice using walnuts and I just put one in the oven with pecans.  Have you perhaps changes the brand of phyllo from the one you used the first time around? Instead of orange blossom water, I used a mixture of cinnamon stick and cardamom in 1/4 cup hot water steeped it like tea and added 1 tablespoon of the water to my syrup for the walnut ones and used Vanilla in my Pecan syrup. Thank you Zaaky! One of his Saudi friends said he had never tasted baklava that good, even in Saudi Arabia. After that you’re gonna use a sharp knife to cut the baklavas into diamonds. I plan on making this amazing baklava for eid which is on Saturday. Sugar – 250 gm. This one looks DELICIOUS and I wanna give it a go, but I was wondering if I can substitute pistachios with chocolate and how much I would use of it. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Thanks! See more ideas about Turkish recipes Thank you for respecting and appreciating the amount of time and effort that goes into creating free, unique recipes that make people happy. Since I make the phyllo pastry, it’s soft and is cumbersome to spread out on each layer. Let’s face it, pistachios are crazy expensive.  I use a mixture of pistachios and almonds but you can use any … Thank you so much for your amazing feedback and for sharing your gorgeous photos with us 😊. It’s truly an art. Serve for Easter, Christmas or any holiday. However, I did sprinkle a little ghee every few layers to make it easier to cut as it holds the layers. Adjust oven rack to lower-middle position and heat oven to 150C/300F. Hahahaaa! You need the delicacy of phyllo to achieve those elegant, crispy layer.

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