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Some companies will call themselves direct importers while they are selling brokered wood. Low Prices. Orders to your door as quickly as 5 days! Please contact us via the quote form below. So are we, we love trees and air! Ipe, also known as Brazilian Walnut, is one of the finest wood decking materials with a high-class appearance. Because of this, there is no material that is lower maintenance than Ipe. While Ipe decking is not the only option we offer, from a quality, longevity, and numbers standpoint it really is the wood you should choose for your customer or for yourself. All of our hardwood lumber can be delivered direct to your home, job site, local depot, or business anywhere in the United States, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. When looking at your hardwood decking options, just know Ipe lumbers are world-renowned as the highest quality material available for outdoor use. Buy Ipe Direct specializes in supplying premium quality Ipe decking and Garapa decking wood as well as related accessories. We are consistently recognized as the foremost wholesale ipe supplier due to: Fast, efficient delivery straight from our mills to your job site Hassle-Free Ipe Decking Ordering Online Your best source for wholesale Ipe decking. No matter where you are in the country, Ipe has had to be shipped to your area as it is not indigenous to the USA. No matter where you are, we are ready and willing to be your wholesale ipe supplier. If you are a direct customer or contractor looking for more information on Ipe please read our fact section and watch our videos. Ipe, Cumaru, massaranduba and more Shop more Enjoy great outdoors building materials AT A DISCOUNT Shop Now Shop Now shop now LIMITED TIME SPECIALS Special sale on discounted lumber and hardwood … Let us give you the 5-star Support you deserve! Our international supply chain system easily handles all domestic and exotic hardwood orders direct from our mills to your jobsite. Why Buy Lumber For Your Deck From Hardwood Decking Supply: • No up-charge for longer length deck boards (in a random length order). Offering exotic Brazilian hardwood decking, with our goal being to provide the highest quality materials for your deck, siding, fencing or other projects that will last more than our lifetimes. Whether you're building a deck or siding a house, we've got something for you. Brazilian Ipe is often misspelled epay it is not pronounced phonetically. Your customers and clients will be thrilled with our ipe. About Domestic and Exotic Hardwood Lumbers. Read More We do not participate in programs that gather a lot of money, pay a lot of people and are not proven to be effective in reducing deforestation. Maybe you want to have hide away clips? 2×10 Ipe (Eased-Edge) – Random Lengths $ 16.69 $ 13.89 Priced Per Linear Foot We love talking about Ipe and all of its benefits so also do not hesitate to call us. What makes Ipe so great, is that this wood is naturally fire, bug and water-resistant. We deliver wholesale ipe internationally. Sale! LIMITED TIME SPECIALS Special sale on discounted lumber and hardwood decking MAKE YOUR DREAM DECK A REALITY. Wholesale Ipe Decking Supplier Ipe is one of the finest natural wood decking materials on the market today. Utilizing strategic partnerships and/or purchasing large amounts of wood help us so that we may save you money on not only the wood itself but the shipping also. Minimum 2,000 board feet. Call us now to speak with a decking specialist to see what type of decking wood is right for you. As one of the most trusted Ipe wood suppliers, you can expect the highest quality materials at competitive prices. Buying from a company that claims to be certified but still sells non-certified does not make much sense to us either. We sell to … There is an epidemic in the wood industry of fly by night, shady brokers, and dealers. Save big on the best wood money can buy. Our Ipe Decking is responsibly harvested from well-managed forests to provide a truly renewable resource. Wholesale distributors of quality Ipe lumber. 1 gallon covers approximately 300 square feet. Since we work closely with many mills to ensure that the decking you receive is of the highest quality, and that the logs are procured in a legal and environmentally responsible manner. Sometimes Ipe will not fit into you or a customer’s budget or for aesthetic reasons people choose other woods. Specially formulated for use on Ipe and other exotic hardwood products, this finish is perfect for all the decking species that we offer. But any contractor that really knows wood should at least be bringing Ipe to their customer’s attention. This is why more and more people are buying from us, and it’s not just customers taking advantage of our lowest price guarantee. Welcome to the Advantage Hardwood Decking & Lumber Sale page! Simply, click on any category below to see an expanded selection of current deals. Save big on the best wood money can buy. