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This makes the CRKT perform "larger" than its raw dimensions. Check my other items for more knives. CRKT Squid – The Squid is the slightly smaller, slightly lighter predecessor to the Pilar. CRKT Squid Based on his custom model, the Lucas Burnley designed Squid knife from CRKT is a pint-size treat. With a design this good, many other companies would succumb to the temptation to bedizen it with all sorts of trendy features and materials, and price it in the $150-$250 range. And if this is your first EDC knife, it lets you get high quality steel in your hands at a manageable price point. CRKT is a company that makes high-end knives, and this price point product. It is considerably smaller than ideal for most usage. The primary determinant of portability is size, as a small knife is easier to carry around. The CRKT Squid does not have that problem for me. This also means that we have little to discuss in this section. GearLab is reader-supported. Portability is a function of size, weight, and carry options. Solid, light weight, and dependable. That reaffirms Burnley’s knife-making genius, turning the CRKT Squid into an instant classic. It did have a few rough lines from the factory, but honestly they worked themselves smooth within a decent amount of pocket time. That plays on our heartstrings. It is the shortest knife we tested that also has a pocket cl… 2 results Sort by: Columbia River CRKT 2490KS Lucas Burnley Squid Folding 2.14" Bla… $34.99. The CRKT Squid is a knife that single-handedly channeled those emotions in me and somehow played time machine like a small piece of childhood memorabilia. The blade of the Squid is made of the same Chinese 8Cr13MoV steel as some much more expensive knives. What’s important is the feeling your hobbies bring to you. It sports a drop point with a high Hollow Grind. It was designed by knifemaker Lucas Burnley, known for clean and classic lines in models like the Sketch or the more recently released Tuna.CRKT’s secret to the Squid is getting its key features—size, weight, and price—"just right." Known knife sensei Lucas Burnley designed the CRKT Squid. Not all knives are well made. Got feedback? CRKT Pilar II Large EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Everyday Carry, D2 Black Blade, Flipper Open, Frame Lock, G10 Handle, Reversible Pocket Clip 5315GKD2 4.6 out of 5 stars 183 $55.75 Let us know! CRKT Pilar Review – Final Thoughts I have to applaud CRKT for this knife. This isn't the case across the board. There is a model with a silver stonewashed finish if that is more your taste. CRKT Squid. The differences are significant and you may want to consider what you’re doing with the knife before picking one for purchase. Be careful where you point it. I believe we sometimes forget that the knives we carry are tools first, and whether or not Burnley follows that train of thought, his knives sure bring those ideas to the forefront. With the ability to obliterate cutting tasks, the CRKT Squid Folding Pocket Knife is a great way to make sure you are using a top of the line knife that will keep an edge for incredibly long periods of time. It's definitely one of my favorite daily carry knives. Review of the Esee Zancudo Folding Knife A Folding EDC for People Who Actually Use Knives The Zancudo is a folder with a 2.9 inch AUS 8 steel blade, a tough frame lock, a plain face, and I’m going to marry it someday. Beau Shelton is a contributor to Knife Depot and writes reviews for his site Knife Points. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Cuatro is a great 3" flipper (my favorite flipper) - clean design, smooth action, good lock-up, sharpens up well. The Squid is a large compact knife or a small regular knife. This amazing design comes from the mind of Lucas Burnley, a very popular up-and-coming knife maker with an almost cult-like following for what he has done in the knife community. Now let’s consider the type of knife Burnley has created and the influence it may have on the modern knife market. Portability is a function of size, weight, and carry options. Buy Crkt on eBay now! Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, A compact, affordable blade for every day carry; it has excellent construction and a decent blade, especially for the price. It is considerably smaller than ideal for most usage. Portability is directly at odds with ergonomics, for the most part. It’s a manual opener with ambidextrous thumb studs. Be careful where you point it. or so separating them. CRKT Knives Review. All trademarks property of their respective owners Crkt Squid Jade Green Burnley D2 Steel. CRKT Squid. It’s now available to you in a factory fresh condition and in the original packaging. D2 has a little more than double the carbon content of AUS-8, which means it will hav… If you have a squid collection and are missing this awesome jade green squid,, add it to your collection Have a good day. For such a compact knife, the Squid is built very stout. For a tiny package, the CRKT Squid packs a burly punch. Buyer beware. There are less expensive knives in our test, but none of them are nearly as appropriate as an everyday carry and everyday use knife. It’s modest in size and the drop-point blade looks friendly. Quick Review of Best Pocket Folding Knives Click here to see more bestselling folding knives. The CRKT Squid features a 2.156" 8Cr13MoV stainless steel drop point blade with a stonewash finish. And here is the review sample: The Squid is mid-sized, as compared to the rest of our test roster. Cool little EDC knives from CRKT. I like how short the blade is, mainly because a shorter blade provides you a generous amount of leverage AND control when making a hard cut or applying a lot of force. This knife has lived in a foam case since it was bought new, never used or carried. Personally I would loosen the pivot screw a bit to aid with blade deployment. gtag('config', 'UA-86650-1'); I recently started to take notice of the simple fact that people age, that the older we get the more we begin to lose. On to the review. Their higher end products are subject to the same heat treatment designed for the high volume budget products. Western Samoa 1 Pound Nd 1948-61 Color Trial Specimen, P-8acts Pmg 66 Epq Unc. