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-Heidi. Contemporary yarn crafts by Heidi Gustad. My love of hooking started in 1984 when my good friend and neighbor, Lynda Stout, discovered this "new craft." Sindy, I’ve never made a large punch needle rug. See more ideas about Rug hooking, Hooked rugs primitive, Hand hooked rugs. ❤️ #LatchHookBook out now! TUESDAY Office Hours @ 4pm eastern. Last year I rekindled my love for rug hooking and as a result of posting pictures of the primitive style rugs I have been making, a few of you have asked for a tutorial on the subject. This simple beginner's guide is just what you need to learn how to hook rugs. Trailer Park Bugs, hooked by Jennifer Rinehart, design by Christine Little, Encompasing Designs. You can also experiment with combining the two. Take care. Aug 25, 2014 - The Needleworks Shop. Welcome to Rustic Rugs. Evans Mills, New York About Youtuber My name is Julie Thomas and I am originally … She also loves to … Insert the pointy end of the needle into your project canvas (which should already be prepped and framed, per the instructions above). Why she’s kni, How to Finish Nooks & Crannies in Latch Hook, Latch Hook: 12 Projects for the Modern Maker. Design and wool by Gene Shepherd. How wide should the strips be? Reply Delete I’m from South Africa and can’t find anything in our country regarding punch needle. The popularity of those DVDs convinced Gene that there was a widespread need for more instructional DVDs on all aspects related to the production of hooked and prodded rugs, leading him to self produce 4 other instructional DVDs in 2007, the same year he started making daily blog posts about all topics related to rug hooking at The early settlers to North America hooked their old clothing on to burlap bags as a way of warming cold damp floors. You can even teach yourself. Polokoff Miss Weigle front 2015 03 25 21 21 36 UTC 3. I had no clue what I was getting into, but I said, "Yes!" Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the next post in our punch needle series: basic punch needle project finishing! (Personally, I prefer the sewn method because it’s softer. Although Gene Shepherd did not start rug hooking until 1998, it’s been his only outside interest since that time. Step 3: Begin Hooking the Rug. Being careful to avoid pulling your yarn from the tool, insert your punch needle tool into your canvas again, slightly away from your initial loop. Crochet hook (2-3mm size) & the locking “chopstick” or locker hook if you are able find one 3. Weaving. Please send Laura a note via the contact page. Described as a “self taught artist who hooks by ear,” Gene hooks, does commission work for individuals and museums, designs, dyes, develops tools, teaches and writes about rug hooking. The last step before actually punching loops to create your project is to gently stretch your canvas over a frame and then secure that stretch in place. See more ideas about rug hooking, rug hooking tutorial, hand hooked rugs. Once threaded, ease the ball end of your yarn into the channel of your punch needle, as shown below. In this first lesson we are going to cover the materilas needed to begin rug hooking. I'll start right at the very beginning and will go over all the basic things you need to know. What do you want to learn about rug hooking? Learn how your comment data is processed. My first book, Latch Hook: 12 Projects for the Modern Maker, is now available! Punch needle tools work almost like a sewing machine needle. Thanks for these tutorials. A loop will now be formed at the back of your work. I hope this tutorial has helped you in achieving your crafting dreams! To thread it, you insert the tail end of a ball of yarn through the eye of the needle. And some prefer the loops. Punch needle started in the 1880’s and is done with a punch needle. LOL! Once the basics …  Send him and email and he will include in his next batch. Rug hooking is the craft of creating rugs by pulling loops of fabric or yarn through a woven backing. Begin by cutting a piece of canvas to a size that suits your project. You’ve created a second loop that should be approximately the same size as the first. Published five times a year, we offer endless tutorials, projects and inspiration through our magazines, books, DVDs and more. *And if you have a serger at home, you’re in luck! Hooked by Debbie Clement (Laura Pierce pattern) wool by Gene Shepherd, Dump Dye Rooster (Cleveland Biennial Class) Hooked by Susan Nash, design and rooster wool by Gene Shepherd, Liberty Bell, original design from an applique quilt pattern, hooked by Barbara Yeargin, wool by Gene Shepherd. Cat Rug Latch Hook DIY Kit – Click to Buy. The most popular color? A rug hooker pulls their loops up with their hook. Replays will be posted as soon as possible in the Replay section of The Rug Hooking Journey.Non-members can watch on my Youtube Channel. Your email address will not be published. Although Gene Shepherd did not start rug hooking until 1998, it’s been his only outside interest since that time. But the thing is, rug hooking is a little complicated. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Strong yarn or thread for the “locking” 5. This comprehensive video was made by a younger self. Using a long zig zag stitch*, sew all the way around your canvas, parallel to the raw edge. Scissor 7. It is a video from 10 years ago that has had over 2 million views on youtube. My favorite format! Laura continues to develop products and videos that encourage hands-on learning, so check back as new materials are uploaded. For something larger in scale like this, I would recommend looking at one of the many new books available on punch needle. Read the instructions for the rug. Â. Gallery. The most common rug hooking tutorial material is linen. See more ideas about Rug hooking, Hooked rugs primitive, Rug hooking tutorial. Learn about my studio and the many reasons … Learn which colors are represented by which symbols on the chart. This video will show you the easiest way to break into Primitive Rug Hooking with Hayley Perry from Loop by Loop Studio. You can even submit an idea for a weekly lesson. See more ideas about Rug hooking, Rug hooking tutorial, Hooked rugs primitive. Required fields are marked *. @seriouscrafts, Copyright © 2020 / Foodie Pro Theme On Genesis Framework / Branding by Ink + Mortar All Site & Shop Policies / Privacy Policy / Cookie Policy. It requires… Â, Rug Hooking Instruction, Hand-Dyed Wool, Patterns, and Bent Hooks, Miss Weigle, hooked by Vicki Ray, design by Gene Shepherd, Ode To A Grecian Zoo, hooked by Gillian Tompkins, design and wool by Gene Shepherd, Kitchen Tile Runner, hooked by Betty Allen, design and wool by Gene Shepherd, Valencian Birds Chair Seat, hooked by Catherine Buttrick, design and wool by Gene Shepherd, Miss Weigle, hooked by Aryl Polokoff, design by Gene Shepherd, Puzzle Pillow, hooked by Donna Davies, ATHA Biennial Denver, wool and design by Gene Shepherd. Home of the Charles Fitzgerald rug hooking frame. That’s right – the learning curve for beginning punch needle is shallow, so this is a low-risk way to try your hands at another yarn craft! The masking tape edge feels a little crunchy in on my hands as I work, so it’s a sensory type thing.) Use your non-dominant hand to hold the tail end of your yarn to keep your tool threaded as you create the first loop. Feb 15, 2013 - Explore Connie Lorch's board "Tutorials" on Pinterest. Deanne Fitzpatrick Rug Hooking Studio. Some folks prefer the running stitch look of the working side of a punch needle project (the non-loop side). Traditional rug hooking started in around the 1830’s and uses a rug hook, which is a short crochet-like hook in a wooden handle. Since it is an ever changing grouping of fabulous colors and textures, be sure to check in often and see what he has been cooking up for you! When the tool handle hits the canvas, draw it back up, and voila! Well, actually it’s not, rug hooking is pretty […] They'll be featured here as well as posted on YouTube. Watch for great rug hooking tips, tutorials and lessons. You stretch the canvas across one hoop before securing it with a second, tightening hoop. I was looking at this because I used to make large hooked rug wall hangings I began with masking tape around the edges to give me something to hold onto when starting -hopefully that will help you. Comprehensive Tutorial of How to Hook Rugs. As you work your punch needle project, the yarn will run from the ball, through the punch needle tool, and into your project canvas, one loop at a time. I want to make a large punch needle rug for my dining room. Can you guess how ma, I don’t even know what to say for myself, other, Cast on something new yesterday, and realized the, New video alert! Enjoy Rug Hooking! Whichever one you want it to be, my friend! Members of The Rug Hooking Journey enter a Zoom call by clicking on a link in the Member Dashboard and can ask specific questions about their projects. There are 460 rug hooking tutorial for sale on Etsy, and they cost $40.77 on average. That will allow you to play with your technique on something small, experimenting also with textures, shapes and what more vs. less dense loops look like. Gene's online store offers the unique rug hooking supplies that he uses. For your first punch needle project, I recommend putting together a little sampler like the one pictured for this tutorial. Latch hooking is a craft in which short segments of yarn are tied to the horizontal strands of a small- or medium-sized canvas grid. Big Momma 12" Pillow, hooked by Jennifer Rinehart, design by Cardin/Shepherd. You pull strips of wool cloth, usually recycled clothing, washed , dried , and torn apart through a burlap or linen backing loop… There’s a hole near the pointy end.  