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is 8 times harder than California Redwood, and is guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives! carry a complete selection of wood profiles, Fast, efficient delivery straight from our mills to your job site, High-quality ipe available at below-market prices, A personal Wholesale Representative assigned to your account to ensure excellent service. Colorado’s Most Trusted Ipe Wholesaler Our company provides an unparalleled level of expertise and product knowledge while offering wholesale prices that are up to 20% more affordable than our competitor’s. All of the lumber we offer for sale is cut custom for your order and is available direct to your door. With … It is very dense (in fact it sinks in water), it has the same fire rating as concrete and steel, and it is mildew and decay resistant. Our company is committed to providing the highest quality lumber. Because of this, if they say they will you better get it in writing. Let us know how how we can help. Because we import our ipe lumber directly from Brazil—no middle-man—we can save you a bundle on shipping costs. Ipe Woods USA is the one stop shop for all your Ipe decking, siding, fencing, hardwood lumber and related Accessories online. Other Products and Services DECKING MATERIAL: Brazilian Walnut (Ipe Decking), Brazilian Redwood (Massaranduba),Beveled Heart Redwood Decking HARDWOOD FLOORING: All of the flooring is solid wood 3/4" in thickness, unfinished and packaged in 7' standardize bundles - Red Oak Flooring, White Oak Flooring, Hard Maple Flooring, Hickory Flooring, Ash Flooring, Beech … Whether you are looking for Ipe hardwood or would like to consider other options such as a Philippine Mahogany that is considered a more traditional deck wood, J. Gibson McIlvain Company has a wide variety of exotic and domestic lumber in our inventory. Discount Retailer of Ipe Decking, Batu Hardwood Decks ... Discount Hardwood Decking and Wood Decks. The Ipe Clip ® fasteners give a deck surface free of nail or screw holes and speeds installation time. Contact Our Wholesale Department: (561)-945-2640 First of all longevity, second resistance to elements, and third maintenance. Give us the opportunity to earn your business today! Ipe for decking, siding, and fencing does not require annual maintenance unless you are wanting to keep it a dark brown. We had to include “Ipe” in our company name because actually, Ipe is the best material for outdoor applications. Read More The answer is simple, no other wood will be able to resist natural elements, as well as Ipe,  does. To get our best wholesale prices on our premium grade hardwoods, you will need to set up an account with us. We have contacts with lumber mills throughout South America as well as Brazil. We offer various lines of exterior composite decking, working with the industries most technologically advanced brands. There are some companies that charge us to claim a “certification” of sustainable harvest. Above: Picture of our Pregrooved Ipe Decking.With a Ipe Clip ® hidden deck fastener. In addition to our premium grade Ipe Decking and other sustainable wood decking options, we offer both Hardwood Siding & modular Deck Tiles. Currently overstocked and closeout products ready for shipment! Our direct contact with these lumber mills allows us to offer wholesale pricing to our customers. Ipe Woods USA is the one stop shop for all your Ipe decking, siding, fencing, hardwood lumber and related Accessories online. Save big on the best wood money can buy. Give us the opportunity to earn your business today! Ipe Woods USA is a member of the International Wood Products Association. Ipe Woods USA sells over 30 types of hardwood lumber. Don’t be the sucker! If you are looking at Ipe you already know you want the best. Our reputation for selling the highest-quality exotic wood wouldn’t be the same without Teak. No matter if you are using our wood for decking, siding, fencing or other projects know that you can trust us. We use many different carriers to ensure we find you the lowest prices and fastest delivery possible. When we think about choosing a material for our deck the first thing we want is for that deck to last. Widely used in commercial exterior construction such as boardwalks, piers, and benches it has recently become a popular choice for residential decks due to its low maintenance, attractive color, and extremely smooth surface that … Wholesale Distributor of Ipe Decking & Lumber The J. Gibson McIlvain Company carries in stock all commercially available sizes of S4S E4E Ipe Decking and kiln dried lumber. We value your business. It is attractive and is usually dark brown in color with an olive colored heartwood. Read More… Ipe vs Other Hardwoods and make sure to check out What is Ipe Decking? Brazilian Lumber Wood Decking is committed to providing top quality wood and service to every customer. IpeDepot.com is one of the top authorities in Ipe in the country, so you can rest assured that the Ipe you receive is of the finest quality. We have real, One of the longest-lasting woods in some cases well over 75 years, Extremely low maintenance, in fact, no maintenance if you like it to be grey, Naturally bug resistant. We have the best Ipe Decking at the best prices! Save big on the best wood money can buy. View Details; Sale! Some companies will tell you that they are the mill. Wholesale Ipe lumber in stock at Thompson Mahogany Co. FAS/Select grades in 4/4 and 5/4, flat-sawn and quarter-sawn available. Direct to you! There is a lot of misinformation that surrounds the wood buying industry. Therefore making the annual cost of $0. Know that Ipe Woods USA attempts to verify all our wood is sustainably harvested. Some of the brand names we carry include Latitudes, Ameradeck, Ipanema, and many more. Export controls by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security, and you can rest assured your order will arrive in a timely fashion. This is why no synthetic materials or modified woods can compare. Want to ship straight from South America to you? (function(){document.getElementById('trustedcompany-badge').src='//trustedcompany.com/us/embed/badge?type=a&country=us';})(); Your