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After going back to the local municipal courses I played, I asked the head pro if they ever produced a yardage book for their course. from Serif. Photopea is free, but that is truly its only perk. The technical details of the program and the vast amount of tools available for you can have a steep learning curve for some users. The yardage books are available in two sizes, foldable pocket-sized and full page. , you can save 10% by entering in Promo Code. Well within a yard of 100 yards? The Sunfish Scorecard and Yardage Book Holder is a sturdy companion for any serious golfer. Online community forum to interact, share, and print off yardage books made by other members. However, it never hurts to ask the club pro if they have any laying around. I would not suggest making a yardage book for every golf course you play – that would take forever and each book would not be 100% accurate. Whilst doing some research I found an interesting blog post post from Golf Digest on A look inside Dustin Johnson’s Pebble Beach yardage book. The Yardage-Marker™ booklet has been used on all the major tours (and most of the minor tours) since 1991. Important: Make sure you make everything a joined object – excluding cart paths and streams that may run through a hole. You can then search for your course and go to hole 1. Then to the bottom left of those boxes, there is a duplicate set of icons. In the top right corner, click on the down arrow below the eyeball to make sure that your camera is not tilted at all. Use the print feature in the Adobe Reader to print out the yardage book. Yes, yardage books are legal for tournament play. Whether you’re a pro or a weekend warrior you deserve the best golf accessories to improve your game. Yes, green reading books are legal for tournament play. How to make a yardage book using Google Earth: Google Earth is handy for quickly and accurately determining yardage distances. The book helped with the following prior to playing: Identifying landing areas. You now have a solid object. You may want to watch some Youtube videos on adobe if you are lost at any point. You should have an option to ‘join’. From tools click “Options”. But you shouldn’t get discouraged. The benefits of using a yardage book are multi-faceted. Load each photo into their own layers. Now you can add color to these objects. Yardage Books are available as a low cost add to all our 3D Flybys . When you finish printing you will need to measure and cut the book to size. Mark Long is a veteran PGA TOUR Caddie. The “Augusta” is perfect for golfers who go old school at the course with both a scorecard and yardage book. You can measure the distances by pacing from markers on the course once you have Custom Yardage Book Cover. It is a one time cost of $49.99 and is not included in our price. More useful than your home courses yardage book even if your home course has a yardage book youll find the yardage marker much more you can accurately diagram par threes par fours and par fives. Jim Fyruk once said “Build a Professional Yardage Book. We've had a couple of FJ Ambassadors who acquired some good looking yardage book covers, and someone mentioned that TT folks were looking for them, too. No not all golf courses have yardage books. Smooth the edges of your tee box by holding down ‘b+alt’ and left clicking through the points that appear on your object until you are happy with how the object looks. April 18, 2013 at 02:14 AM . They have extraordinary customer service, great pricing and always deliver the product on time. You will want to include a few surrounding features such as the cart path, trees, bunkers and water. The exterior is wrapped in Red Leather while the interior features supple black leather. What does the MAP LENGTH say? What Is Better a Golf GPS or Rangefinder? A yardage book is one of the best golf accessories you can add to your arsenal. Top page gives hole details with a pro tip and a green image with slope and carry measurement. One of the most beneficial things that I’ve found when making and using a yardage book is working backwards (i.e. Before you start taking photos of the holes, you will need to adjust some settings to make it easier on you. Features: • GPS distance to greens, bunkers and hazards This is going to require us going back to Google Earth Pro (GEP) and going back to hole 1. Make a small circle to the left of your 100 not any bigger than the text. Now that you have each hole saved as an image. See the example provided. Maybe you need to take an extra club on that pesky par 3 to give yourself an easier chip if you mishit. Throughout this entire process, I began to draw individual holes of the course that I was going to be playing on the weekend and brought the sketches out with me on the course. Nail all the variables with your favorite foursome. Making a yardage book can take a TON of time. This should fill all of the objects on your art board with a background – while keeping the outline. When you have the tee box sketched you press ‘v’ on your keyboard to open the selector tool and then right click on your outline. If you are wanting pre-made templates (with the settings already dialed in), online video tutorials, step-by-step 90+ E-book, access to our members only community forum, and the ability to download and print out member made yardage books for our growing course database, please support our website by purchasing our online tutorial How to Make a Yardage Book Premium Bundle. I would not suggest making a yardage book for every golf course you play – that would take forever and each book would not be 100% accurate. Like many of you, my passion for golf is unlike any other hobby that I’ve previously had, and my way of keeping in tune with the game while I’m not on the course, is making yardage books for all the courses around me. The one carry distance they gave, was for a bunker 350+ yards away from the middle tee’s…Not exactly a helpful tool for any golfer trying to improve upon their game. Save time setting up your art boards, layers, and more by downloading our template!