Gene currently only offers short runs of "special" wool, hand dyed by him and selected for it's uniqueness,  usability, and beauty. Either option does the job just fine! Hi! Yarn pictured was provided by Shepherd’s Lamb. Have a request? Rug Hooking Supplies. For the sake of demonstration, the canvas pictured is about an inch-and-a-half wider than the widest point of my embroidery hoop. About Blog Rug Hooking magazine is the leading resource for artists who design and create hooked rugs. Hi Heidi can you please explain to me how do I punch needle a large rug. In addition to running the Hands Occupied Blog and Pattern Shop, you can find her making videos & co-hosting the Very Serious Crafts podcast. Described as a “self taught artist who hooks by ear,” Gene hooks, does commission work for individuals and museums, designs, dyes, develops tools, teaches and writes about rug hooking. A hook is used to pull these loops through, thus the name, “rug hooking”. If any of the edges of your canvas include a selvage edge, you don’t need to sew along that edge because it won’t fray. I'm creating a series of punch needle rug hooking tutorials! Knitting, crochet, latch hook and macrame. Fabrics or pre-cut fabric strips (you can also use wool yarn, T-shirt yarn, or plastics strips) 4. Suppliespunch needle tool (shown: Oxford #10 punch needle)wool yarn (shown: Shepherd’s Lamb Churro Yarn)scissorsprepped punch needle project canvas (be it monk’s cloth, burlap, aida cloth, etc.). Before prepping the canvas any further, I like to iron my punch needle canvas to ensure the fabric is laying nice and straight before prepping any further. You can easily use that to prepare your canvas edges instead of the zig zag stitch on a regular sewing machine. Permanent marker 6. Sep 2, 2020 - Explore Lanette Marcacci's board "Rug Hooking Instructions", followed by 243 people on Pinterest. Hooking rug canvas 2. You will need wool, a way to cut it into strips, a foundation material to hook into , a hook and some type of frame or hoop, scissors, a needle and thread and a pattern. It can be used to make small rugs, wall hangings, or pillows. Step 2: If you liked the Live! It is the dainty version of rug making, which uses grids large enough to cover a floor and fewer colors than latch hooking. Insert the tool until the tool’s handle hits your canvas, then draw it straight back up through the canvas. If you’re using an embroidery hoop, it’s just like setting up to work a cross-stitch or embroidery project. Basic Instructions for Hooking the Mat Hooking rugs is a simple craft that you can easily teach yourself. Have a nice weekend. But I like some perfection LOL Love the pumpkin mat! Your email address will not be published. I’d start with an online search for “punch needle books 2019” as that’s the publication year for many of these titles. There is evidence of rug hooking techniques in rag rugs made by the Vikings. / Learn how to knit the Twice Tur, Do you know who Barbara Walker is? His work has been featured many times in Rug Hooking Magazine, ATHA Newsletter and A Celebration of Hand Hooked Rugs. Ready to dive into the world of rug hooking but aren't sure where to start? Get a free pattern + biweekly updates sent to your inbox. Ok my prim pals, this is the first in a series of rug hooking tutorials I am doing. Frequency 6 posts / week Blog Facebook fans 5K ⋅ Twitter followers 54 ⋅ Domain Authority 34 ⓘ ⋅ Alexa … In punch needle, the eye of that needle is at the end of a hollow channel that runs the length of the tool. You can simply cover the raw edges of your punch needle canvas with masking or washi tape to prevent your canvas from fraying. All content, tutorials, rug patterns and pictures on this blog are copyright protected and owned by Hungry Hook Primitives and may not be used without the express written permission of the owner. Julie Thomas. Get to know the basics with this quickstart tutorial. Tutorials. Heidi Gustad is an artist, author and crafts designer specializing in knitting, crochet, latch hook and macrame. Register for the Live! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Lesson, you will LOVE The Rug Hooking Journey. A craft book author, designer & content creator, unapologetically into primary colors & vintage style. Sort Results By: Alphabetically A-Z; Alphabetically Z-A; Most Popular; Print My Entire List < 1 > How to Cut Wool Strips Tutorial How do you cut wool for rug hooking? We will be covering color planning and yes, we will actually start hooking. One of the trendiest yarn crafts around these days appears to be punch needle, a rug making & embroidery method. Suppliesscissorsiron (optional)canvas (shown: monk’s cloth) masking tape OR a sewing machine with thread in a color contrasting with your canvasembroidery hoop. I’m so glad that there was a DIY rug hooking frame option available, so that I didn’t have to invest a lot of money upfront, for a craft that I am not sure I would love doing! Lesson. Carnival Paws Rug, hooked by Sue-Anne Jay, design by Gene Shepherd. My one and only rug hooking project had stars that came out wonky, and I do know prim isn't meant to be perfect. 1. How to Hook a Rug Video Tutorials. Like a lot of other crafts I would like to try! My work unapologetically features primary colors and vintage-meets-modern style. Using a special punch needle tool, makers create loops of yarn through canvas stretched on a frame or hoop. One loop at a time, it’s easy to create embroidery-like wall hangings and fluffy cushion covers without a huge amount of skill. With the trend as popular as it’s become, I’ve seen at least a half dozen books ranging from small projects for beginners to somewhat larger scale tapestries. Gene has been director of the Cambria Pines Rug Camp, Cambria, CA, since 2001. OK gals (and gents if there are any following along), its time for the second lesson in our rug hooking tutorial.

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