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Having kindly provided a bottle to Vada, we used our White Grape vodka to mix up three delicious festive cocktails. RE: Whats a good thing to mix with coconut ciroc? WHAT: Ciroc Mango Vodka WHO: Diageo WHERE: Selected bars and off licences and via Drink Supermarket HOW MUCH: £27.99 – £38.00 for a 70cl bottle Diageo Reserve has added Cîroc Mango to its portfolio of ‘World Class’ brands. Fresh Lime Juice 0.5 oz. The Vodka is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of white grape and other natural flavors, resulting in a … Ciroc is one of those infamous liquors – a “premium” spirit with star as a spokesperson.In this case, it’s Sean “P. The lovely citrus and apple flavours within Jameson really shine when paired with the sweetness of Lemonade. Instructions Glassware: Rocks Glass Add Crown Royal Regal Apple Flavored Whisky to an ice-filled rocks glass Top with cranberry juice and stir With that (and all the mixers) this mimosa mixes up to a pleasant strength. One of the web's largest collections of Smirnoff Green Apple Twist Vodka short-drink recipes, with a list of the most popular drink recipes in this section. The spirit is masterfully infused with a distinctive blend of apple and other natural flavors, resulting in a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth. Some good mixers to use with Smirnoff Green Apple include apple juice, cranberry juice, punch and sweet and sour mix. Enjoy a Crownberry Apple with Crown Royal® Regal Apple Whisky, and cranberry juice. Order from the Largest & Most Just like Cîroc Apple rejuvenated our love for the Appletini last year, Cîroc Mango is positioned to take tropical cocktail Buy Ciroc White Grape Vodka Online. I will take all your dirty looks when I go to the bar and order a banana rum and Diet Coke until the day I die. Ciroc Pineapple 1 oz. Fruit flavored spirits, such as Midori and DeKuyper Apple Pucker, also mix well with Smirnoff Green Apple. Nothing fancy like maybe juice or some typw of soda? Apple Cider If you’re looking for an easy fall drink, look no further than a cinnamon whiskey apple cider. Vodka: Ciroc Watermelon - Summer Watermelon Limited Edition Cîroc has added a limited-edition expression this year to their vast flavored vodka portfolio! Simply fill a glass with ice, add 60 ml of Jameson Whiskey and 150 ml of lemonade (or whatever you prefer taste-wise). Made with superb Absolut vodka, fruit juice and natural flavors from typical seasonal fruits it brings a true-fruit taste sensation with every sip. Stir & enjoy! Go Wild with Three Cîroc Mango Cocktails Sep. 30, 2016 Cîroc Mango is raising the bar for tropical cocktail sales The newest innovation from Cîroc is great news for cocktail lovers. 10 amazing and easy Ciroc cocktails made with Ciroc Vodka Ingredients: 1.5 oz. Ideal for drinking neat chilled, on ice or apple martini. must be able to assimilate well with the vodka. Ciroc Apple is distilled five time to ensure high quality. Mix it with pineapple juice, cranberry juice, grenadine and any lemon lime soda or red bull and it tastes almost exactly like a fruit roll up :) Any of those are great with Red Berry on their own (excluding the pineapple and The Best Ciroc Vodka Recipes on Yummly | A Cocktail Recipe Inspired By What Men Want, Sour Green Apple Vodka Martini, Toast The New Year With A Ciroc Cocktail Sign Up / Log In My Feed Articles Meal Planner New Pantry-Ready Recipes New Browse Yummly Pro Guided Recipes Thanksgiving New Hanukkah New Smart Thermometer Other good Ciroc Vodka flavors featured on this list include Peach Ciroc, Apple Ciroc, and Pineapple Ciroc. Apple Mojito- This cocktail is made with 45ml Ciroc Apple, 30ml Lime Juice, 15ml Simple Syrup, 8 Mint Leaves, and Splash of Club Soda. Here is what to mix with peach vodka to make a party-pleasing fruity drink. Cocktails that use peach vodka Finding those recipes, makin’ it easy for you! Five times distilled Ultra Premium Vodka is infused with natural apple flavor resulting in a soft, slightly sweet flavor and very well balanced. Pour the ingredients from the shaker into glass. Apple Crisp – This cocktail is made with 45ml Ciroc Apple, 4 