​. This is critical information if you want to score your best, and all it takes is an afternoon, a pad and a pencil. Well within .5 yards? The Breakmaster Digital Green Reading Tool Product... which definitely helped but I still had an idea to make a “players” or “PGA Tour” style of yardage book that had distances to the center of the green, carry distances to specific points (bunkers, widest part of fairway, hazards, trees, etc…) gave me an enlarged view of the green complex, and something that I could write on so that I could jot down the club used, the wind direction, where my ball ended up, and any other notes that would help me score better the next time I played that particular hole. The BlueGolf app overlays a yardage book on top of a satellite image so you are looking at distances on the actual hole. The Go To Caddie - My Caddie Pro is a 40 page diy yardage book used on 9 professional tours and by collegiate and junior golfers around the world. I know that it is a little weird to have a website dedicated to making yardage books, but in all honestly, I geek out about them! Click the space to the right of the eye on the art board and a padlock should appear. Most people take their finished printing templates PDF’s into the local print shop (FedEx, UPS, etc…). It can cut down the learning curve of “knowing the breaks” when used in a proper manner. This is now your “yardage dot template” that you can use for measuring and marking any distances. Click this option. It is possible, but not recommended. We take screenshots of the course from Google Earth and show you the process of transferring them in the correct orientation to the software. 日本語の説明は、この下にあります。 A brief video showing the steps I used to make a yardage book based on the Kindle book by Eric Jones and Dick Barry. Start with a tee box and sketch around the teebox. The bottom pocket snugly holds standard 4″x6″ scorecards. As I began to refine these prototypes, I started messing around with digitizing my holes using inkscape and Microsoft paint. The yardage books, yardage cards to the curved glass frames as tee gifts or prizes. If you don’t believe me, try this little test at home: 1.) To the right of the MAP LENGTH, select either YARDS / METERS, and click your mouse once on one goal line. Mac and Windows Versions are both available. This book will help you play smarter golf for just $3.99. There are a variety of reasons for this: Gives distances in both Metric (meters) and Yards (imperial). You will mess up a distance, misplace a marker, forget a tree. 5.) If you have weeks to spend on this project, you may be able to create a yardage book one hole at a time. This book will make it easier for you to play better golf. Now that you are at hole 1, click the ruler on the top bar and click the back of the tee box you are measuring. That’s why we created pre-made templates for you that you can download and already have the settings dialed in for exactly how to make a yardage book. Be sure to use plenty of force on the stapler to make sure that the staples go all the way through. When you are done setting up your art boards you will want to then create 20 layers or one layer for each page of your yardage book. We show you how to include carry distances from any tee box on the course using your screenshot and google earth pro. For many years he has made the yardage books the caddies and players use on the PGA TOUR as well as at the United States Open Championship, the PGA Championship, and the Ryder Cup. Template . At the end, you should have something similar to the example provided. When you are done, you should have something similar to the example. You will want to reconfigure GEP with the same settings listed above. 3.) The My Caddie Pro DIY yardage book is designed for professional, collegiate, junior, and competitive golfers and caddies who build game plans by taking notes during their practice rounds. The reason it's used by tour players is simple. You will then want to create 20 art boards all 4 in x 7 in. Here have one.”. 