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; This knife will scare no one! Based on Lucas Burnley's popular compact custom knife, the Squid is bound to be a hit, not just because of its accessibility, but also for the value and performance factors that CRKT brings to the table. The CRKT Squid is a compact EDC folding knife, designed by Lucas Burnley. In some ways, it is an awkward size for usage. But with age also comes a whole new host of feelings that our younger and sometimes dumber selves can’t quite tap into yet. However its a novelty item keep that in mind. We select our tested products for performance, not for price. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For others, the mind begins to fade—remembering faces and facts isn’t quite as easy as it was when we were kids. This is a great beginner’s knife and could still very well make its way into the hearts of knife-collecting veterans. It is sturdy with a blade that belies its price point. The Squid has been one of his custom designs for a long time, but with his work in such high demand, getting your hands on one was almost impossible… until now. The Zancudo is available with two different blade steels, with a whole $6(!) It might be time for you to get a little piece of nostalgia for yourself and rediscover why you started carrying a knife in the first place. The result is a blade that works well, at an affordable price. Smooth looks and competence combine in this compact frame lock folder, which makes it a choice everyday carry knife. The only knives in our test that are less expensive are also far less robust in construction. The standard Zancudo uses AUS-8 steel, while my test sample uses D2 steel. I work for a living in HVAC and use my knives as tools, when I broke my 3rd Cold Steel Mini AK47 knife I saw the Squid and it’s affordable price and thought well at least I won’t be sad when it breaks but in reality the Squid has held up better than any knife I have carried and worked. Carrying the Squid will never bring you any negative attention, and its length makes it legal in a plethora of U.S states. This framelock has stonewash stainless steel handles with a low profile pocket clip and a lanyard hole. It is too large and heavy to be a keychain tool, but it doesn't fill the hand like proper full-size tools. The Squid will take you there. For routine and heavy use, a larger knife is more appropriate. Great blades are the result of a human touch. The budget-friendly Squid receives the same great heat treatment as CRKT's much more expensive knives. The tiny form of the Squid should not detract from the excellent construction quality. Still, I think I’ve shown a fair amount of objectivity in the past. To be frank, there is nothing special about this particular blade, but there is no denying the appeal it seems to hammer home with its subtle and functional details. Your email address will not be published. Heat treatment is that important. While it is smaller than most others, it is among the heaviest we reviewed. CRKT Squid | Badass Knife of the Week | Knife Depot. The final reason for liking the Squid over the Shuffle is because the Squid has spacers around the hinge pin which keeps it from being off-centered when closed. It’s almost a modern day take on your grandfather’s trusty old pocket knife, something that is reliable, whose only purpose is to get the job done. For tactical use or EDC: the CRKT products offer the whole range. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} The blade, just like the handle, is covered with a dark gray stonewash coating. You help support OutdoorGearLab's product testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners. The CRKT Squid has smooth hinges, burly side plates, and a great blade. However, it is smaller in your pocket than all but the micro knives we tested. That a budget product like this is marketed with its designer's name speaks to the intricacies of design. The CRKT Squid and some of Kershaw's offerings were good, ... CRKT sent me a press preview review sample prior to SHOT Show and I have been using and testing it ever since. Required fields are marked *. When that optimized blade can be made for a low price, that is amazing. CRKT-knives are truly functional knives, made for lots of use. Thank you for looking This knife arrives with stepped up D2 blade steel, a handle in black stonewash finish, a frame lock for safety, and friction grooves on the drop-point blade for a secure grip. You can find him on Instagram at @knifepoints and listen to his pocket knife podcast on The Stallion Radio Network. Concerning blade integrity, however, the CRKT is almost in the same league as the much spendier products. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The stainless steel handle sports a strong frame lock and a low profile pocket clip. All else equal regarding materials and construction and design, it is worth considering the sophistication of the heat treatment of the blades on knives from the boutique manufacturers. For heavy cutting the short handle requires a fairly stout grip. How can we improve GearLab? BLADE The CRKT Squid‘s blade is short and fat. Optimizing for blade performance requires the craftsmanship of an experienced and trained human. These less expensive knives also have smaller, less sturdy blades. This Blade HQ exclusive CRKT Burnley Squid comes with natural jade G-10 scales and a black coated D2 steel blade, frame, and hardware. It is the shortest knife we tested that also has a pocket clip. EverydayCommentary had a great review of the Homefront about how the ability to fully take the knife apart without the use of tools wasn’t an unnecessary gimmick but something that actually improves the knife. The Lucas Burnley-designed CRKT Squid Everyday Carry Knife is compact in stature but packs some heat in the features department. Exclusively available for, this Burnley-designed everyday carry knife is compact in stature but packs heat in the features department.This knife arrives with stepped up D2 blade steel, a handle in black stonewash finish, a frame lock for safety, and friction grooves on the drop-point blade for a secure grip. Based on Lucas Burnley's popular compact custom knife, the Squid is bound to be a hit, not just because of its accessibility, but also for the value and performance factors that CRKT brings to the table. Other online reviews have suggested that a beaded or knotted lanyard can make the knife larger in hand without making it carry any larger. For lighter tasks like cheese and veggies, the little handle is no liability. This gives the knives a 'custom made feel', while they're still very affordable. I honestly believe the CRKT Squid will hold a permanent place in my knife collection. Feelings like tradition, nostalgia, and an understanding of just how important the little things in life can be. Like them all, but don't carry a/o much anymore. This frame lock folder has smooth lines for an attractive appearance and a deep carry pocketclip to keep it safely with you all day everyday. Like all my knives, the more I carry it, the better it functions. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. Price-wise, the Squid is best compared to toy knives or gas station sold, mass-produced knockoffs. In short, by the time we make our initial diligent product selection, we are left with great products. It also comes with extras like a deep carry pocket clip on the 2Cr13 stainless steel handle, lanyard hole, and functional thumb studs—all adding to the great value this knife offers as a whole. Right off the bat the CRKT Squid has a great overall look to it. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. On the other hand, Buck makes discount products and occasional higher-end products. Crkt Review. The CRKT Squid has a stubby 2.2″ (5.5cm) drop point blade that is hollow ground and covered in a black stonewashed finish. A look that is simple and understated yet still grabs your attention with both hands. When a product with this price has a carefully tailored blade, we are impressed. Their heat treatment process and equipment is shared by nearly all the products. What you enjoy spending your time on pursuing should always take precedent over what others think; this world is always waiting for the next best thing, but why not hold on to a few items in life that have real meaning. Exclusively available for, this Burnley-designed everyday carry knife is compact in stature but packs heat in the features department. 20 Iconic Knives Every Knife Enthusiast Should Own, India’s Urumi Whip Sword May Be Dangerous, Pocket Knives and Airports – TSA Knife Rules. Both have the same dimensions, a hair under 3” long with a 2.75” cutting edge, cut from relatively thin 0.09” blade stock. That means that I didn’t pay the $25 this little guy costs over at BladeHQ. The Squid is a compact folding design from Lucas Burnley that is built to stay with you at all times and handle any task. I have several CRKT; Carson M2-04W, Incendor (my only 2 a/o); Drifter, Cuatro. The CRKT Squid is a knife that single-handedly channeled those emotions in me and somehow played time machine like a small piece of childhood memorabilia. Yet if you ever considered an inexpensive high-end knife with groundbreaking design then CRKT might be your only reliance. In a competitive knife market, it’s not that easy to choose the correct brand. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. My black stonewashed Squid has 8Cr13MoV blade steel but CRKT also makes a D2 and a Sandvik 12C27 version. Our pocket knife reviews cut through the fluff and get... Pocket knife shopping is daunting. The CRKT Squid keeps on trending on our gear charts as one of the brand’s bestselling small pocket folders. The new steel for the Squid (D2) is an improvement, and I like the Prequel as a compact utility knife. Here’s the usual caveat – This knife was sent to me as a review sample by CRKT. The Squid from the Columbia River Knife and Tool company (widely abbreviated, even in their branding, as CRKT) is a compact, price-point pocket knife for every day carry. Ghana 1000 - $1500.00. It shows knife fans that there are many different options out there and that there are still a handful of knife makers willing to think outside the box. Here is my video overview. CRKT has given their popular Squid EDC folder a significant steel upgrade. This helps keep the Squid at an incredibly low price point of no more than $25. etc. Construction quality is the scoring metric in which we see the least variation among the tested knives. This unintimidating, traditional-style blade has a real Boy Scout feel to it, one that reminds me of the day I received my first knife as a young man. Believe it or not the above knife is the #1 pocket folding knife on Amazon with over 1,158 customer reviews and a 4.4 star rating. Like I said earlier, it’s truly an understated