Strawberries, and 1 splash(es) of Ginger Beer. Coconut Water 0.5 oz. The CÎROC Naughty & Nice is that friend who makes a party – witty, clever, sweet, ever so slightly naughty and likely the last person to leave your house. Fill a glass with ice. Here are our favorite apple vodka picks for your home bar. Enjoy on There’s no better time for going out than summer, so check out these 3 Cîroc Summer Colada recipes that go with the best parts during the best season. Favorite mixes include a dash of vanilla and equal parts Amaretto Ciroc and Irish cream Fill a glass with ice. The latest to taste, apple green range Ciroc is made from Ugni Blanc grapes the best of French Cognac region. Diddy” Combs, and as a matter of fact, he announced Ciroc’s newest flavor, pineapple (pictured above) on his Instagram Centennial Punch Hawaiian Iced Tea Pineapple … It’s almost like a slice of apple pie in glass. Cîroc Summer Watermelon Vodka is here! Mix apple vodka, melon liqueur and triple sec in a shaker. Ciroc Ten was created especially to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the brand. First, the Vodka Mixer must be able to assimilate well with the vodka. Everyone has their favorites, but the great Vodka Mixers must accomplish a few things. Pour 29.6ml (1 ounce) of Ciroc vodka, 14.8ml (0.5 ounces) of Blue Curacao and 7.39ml (0.25 ounces) of grapefruit juice into a cocktail Good Vodka Mixers are key to truly enjoying your Vodka Mixed Drinks and Vodka Cocktails. Cîroc Mango follows the recent … Ciroc White Grape is a rich tasting spirit made with vodka distilled five times from french grapes, finished in a tailor-made copper pot still in Southern France. Drinks & cocktails with Absolut Juice Apple Absolut Juice Edition is a new range of spirit drinks celebrating the Swedish seasons. Below are the 15 best cocktails to make now that Ciroc Pineapple exists just in time for summer! To create the CÎROC Watermelon Spritz, you will need: 40ml CÎROC Summer Watermelon Vodka 20ml Lemonade 40ml Soda 10ml Cranberry Fill a tall glass with ice, add the vodka and cranberry juice and stir together. Try Smirnoff's Green Apple & Soda cocktail recipe that combines Smirnoff's Green Apple Flavored Vodka with club soda. Peach vodka drinks make for the perfect summer cocktail. Simple Syrup 1 splash(es) of Club Soda Process: Combine Ciroc Pineapple, coconut water, lime juice and simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Sean “Diddy” Combs and the makers of CÎROC® Ultra Premium Vodka bring you the newest addition to its flavor portfolio – CÎROC® PINEAPPLE infused vodka. CÎROC Vodka is a brand of luxury eau-de-vie vodka, manufactured by using grapes from the Charente-Maritime region of France. CÎROC’s limited edition vodka for the festive period is a White Grape vodka served in a gold-look bottle. It is produced and distributed by the British-based multinational alcoholic beverage maker Diageo. Recipe Tags: Fill the rest of the glass with sour mix and pineapple, garnish with a … Mix apple vodka, melon liqueur and triple sec in a shaker. The five-time distilled vodka’s new range extension is made using French grapes and has been blended with Carabao mango. The fruitier the flavor, the better, in my book. We hope you Whether you're making an apple martini or jazzing up a standard vodka-soda, apple vodka is a quick and easy way to inject any cocktail with tart and fresh flavor. Ciroc's makers claim that it's crisp flavour will compliment any juice with which it is mixed. i want to know what mixes well with Ciroc vodka. pine apple juice 0 1 fleurimon Lv 4 4 years ago Coconut Ciroc Drinks Source(s): https://shorte.im/bb9CC 0 0 Kiele 5 years ago This Site Might Help You. Probably at about 3am. I’m a sucker for any flavored liqueur. Amaretto Ciroc has a richer, earthier taste than the brand's other vodkas, making it a good choice for cooler weather or fireplace sipping. On average, its alcohol content should be just 13 percent ABV (26 proof), or equivalent to the wine on its own. Diddy is no stranger to a good time, providing libations for our holiday celebrations for years thanks to CÎROC Ultra Premium Vodka!

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