2.) You can contact a local printer that can print and cut everything to size for you – or you can print the book on paper yourself and cut it to size using the tools listed above. We are here to help you figure out the best accessories to improve your game! The front features … Making a yardage book is easier than you might think. Save 6 to 10 strokes by understanding how to read a golf hole, recognize defensive features like bunkers, trees, water, mounds, swales, rough, and wind, identify opportunities and risks, determine landing areas and approach angles, and make better strategic decisions. I think yardage books can really help you figure out a course and how you need to naviagte certain holes. I have been to golf tournaments where they will charge as much as $20 for each detailed yardage golf book. Golf Yardage Books are designed to capture the beauty of your golf course from the golfer’s perspective by providing pertinent information. After you have everything outlined, press ‘v’. A lot of backend settings have been adjusted, in order to make it easy to click, drag, and drop for you! It was the last bit that really intrigued me. Go to the “Navigation” tab in Google Earth Options and then click “Do not automatically tilt while zooming”. NOTE: With Adobe illustrators 7 day trial, you should be able to create a complete yardage book (maybe even two if you really grind it out) in that time frame. We give our recommendations for: "Masters Style" Template: Legal Size Paper, Booklet Stapler: Bostich No-Jam Booklet Stapler, Rounded Hole Punch: Fiskers Rounded Hole Punch, All of this is optional however, but they make your yardage book look like the Tour yardage books you see out on Tour. Complete instructions for creating your very own Yardage Book just like the ones you see PGA Tour pros use on TV. The full page size has a single golf hole on a each sheet of printer paper. At this point you should have all of the tools that you create the yardages that you want/need. To receive instant access to How to Make a Yardage Book & How to Make a Greens Book - Premium Bundle, you can save 10% by entering in Promo Code: Flaghunting10 at checkout. If not adjust the art boards to the size that will work for you. 4.) When you go through your yardage book library, and pull a well-worn, handmade yardage book out of your bag and place it into your back pocket, I hope you get the same satisfaction that I have over the years when using it to improve your golf game! Yardage books are essential for Tour caliber golfers and useful for ordinary players. Custom Yardage Book covers Unfollow Thread. A stylish way to carry your scorecard, yardage book, and more! Outlining Fairways, Rough, Bunkers, Hazards, etc…. When you have each layer – add a logo to the front page and then start adding in your basic details for each hole. Congratulations! A number of courses provide yardage books for their patrons. In adobe – press ‘b’ to open the brush tool. This time, press and hold the alt key and your brush tool should change into the smoothing tool. Mark Greens . You will want to check the dimensions of the yardage book cover you have and make sure that this size works. Our Team at Precise Yardage Books offer our customers unparalleled experience in Professional and Amateur Golf. You may want to use two or three staples to make sure the book is not going to come undone. In the upper left search bar, type in a local high school football field in your area, where American Football is played (i.e. Be sure to have a few features that you can add to each hole. This will save you a lot of heartache. I think yardage books can really help you figure out a course and how you need to naviagte certain holes. Click on the little RULER icon, next to the icon that looks like a planet. We have been able to use our combined 50 years of caddying on the PGA, Web.com and LPGA Tours as our guide to making a Professional, quality yardage book that has everything the competitive golfer needs. Bestgolfaccessories.net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, Sitemap| DMCA | Disclaimer | About Us  | Privacy PolicyCopyright Bestgolfaccessories.net. With Illustrator open, press the ‘t’ button to open the text tool and just type 100. to get screenshots or “snippets” of each individual hole. When you have everything mapped out on your book – you are ready to print. Landing Zone . Looking through their version of a yardage book, I felt I was watching/reading a never ending commercial with advertisements strewn throughout the glossy images, opposite of the glossy top view picture of a hole. When I got bit by the “golf bug” I was consuming as much content as possible ranging from swing tips, equipment reviews, golf course architecture, and posting on golf forums. starting at the green and working my way back towards the tee box, finding out the ideal approach shot distance/club, then figure out what I need to do off the tee to get into this position) on each hole. With their helpful tutorial series, e-book, pre-made templates, and instructional videos, you will have a yardage book for the golf courses that YOU play right at your fingertips! We thoroughly examine every course by providing measurements to, and from any position. If you haven’t judged the different elevations or the firmness/softness of the greens on your home course in a yardage book, then you’re making a big mistake. The technical details of the program and the vast amount of tools available for you can have a steep learning curve for some users. I will be testing this software in the future – for this specific task. They have a lot resources available to them, including making satellite images incredibly accurate. This is the size that I use. Full 3D imagery spread across two pages. We have developed several different yardage and green reading book templates that you can immediately download to your computer. When starting out open your software (in my case – adobe illustrator) and name your file. You should see objects without outlines. Making a yardage book will require a few materials. And there is even an elastic loop