piece that doesn’t follow the trends of the current knife market. I am very happy to see a knife like the CRKT Squid hit the current knife community. We found a short beaded or knotted lanyard made the handle of the Squid effectively larger in the users hand, without increasing the pocketed bulk by very much. However, it is smaller in your pocket than all but the micro knives we tested. The 8Cr13MoV steel is known to be an Asian interpretation of much more expensive AUS8 steel. But even beyond that long-running series of designs (which Burnley finally finished earlier this year), he has contributed many designs to multiple companies. If you sat on the original design because of the steel, now's the time to pick it up. The Squidis mid-sized, as compared to the rest of our test roster. They are producing immortal designs with … It’s … There are no knives smaller than this that weigh more. Browse crkt for sale here online! Many CRKT knives are designed by well-known designers. It has a frame lock design that adds to its rigidity and every inch of it is covered in a beautiful stonewashed finish. NEW CRKT Prequel & Squid In D2: Everyday Carry & Utility Knives – Lucas Burnley Designs March 24, 2019 mrwonderful Survival Tips and Guides 0 Cool little EDC knives from CRKT. Our vitality, health, and creativity slowly start to drift away from our once youthful selves. The Squid has no features besides the blade. The. Feelings like tradition, nostalgia, and an understanding of just how important the little things in life can be. For this cost, it brings better materials and construction than many other products we have used. Please see all photos for condition and ask all questions before purchasing. The Pilar is not yet available for sale on the date this review was released, so no link. This is clearly indicated by the strong materials, a solid base and durable hinges. While the Pilar is not as disarming as the Squid, it does boast a comfortable full 4 finger grip, as opposed to the Squid’s cramped three finger grip. The solid frame-lock keeps the blade firmly in place in opened position. Sep 17, 2016 - This may be the best small pocket knife I own. Besides the Squid, CRKT and Lucas are making other knives, which can be a win-win situation for both parties if done right. Ghana 1000 Cedis Nd 1965 P9acts Pmg Superb Gem Uncirculated 67 Epq. 1955 South - … Because of the human touch and its benefits in optimizing blade performance, blade and knife designs are often branded in conjunction with their designer's pedigree. Right off the bat the CRKT Squid has a great overall look to it. The days drug on, one week turned into two, and finally rolled into three. With this partnership, we now get a glimpse into what owning a custom design feels like. Performance attributes, prior to heat treatment, of these two steels are about the same. CR2490KS: 2490KS Squid Blackwash CRKT. For valuable pocket space, the Squid is a worthy consideration. gtag('js', new Date()); The CRKT Squid is, in a word, beefy. CRKT BURNLEY Squid Early Model Folding Knife BRAND NEW IN BOX. I have carried the Squid for 3 years or so now, it carries well, it holds an edge, easy to sharpen, etc. I will say that, like a 1911 pistol, the Squid needs a break-in period before it becomes super comfortable. The great thing about Burnley partnering up with a production knife company is that we the consumers get to experience knives that we otherwise never would due to budget, materials, or availability. If you consider... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews. Your email address will not be published. by Knifereviewer. For some, the body goes first—maybe we start packing on a few more pounds than what we had in high school. Say what you will about CRKT – They’re certainly good sports. The item pictured will be the exact one you will receive. A new version of the knife recently appeared on CRKT’s site with D2 steel.. Lucas Burnley has shown that he’s a prolific designer with his BRNLY365 project. This model has a black stonewash finished handle and blade. I also like the slightly heavier weight of the Squid which is because it is all metal and the Shuffle has plastic sides on the handle. CRKT Pilar Large Review At the outset of this test, I intended to carry the Large for maybe a week. The CRKT Squid is a popular new pocketknife, which can be found in variants from $15 to $50, which pairs a small blade with an ergonomic framelock handle. The compact 2.14" blade is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel with a blackwashed finish and hollow ground spear point shape. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. The 2.25-inch blade is a drop point design made from 8Cr13Mov steel. In our experience, this works, but not perfectly. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support. Because of the variables and trade-offs that dictate a blade's performance (steel type, hardening process, blade geometry, mainly), a formulaic, business-informed decision-making process doesn't do well. Nor should the intentionally "distressed" look of the tumbled exterior corners. But don't be fooled; this knife can surely take a beating. With the new Squid D2, CRKT has taken a great everyday carry blade and made it even better by giving it the blade steel the original design deserved. Since the Homefront, there have been a few additional models to utilize the Field Strip technology. Each manufacturer and product has its own way of instilling confidence in the user. Fads seem to come and go, but the Squid is just a friendly reminder that good craftsmanship and well-executed designs always stick around. Western Samoa - $1850.00.

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