best source for wholesale Ipe decking. Hardwood Lumber - Decking Specials - Closeouts. Did you know? An increasing amount of this specie is being made into decking before it arrives in the U.S. Lumber thicker than 4/4 is nearly impossible to find. Want to bring out that beautiful finish? Wood Vendors supplies Ipe lumber and s4s dimensional Ipe. This is why we have developed this document with everything you need to know to protect yourself. We will help you find the ideal wood, a recycled wood alternative, and all the hardware you need. No problem! At Austin Wholesale Lumber we carry a wide selection of exotic decking wood, composite decking wood, and plastic decking wood. As a company of integrity, our buyers make every attempt to purchase sustainable Ipe. Read More Paying a little bit extra for Ipe is almost like an insurance policy against all of these elements that seek to destroy your deck. Get 24/7, lifetime tech support. Your customers and clients will be thrilled with our ipe. If you want that deck to keep looking good you have to ask yourself what wood has a class A fire rating is so dense that it is resistant to checking, rot, bugs, splinters, decay, and mold? Which logging accounts for less than 3% in recent studies. As a result, some types of wood are better suited for outdoor applications and will last longer. Placing a stamp on lumber is not preventing deforestation. 2×12 Ipe (Eased-Edge) – Random Lengths $ 19.80 $ 18.14 Priced Per Linear Foot. It is said “E-pay” but the correct way to spell it as Ipé. We offer a team of friendly customer service agents to ensure your complete satisfaction. Ipe Woods USA is the one stop shop for all your Ipe decking, siding, fencing, hardwood lumber and related Accessories online. Ipe Wood (ee-pay) is an Exotic Hardwood also known as Brazilian Walnut. The truth is unless you are in the wood industry it is nearly impossible to keep up with all the different types of exotic hardwood decking materials available and their characteristics. Contact us for friendly service and a free quote. Ipe Oil ™ offers excellent UV protection that will keep your deck as beautiful as the day it was installed. Offering exotic Brazilian hardwood decking, with our goal being to provide the highest quality materials for your deck, siding, fencing or other projects that will last more than our lifetimes. Our ipe has been used for projects in Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, the U.K., Greece, Australia, India, Germany...You get the picture. We know people get very concerned with saving the rainforest. This makes it the best decking material for longevity. Really the convenience of purchasing wood online is second to none. See our large inventory of Ipe Wood for Decking, Fencing, Siding and more. Gain a competitive edge with AP Lazer, a manufacturer and supplier of open-architecture CNC laser machines. Making it once a lifetime purchase for most people. You can request widths from 4” up to 12”. Even synthetic decks require maintenance. As the leading supplier of wholesale ipe lumber, we can promise you the best quality ipe at the lowest possible prices. Shipping direct to your door or you can pick-up from one of the hundreds of our shipping terminal locations. We are part of every stage of the production and selection process to guarantee our customers receive only a premium product. The bottom legs of the Ipe Clip ® fasteners preset the gap spacing between deck boards giving a nice uniform gap spacing throughout the deck. If your project requires something special, we can custom mill your ipe into lumber, flooring, decking, siding, and other wood products. The wood is so dense not even termites want to eat it, Even when compared to composites it generally lasts longer and has less maintenance, Great around water, such as pools and docks as it is so dense water does not penetrate it, One of the strongest woods available, 2.7 times harder than even White Oak, Known as one of the strongest woods in the world, Can be milled to almost any specification, Tested over time and proven to be best for commercial and residential projects, Naturally so dense that slivers are pretty much non-existent, Annual and lifetime cost is one of the lowest of any woods, Easily used with almost any hidden fastener systems, Deckwise® Ipe Clip® vs Camo® Clips – Best Ipe Fastener Battle. Member – The National Hardwood Lumber Association is the Oldest and Largest Hardwood Association bringing integrity to grading by offering third party inspection school, certification, and grading standards. But many companies including ourselves, make every effort to ensure our Ipe is sourced responsibly. Our expert staff is certified in U.S. For longevity, ipe requires maintenance. The name of the company reflects our first choice for decking. Ipe 1x3 Dimensional Lumber Ipe (pronounced ee-pay) is one of the densest hardwoods available for outdoor construction. We maintain one of the largest inventories of Ipe in the United States and have a wholesale customer base throughout the US and Canada. Here, you will find the most current specials and closeout pricing on selected items. As the premier online supplier, you can expect the best customer service and quality wood. Our company will terminate relationships immediately with anyone found to be involved with non-sustainable and/or illegal harvesting. This entry was posted in Eco-friendly wood, Exotic Hardwood, Wholesale Decking, Wood Decking and tagged Tigerwood, Wholesale Decking on September 1, 2010 by Mr. Ipe Hardwood. Before contacting us with concerns of