that securely holds golf pencils. We have provided yardage books for many of the top golf courses and clubs in the United States. Show your personality on the links with one of the yardage book covers, custom leather head covers, valuables pouches, and journal covers custom made for you by our expert leather craftsmen. I bought my first yardage book cover which definitely helped but I still had an idea to make a “players” or “PGA Tour” style of yardage book that had distances to the center of the green, carry distances to specific points (bunkers, widest part of fairway, hazards, trees, etc…) gave me an enlarged view of the green complex, and something that I could write on so that I could jot down the club used, the wind direction, where my ball ended up, and any other notes that would help me score better the next time I played that particular hole. We highlight the tools that you will use in an easy to understand manner, and show keyboard shortcuts to help you crank out yardage books. We separate Chapter 7 into two different areas “How To Get Carry Distances Off The Tee” and “How To Get Yardages To The Green”. I personally have not used Affinity designer, however, I have heard good things. Click on the smaller icons. We also continue to enhance and add different templates to our community forums where our members can use and download such as: Objects such as Trees, Water, Carry Distance, and How to Make Your Courses logo for the front cover. Outline everything in the photo using this process. Take a screenshot using the print screen button on your computer or a screenshot application that you have downloaded on your computer. The foldable pocket-sized book will fit comfortably into your shorts or shirt pocket. This process is exactly what we are doing when measuring distances off the tee box and to the center, back, and front of greens in our yardage books. Measure distances by clicking the ruler icon in the left-hand menu and map your yardages. Measure from the back of the tee box to your usual driver carry and then add in a yardage dot. Be careful cutting and do not hurt yourself. Open Google Earth Pro. Now you can easily make your own highly accurate yardage book for each course you play competitively. With our pre-made templates, you will be able to produce a standard size (that fits into most yardage book covers) with dimensions of 4” x 5.5” and 4" x 7". Voted one of the top 5 five new golf products of 2017 by ESPN Golf, the My Caddie Pro is sure to lower your scores by … Bestgolfaccessories.net is a website dedicated to offering you the best information about the latest golf accessories and how they can improve your game! There are a variety of reasons for this: How to Make a Yardage Book & How to Make a Greens Book - Premium Bundle. Download Google Earth Pro. When you have the hole sized to the art board, go into the layer of the art board and LOCK the photo. Size them to each art board. Hold the shift button down and select every solid object (do not select the cart path or streams) and look to the left bar. Press ‘v’ to open the selector tool and grab both objects then right click and press “group”. When creating a yardage book we have one goal in mind; supply the player information that is going to help them shoot the lowest score. 3D Tournament Yardage Books - $25 Course Management Pack - $30 My Caddie Pro 10 pack w/ gift box - $45 My Caddie Tour 10 pack w/ gift box - $45 Holders - $10 USA Holders - … Press the ‘a’ button, select ONLY the text and press ‘delete’ – now you have a marker to show you your average carry distance. Spiral, top staple or side staple books all available. Make Your Own Golf Course Yardage Book By Matt Canham, Marinerblue.com Instructions Each hole does not have to be drawn to scale, but needs to accurately indicate hazards, their distances and details of each green. Use the print feature in the adobe reader to print out the yardage book. Accurate. THANK YOU for picking up my book! The process of a yardage book will certainly make you a more thoughtful golfer! ProActive Sports F4 Tempo & Flexibility Trainer, ProActive Sports Groove Doctor Repair Tool. Hello and welcome to Bestgolfaccessories.net! This type of information is missed until you really look at each hole and analyze the easiest way to play the hole. Example yardage book. View distances to greens, targets, hazards, bunkers (reach / carry) and more. Use BlueGolf Yardage Book to tour every hole at thousands of courses across the US and the world - while you play or while you watch the pros! Looking at the hole diagrams, and the artistic images I felt that this was definitely a help when I had never played the course before, even when I had no idea where my ball was going. The top elastic band comfortably holds any standard American yardage book. Once you have each photo locked and the rest of the layer is unlocked you are now ready to start sketching over the hole and it’s features. Printable yardage book template. I was starting to really learn the course by noticing areas that were OK to miss in, rather than position A every time. Eric Jones and Dick Barry authored an excellent book that allows you to put together a plan to attack the golf course. Yardage Book Software Basics We use a robust, creative design software that is geared more towards UX/UI designers. 