deforestation caused by logging we urge you to educate yourself on the main causes of deforestation. Inquire now. Ipe Decking Minneapolis We've set up dedicated shipping channels to the Minneapolis area to ensure efficient delivery. Whether you are a professional deck builder or a DIY homeowner, you can count on us to find all the premium decking materials to complete your project. We have what you need—from 1” through 6” thick Ipe Decking sizes. No problem. Supplies are limited. • All long length only orders (16′ and above only) will be charged an additional .65 cents per /LF. At Ipe Woods USA we can ship directly to your door or to an LTL terminal to save you some money. Shipping? It is a good idea to give us a call at 877.983.6367 to determine availablity of Ipe as early in the project process as possible. This process is easy and does not require much time, but will guarantee you get the best prices and fastest service. In the end, there is still no guarantee and we end up just charging customers more for Ipe. Ipe Woods USA is the one stop shop for all your Ipe decking, siding, fencing, hardwood lumber and related Accessories online. As the leading supplier of wholesale ipe lumber, we can promise you the best quality ipe at the lowest possible prices. You are able to have you lumber delivered directly to your job site and usually for less. Give us the opportunity to earn your business today! ... Decking-Outlet is an on-line discount retailer of hardwood decking, wood decks and composite decking....>> Lansing Michigan Custom Deck Builder - Ingham County - MI ... GM Decks is one of Lansing's premier deck builders. The truth is that Ipe does last longer than any other type of wood in this category. We carefully inspect each shipment to make sure you get the best quality for your money. To extend its life, ipe wood requires some TLC. If you decide to let it go grey and change your mind, its nothing a light layer of sanding and oil will not fix. This is because our network of shipping companies allows us to offer you the best options for shipping. Thompson Mahogany Company has been a leading importer of Ipe decking for 20 years. Ipe is one of the most sustainable, durable, and densest hardwoods, making it an ideal product to use for your decking. Ipe has a very distinct look that makes it a must have with designers and architects. Even with no treatment, the wood can last over 75+ years. While at the same time they hire other mills to mill their boards. Ipe wood decking is the gold standard for all hardwoods. Our company was named “Ipe” because that should really be the first option when using lumber outdoors. So we plant 5 trees in Brazil for every order. Supplier of Ipe decking, Latitudes decking and other decking types both hardwood and composite, fencing, railings, fasteners, preservatives etc. Offering full containers or less-than-truckload to anywhere in the world and in as little as 3 days. Yes, contractors are welcome and Minneapolis wholesale decking discounts are available. Always remember that Ipe wood is the most distinguished hardwood decking material all over the world and is best for outdoor applications. Ipe supersedes all artificial materials and other natural woods. We work hard to ensure the best service and fastest shipping possible. Even the closest comparisons are half the life of this. Advantage Trim & Lumber Export Service Includes Wholesale Decking From our state-of-the-art mills, we manufacture a variety hardwood decking, custom dimensioned hardwood lumber, domestic & exotic wood flooring, and custom mouldings. The Forest Products Laboratory rates untreated Ipe hardwood, which is native to South America, as having an expected lifespan of 30 years or more. Some of our wholesale ipe products include: Each profile is milled from top-grade ipe lumber. Available Now. We are consistently recognized as the foremost wholesale ipe supplier due to: We carry a complete selection of wood profiles to suit any project. There are thousands of different types of wood sold. Member – The International Wood Products Association is committed to supporting the legal and sustainable harvesting of wood products from around the world. International Wholesale Decking & Hardwood Available As the leading international exporter of wholesale decking and hardwood, Advantage Trim & Lumber ships to countries throughout the world. Get in touch for a free shipping quote. IpeDepot.com Wholesale Division We are direct importers of the highest quality exotic decking, lumber, & flooring. Ipe is the best, period. High Quality Exotic Hardwoods Specialists. A small gesture of our commitment to the environment. So what makes one hardwood better than another? This is simply because it comes from Central and South American countries. Ipe Wood is used for decking, deck tiles, and many other exterior applications because it … No company we know of will guarantee this by the way. We take care of all the hassle for you. We purchase large volumes of Ipe deck wood so that we can pass on the savings to our customers. Air-Dried (AD) Or Kiln-Dried (KD) Hardwood Decking: Lumber Industry Deemed Essential During COVID-19 Pandemic- Ipe Woods to Remain Open - Message From CEO, Sold directly to you from a warehouse in the U.S.A. (direct from Brazil if you want, but it takes 60 days), Friendly staff that won’t try to fear you into a sale. Due to this, some companies promote things to make you think that they are the only ones that sell sustainably sourced Ipe. Give us the opportunity to earn your business today!

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