85+ page E-book showing you the exact steps on how to Make a Yardage Book for your course. There is a local municipal course in my area that hosts an amateur tournament every July. Only because yardage books make life a whole lot simpler, and the game a whole lot easier. The more data you can gather, the better.” Pro’s use these yardage books because of how helpful they are to a players strategy. Best golf scorecard and yardage-book holders Any golfer can tell you the agony of a soggy scorecard. We highlight several ways to include accurate points of the golf course so that you can feel confident in knowing the distance of you shot. A couple months before I entered for the first time, I made myself a DIY yardage book for the course and brought it with me during the practice rounds to note pin positions, ideal landing spots off the tee, club selection, and green slopes. This will allow you to sketch over the photo without it moving on you. We show you several different options for a variety of sizes and style of yardage books that you want to make. Yardage Book Downloads: Free Templates Eric Jones $ 0.00. I recommend them to any facility that really wants to shine from operations to exceptional gifts. When you use an iPad Pro, and an Apple Pencil, things get really easy. We highlight different printer settings and best practices for printing off your yardage book. Standard books are 4″ x 5.25″ in size, wire-o bound and include 18 inside pages and all design style includes yardage accuracy to help the golfer. Hello guys so I wanted to help people out who want to make a yardage book for a course. Available on KINDLE Go to the top navigation with everything selected and then remove the stroke to each object (scroll down on your mouse while the stroke is highlighted). These details include: Sign up for our email list to receive the best tips, guides and reviews! If you are wanting pre-made templates (with the settings already dialed in), online video tutorials, step-by-step 90+ E-book, access to our members only community forum, and the ability to download and print out member made yardage books for our growing course database, please support our website by purchasing our online tutorial. However, the end result will help you improve the way you navigate your home course and can help you save shots by playing smarter golf. We use Google Earth Pro to get screenshots or “snippets” of each individual hole. Making a yardage book can take a TON of time. 6.) DIY Yardage Book . Players and caddies often use internet apps to fill out their My Caddie Pro prior to their practice or tournament rounds. It is a one time cost of $49.99 and is not included in our price. Description. Imagine being able to whip out your yardage book before a shot, pin point your landing area, dial in your exact yardages, and even nail down your club selection. Making a yardage book is so beneficial, not only because it makes you actually sit down and look at all of the yardages, but when you are revising – you truly are studying the course and will learn how to play smarter golf. If you are wanting to shoot lower scores, consider making one of these yardage books to help you plan out your approach for each hole. To be honest, your first run at a yardage book is going to have some errors somewhere. He was a member of a semi-private country club in the area and the course had yardage books available for members/guests in the pro shop. Don’t get us wrong – pros love to use rangefinders and GPS’ as well. But nothing works as well as a yardage book. Style 1. Designer Golf Scorecards golf yardage books are available in three different design styles to accommodate different budgets and graphical preferences. Yardage Book . 100 yards from goal line to goal line). When you FINALLY have all of the holes outlined and filled in you are now ready to add in your yardages. Google Earth . The book includes … Step-by-step instructions to create your own Yardage Book; Helpful pictures and strategy tips; Downloadable templates; Links to additional programs and tools; Not only are yardage books fun projects to make, they will be a huge boost to your confidence and consistency. There will be two boxes one black and one white – layered on top of each other. Save the photo under a filename that will make sense to you. Access to our growing (40+) course database, ready for you to download to your phone, or print and use right away! Get the benefits of a great yardage book and an excellent distance measuring device in one app. Photopea (Free – somewhat difficult to use). We use a robust, creative design software that is geared more towards UX/UI designers. Zoom in a little closer and really make sure you are starting/ending on each goal line…pretty neat huh? Our yardage books are the professional's book of choice. The steps in outlining your course comes down to the level of detail you want. The post is an excellent look at the yardage book used by Dustin Johnson during the 2014 Pebble Beach ProAm tournament. When you purchase our online tutorial series, you gain access to a variety of pre-made templates, video tutorials, and step-by-step instructions that show you our exact process. Custom Made To Match Your Style. What you see below is a culmination of years of research, trials and many errors, and my recommendations to you if you want to make a yardage book for the courses that YOU play. The software we use is called Affinity Designer from Serif. Lower page gives an oblique view of the hole with distances to … A yardage book cover with classic style and a modern feel. We have pre-made templates again, that you can quickly copy/paste to each specific point on the hole that you want to include in your yardage book. Your course management and golf course strategy can sometimes be swayed by tension, quick thinking, and frustrations whereas if you have a plan before you even get to the tee box, it can alleviate some of these issues by visualization, and pre-planning. To the left of that dot, press ‘L’ to open the ellipse tool and hold down shift. Most prestigious courses carry them. Select either Full Color or a Black & White Tour style book. We've already highlighted how to use our products with an iPad on this post. The best part about making yardage or green reading books comes in Chapter 6, outlining the courses features that you want to include. Move your mouse to the other goal line and click. Enjoy beautiful full-screen view and zoom. They emphasize lowering your score when you know the distance to attack the pin. This will make adding yardages easier. Our reviews are not solely around performance improving equipment - rather, we focus on how golf accessories can improve your performance, comfort and overall enjoyment of the game. April 18, 2013 at 02:14 AM By Chris C. 0 Likes; 3 Replies; Chris C Lees Summit, MO. Back in Google Earth you can then start figuring out carry distances from your dot or to other objects that you have labeled (like to trees, water, sand traps). *Optional: Screenshot application like Snagit. That night, I went home and started googling yardage books and the associated costs that advertising or marketing companies were charging for local courses and was astonished at the prices and minimum quantities they had. This pocket-sized, super handy booklet or pamphlet basically contains detailed illustrations of all holes present on the golf course. Now that you have your setting configured. At $50 for the software – you really can’t go wrong. There is an easy way to make a professional free golf yardage book like what the PGA tour players use with google earth. His response was the following “Yes, we had it made years ago, but no one ever uses them. Learn More. Select the LINE function, which measures the distance between two points on the ground. The way we’ve set up our templates, makes it easy when transferring your completed holes to the printing template. Owned and operated by Alphabet (Google’s parent company). What you see below is a culmination of years of research, trials and many errors, and my recommendations to you if you want to make a yardage book for the courses that YOU play. After cutting the paper, line everything up and use your stapler to staple everything down. A yardage or greens book can be an effective tool to learn the course whenever you play it. Do you see how the tool is measuring for you? If you haven’t hear they are in a race to be the first $1 Trillion dollar company, that’s 12 zero’s for those of you counting at home. For the weekend golfer, a yardage book can be a source of information that can be used to jot down notes and club selection on a specific hole over time. In fact, professional golfers are not allowed to use any rangefinders or GPS devices – they have to rely on yardage books. Click and drag. Go to the top navigation bar and click on Tools. You are now done with your yardage book! Here is the key to making these yardage books look good:  Now that you have a solid object, press ‘b’ on your keyboard to reopen the brush tool. Every time I played with my uncle (who is a scratch golfer) I was in awe of his ability to score, not lose a ball, his ability to make the game seemingly so easy, and had “local course knowledge” of where to aim for tee shots, or where the breaks were on the greens. The beauty of this, is all of the correct settings will already be set for you so that you can begin using the software to make yardage books immediately, without worrying about the correct software settings. The book lays out a methodical and relatively simple means to create a more than functional yardage book with accurate measurements using Google Earth. No wonder the courses that I played either didn’t have one, or had to offset the costs of having it made with selling ad’s every other page. To make a full page yardage book, just print each page, staple together and you're finished. It isn’t friendly to use for this task and I truly struggled to create a hole using this software. Get your yardage book today. You can view the hole however it looks best to you, I put the tee box at the bottom of my screen and the green at the top. The problem I was having when hand drawing the holes was the rain, wind, and cold of Seattle’s winter had made my drawings a big wet pile that resembled a giant spitball. Professional golfers are use yardage books in competition because it gives them the most information possible about a specific hole. The 2nd video tutorial of Chapter 7 shows how to get yardages to the green complex (whether that be front of, middle of, or back of the green). It will requires some time, effort and software. How to Make a Yardage Book Premium Bundle. We hope you enjoy your time! In the end, smarter golf will lead to lower scores and isn’t that what we are all after? FREE YARDAGE BOOK TEMPLATE DOWNLOADS. But he doesn’t work for just one player.

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